Thunder Force: When a Crab Loves a Woman

13 apr 2021
12 512 visualizzazioni

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman meet cute in this scene from the superhero comedy Thunder Force.
Thunder Force is streaming now on Netflix.
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  • Where are the jokes?

    Tony PerkisTony Perkis23 giorni fa
  • This is the best love story of all time. ohmyGAUD!! she buttered his knuckle!!!!! Lmfao! I can't! This scene got my stomach hurting. 🤔😂💀

    Shania WalksOverIceShania WalksOverIce23 giorni fa
  • why is netflix a joke

    grady lautermilchgrady lautermilch25 giorni fa
  • It takes a lot of stones to make a movie this shitty.

    Outdoorsman333Outdoorsman33327 giorni fa
  • 😂

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu28 giorni fa
  • hahaha omg this scene was so good

    Tina BTina B29 giorni fa
  • where's the funny

    nonameonlydeathnonameonlydeath29 giorni fa
  • Terrible movie and I haven't even seen it

    Maupay Your a CheatMaupay Your a CheatMese fa
  • Umm... wha.. ....who... ? 😶 uhh... how? And... This... *scratches head* ....

    Citizen’s GuardCitizen’s GuardMese fa
  • bahahaha

    Zod JenkinsZod JenkinsMese fa
  • Bateman is so cool

    tedium37tedium37Mese fa
  • Terrible movie

    Mike CruzMike CruzMese fa
  • Watched this on netflix last night, was not disappointed! Very funny!

    Keauty420Keauty420Mese fa
    • @Keauty420 I guess I thought the movie was "Craby" Sorry for the pun

      dave newscasterdave newscaster28 giorni fa
    • @dave newscaster guessing you’re empty on the inside and cant accept the humour in movies for what they are eh? Wanna hug dude?

      Keauty420Keauty42029 giorni fa
    • Great joke more funnier that the movie

      dave newscasterdave newscasterMese fa
  • You can tell this movie is a fail/bomb because they keep advertising shit like this

    JaydonOnoJaydonOnoMese fa
  • Yikes

    FFMese fa
  • good video

    marlin throwermarlin throwerMese fa
  • Hands down the worst movie ever made.

    The Mystery FanThe Mystery FanMese fa
  • Dudes this movie sucks ass!

    The Mystery FanThe Mystery FanMese fa
  • Netflix Promo: Staring Melissa McCarthy Me: Blocked NOPE!

    Hans NeumanHans NeumanMese fa
    • Watching you babies squirm is hilarious.

      merickfulmerickfulMese fa
    • she's not so bad

      ogladacz r.t.ogladacz r.t.Mese fa
  • No surprise Michael Bolton appearance?

    Olivier GiroudOlivier GiroudMese fa
  • 🔥🔥👍👍

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • 👍👍🔥🔥

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • now, if only he sang Shiny as well

    candycoatedchumpcandycoatedchumpMese fa
  • Its staring Melissa McCarthy hard pass

    psp785psp785Mese fa
  • This movie sucks!

    Don JohnsonDon JohnsonMese fa
  • Showing the only good part of the movie. Which is because of Jason Batemans acting.

    TullockTullockMese fa
  • 🍜🥪

    Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiEasy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiMese fa
  • 🌷🌸

    Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiEasy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiMese fa
  • I am gonna need a minute, "raw chicken"

    AntoSpurs Kung'uAntoSpurs Kung'uMese fa
  • I thought I was the first but it appears I am the 5th.

    De' Chandra HarrisDe' Chandra HarrisMese fa
  • Movie was amazing better than endgame Roadhouse

    G R HG R HMese fa
  • Wtf is this 😂

    Jon SnowJon SnowMese fa
  • This movie was trash

    Lavon St. JohnLavon St. JohnMese fa
  • I loved this movie everyone keep saying they don’t like I enjoyed it and then a few years be like this was the greatest movie ever really

    JQJ Movie ReviewsJQJ Movie ReviewsMese fa
    • @merickful yeah

      JQJ Movie ReviewsJQJ Movie ReviewsMese fa
    • It's the new fad. They come here to self validate. It's quite entertaining.

      merickfulmerickfulMese fa
    • No, its shit.

      TullockTullockMese fa
  • What brings you here? The caption.

    payneofleonpayneofleonMese fa
  • Second

    Ayden BriceAyden BriceMese fa
  • You’re “early enough” congrats you found this🍦

    Austin so coolAustin so coolMese fa