How Rebellious is Amy Poehler?

6 apr 2021
12 055 visualizzazioni

Decide just how much a rebel Moxie's Amy Poehler is as she answers questions about her rebellious past.
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  • netflix nova série ben 10✔💖

    Lino 2Lino 22 giorni fa
  • Funny how they portray a Marxist march on Washington as a "women's" march.

    Todd BellowsTodd Bellows4 giorni fa
  • Will whoever's doing it, for the love of sweet Christmas Jesus, STOP over-inflating Amy Poehler? She's like 25, maybe 30 PSI , tops.

    R. C.R. C.6 giorni fa
  • She's so high. You love to see it

    noNewFriendsnoNewFriends6 giorni fa
  • You're not a rebel if you fall in line with the Hollywood hive mind

    A.I.A.I.6 giorni fa
  • Amy: “...this film is all about rebellion” Also Amy: “...of course I use my currency to bend the knee at the alter of A-list celebrity woke-ness and do the heavy lifting for the Democrat party”

    J RJ R6 giorni fa
  • Can we please put the editor with a nervous twitch that's just downed a gallon of monster in the 'works only on music videos' section.

    Fly CasualFly Casual6 giorni fa
  • Amy Poehler, whose most famous role is a beurocrat that followed the rules to the letter? In no universe can that person be a rebel

    JackJack6 giorni fa
  • “Hey Amy, answer these questions about how rebellious you are” Amy: “no”

    InternetTrollsInternetTrolls6 giorni fa
    • "Amy, could you please put down the 3,000 calorie/day COVID diet?"

      R. C.R. C.6 giorni fa
  • Welp she looks like she hit the wall

    Dick HammerbuschDick Hammerbusch6 giorni fa
  • Not funny.

    Tracey's PlaceTracey's Place6 giorni fa
  • Dafuq was the point of the women's march anyways?

    A.I.A.I.7 giorni fa
  • Dont kill people, what is this.

    くたばれTerraanくたばれTerraan7 giorni fa
  • 1:40, Netflix started doing bad editing here.

    ShWeJaPaShWeJaPa7 giorni fa
  • This is what I am looking for.

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  • One of my favorite comedians 💖

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  • We need more people like her.👍

    Ron SillRon Sill7 giorni fa
    • Not really

      A.I.A.I.6 giorni fa
    • I like Amy Poehler.

      Rockstar GCRockstar GC7 giorni fa
  • Bruh get this Karen outta my screen. Fake people smh

    Ugly NiggaeUgly Niggae7 giorni fa
  • We named our English Bulldog, “Poehler.” The resemblance is uncanny.🐶

    Cole SteeleCole Steele7 giorni fa
  • Good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower7 giorni fa
  • I watched this movie with my mom and we absolutely loved it!!! It was such a fresh and never done before spin on high school movie. So great and loved it.

    mrunmayee bharnemrunmayee bharne7 giorni fa
  • Amy Poehler cool I like her wife Leslie jones

    Barry LyndonBarry Lyndon7 giorni fa
  • Amy Poehler is full of moxie

    iftlatlwiftlatlw7 giorni fa
  • Love how she threw the chit back at them.

    Jan E. ElliotJan E. Elliot7 giorni fa
  • Love her

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner7 giorni fa
  • Love her

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner7 giorni fa
  • outlaw name: Amy Bi Poehler

    Michelle BouchardMichelle Bouchard7 giorni fa
  • Uh! You Gurls Keep Me So Young!!

    ScottScott7 giorni fa
  • Hmmm nice

    Mr CheeseMr Cheese7 giorni fa
  • 😂😂this is hilarious

    SG VerseSG Verse7 giorni fa