11 Minutes of Moms Gone Wild

7 apr 2021
120 963 visualizzazioni

These moms have some wild stories to tell. What's your wildest mom story?
Comedy Line Up:
0:04 Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
1:27 Wanda Sykes: Not Normal
4:44 Ms. Pat: The Degenerates S2
7:34 Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here
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  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

    Michele CherekMichele Cherek20 ore fa
  • Ali Wong is super funny live! I even saw her hubby selling merch! Hope one day I can see all these comedians live! Much love to these ladies 💖

    Mel *Mel *Giorno fa
  • bahahaha! Crackups!

    Sheryl HokiangaSheryl HokiangaGiorno fa
  • Same old bull shit

    samsamGiorno fa
  • I'm also learning how to play Wanda. Feels kinda weird so far

    Randy ForbesRandy Forbes2 giorni fa
  • Love this lady like to see her and Amy Shummer

    Eric DawsonEric Dawson2 giorni fa
  • When my hubby asked what I did around the house. I would say making a kidney...you?

    Lynda JaegerLynda Jaeger3 giorni fa
  • HOW is she always pregnant??? 😂

    Clara Bear25Clara Bear253 giorni fa
  • Wanda🤣🤣💀

    Tshepiso MagodlaTshepiso Magodla3 giorni fa
  • Wanda Sykes play on words is hilarious 😂 #punnotintended 😛

    Edith HerreraEdith Herrera3 giorni fa
  • ✨ I see Tig Notaro, I click. ✨

    Rawda AljawharyRawda Aljawhary4 giorni fa
  • 🌈💚Tig💚🌈

    Victoria Van WolfenVictoria Van Wolfen4 giorni fa
  • What on earth is going on with the subtitles when Wanda starts speaking French lmaooo

    Gay and BroadwayGay and Broadway4 giorni fa
  • Hi, as always Ali comes across like she's venting as opposed to performing stand-up but everybody has their style, I guess 😆 Wanda tends to be funny though she's kinda too political for me, Pat reminds me of somebody's auntie/home girl and Tig was alright but this probably wasn't her best performance, that's all! Goodbye 👋

    prefersheprefershe5 giorni fa
  • Geez women right..... lol

    The Pack, Mavericks, Akita, Malinois X and Dutch XThe Pack, Mavericks, Akita, Malinois X and Dutch X5 giorni fa
  • Babe kids are bad lol lol these crack babies are different, they came with technology, so so true Look at how these kids are learning since the womb, technology is known before they can talk, crawl or say hungry or where is my iPad or tablet

    Marsha TMarsha T5 giorni fa
  • Who is the first speaker?

    Anna KelermenouAnna Kelermenou5 giorni fa
    • ali wong

      Pat LeePat Lee4 giorni fa
  • Thanks, so so so funny and true, funny funny but true

    Marsha TMarsha T5 giorni fa
  • I’m literally only here for Wanda.

    Jaded Old JoeJaded Old Joe5 giorni fa
  • Wanda Sykes is a freaking legend 🤣

    sam Lepiratesam Lepirate5 giorni fa
    • She is the definition of legend who doesn’t get anywhere near the recognition she deserves!! She is an absolute boss!

      Elizabeth DarseyElizabeth DarseyGiorno fa
  • “I haven’t had coffee yet, ok?”

    Sarah FlanaganSarah Flanagan5 giorni fa
  • Bruh I was surprised two of em said husband this time LMAO

    DaimoDaimo5 giorni fa
  • Davy VillanoDavy Villano5 giorni fa
  • That last one was by far the best.. I’m so happy it was the best too

    Colin NolanColin Nolan5 giorni fa
  • Moms does not need an apostrophe. Sorry to be that guy.

    Ari TenenbaumAri Tenenbaum5 giorni fa
  • This brought a tear to my eye, I laughed so much. It's like I can picture it as it happened ha ha ha great jokes ladies keep it up, I'm sure those kids love ya something fierce for the fun times, always imitated never duplicated.

    Gingerbeer DailyGingerbeer Daily5 giorni fa
  • ‘Busy making an eyeball’ why the hell didn’t I think of that?? 💚💜

    Kitty WalkerKitty Walker6 giorni fa
  • "Stop playing... You think I am playing" 😅😅😅😅

    Xitsundzuxo HiminaXitsundzuxo Himina6 giorni fa
  • 7:34 i literally called het Jet Rino😊

    Malika PollardMalika Pollard6 giorni fa
  • The hesitant suede conversly cry because target exclusively scold times a thin ship. six, evasive gold

    Cecilion CarmilaCecilion Carmila6 giorni fa
    • Whoa are you okay? It sounds like you are trying to speak a language you don't know. best to to leave it to the professionals mate ha

      Gingerbeer DailyGingerbeer Daily5 giorni fa
  • Turn on the English subtitles to see "qu'est ce qui c'est se passe" written as "kiss kiss pass"

    Jimena MontoyaJimena Montoya6 giorni fa
  • i love ali hhhhhhhhh

    Edward ChenEdward Chen6 giorni fa
  • "We just kept making memories"🤣🤣🤣

    Janet SafaJanet Safa6 giorni fa
  • my mom used to take all the cushions off the couches and chairs and put them in a pile and then she would have us lean on her feet and she would just launch us at the cushion pile. And we would laugh and run back to do it again.

    mandlerparr1mandlerparr16 giorni fa
  • 3:00, french, 🙄

    ShWeJaPaShWeJaPa6 giorni fa
  • “Who’s funnier than female comedians? No one... Except dudes.”

    Cole SteeleCole Steele6 giorni fa
    • @cynthiaholland13 It's funny that men think women aren't funny because actually men aren't funny and they have no idea the depths of their unfunny-ness

      SylviaSylvia2 giorni fa
    • Only to other dudes really

      cynthiaholland13cynthiaholland133 giorni fa
  • Anyone else gets tensed watching them walking over the wires of the mic and thinking if they topple over ?

    Swagata PaulSwagata Paul6 giorni fa
  • I didn’t know Wanda Sykes’s wife was french, right on home team we got une vraie bonne!

    noemie cansiernoemie cansier6 giorni fa
  • 📌 18 + -S'E`X'--D`A`T`ING-------- Here ➮ XCLUB.CYOU/JAPQFL 5:09 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда

    Oakley MendozaOakley Mendoza6 giorni fa
  • I think Netflix doesn't know the difference between possessive and plural. It's even in the description 😂

    Jeremie BPJeremie BP6 giorni fa
    • Omg I can't unsee it now

      Awilda MartinezAwilda Martinez4 giorni fa
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Just SayingJust Saying5 giorni fa
    • 🤣

      Niki PolkaNiki Polka6 giorni fa
  • Good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower6 giorni fa
  • Crack baby keeper omg 😂 🤣

    Carmen RosadoCarmen Rosado6 giorni fa
  • Ms Pat said “Can Elsa show you how to let it go the right way”? That’s a Frozen reference I didn’t know I needed until now 👏🏾

    Keyede ErinfolamiKeyede Erinfolami6 giorni fa
  • @4:45 pretty edgy

    Troy RubertTroy Rubert6 giorni fa
  • Not even one minute in. A pregnant woman with problem-glasses being a massive pain in the neck. No. But thanks.

    Bruno KornilovBruno Kornilov6 giorni fa
    • Boy watch your mouth. That's THE Ali Wong

      cynthiaholland13cynthiaholland133 giorni fa
    • 😂 now that's funny, thanks for your comment!

      prefersheprefershe5 giorni fa
  • Moms* gone wild. Here, I fixed it for you.

    Karl-Rick BizozaKarl-Rick Bizoza6 giorni fa
  • Had enough after the first...

    Art UramaArt Urama6 giorni fa
  • Let's hear it for all the moms and mom-like guardians who are losing their minds every 5 minutes because of kids🤣🤣🤣 all the shit I did as a kid, I'm surprised my mom didn't drink or smoke🤣🤣

    Smokey SantiagoSmokey Santiago6 giorni fa
    • My mom used to make us play the quite game. She always won. 😂

      Netflix Is A JokeNetflix Is A Joke4 giorni fa
    • U

      Kiri AsagiKiri Asagi5 giorni fa
    • @Shana Lawson 78

      Kiri AsagiKiri Asagi5 giorni fa
    • I now know why my mom liked her Jack and Coke every once in a while lol She was Army for 28yrs while raising 3 girls by herself. 😳

      Shana LawsonShana Lawson6 giorni fa
  • Wanda isn't a mother. She is the step mother to a woman.

    Wraith GhostWraith Ghost6 giorni fa
  • Side eyeing that last mom 👀😂

    Jasmain JasmainJasmain Jasmain6 giorni fa
    • It was Big Bertha for me, I like my women big boned lol

      DaimoDaimo5 giorni fa
  • 😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner6 giorni fa
  • Yeah the title sounds very wrong

    Seventeen Sixty-NineSeventeen Sixty-Nine6 giorni fa
    • Kinda the point

      Gabriella MarianiGabriella Mariani5 giorni fa
    • Shoulda been 11 minutes of moms being real!

      Tiffa KangTiffa Kang6 giorni fa
  • First👑

    Collins AusikuCollins Ausiku6 giorni fa
  • First

    JxrdanOnXboxJxrdanOnXbox6 giorni fa