Bad Trip: Deleted Scenes

3 apr 2021
510 931 visualizzazioni

Enjoy these cutting room floor deleted scenes from Eric Andre's prank comedy, "Bad Trip" featuring Chris Rock, Lil Rel and more.
Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.
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  • I like how the "priest" didn't quote any actual Bible scripture. 🤣 Idk why they didn't use the exorcism bit because it was gold.

    Dillon RDillon R3 minuti fa
  • This guy's looks like Chris Broussard and Steph Curry had a baby

    Am HarrisAm Harris43 minuti fa
  • One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

    ScyberVEVOScyberVEVOOra fa
  • The crazy thing is when the roaches, blood on the walls and even Eric Andre floating didn't bother the Exorcist one bit

    eliaswolf77eliaswolf773 ore fa
  • We need director cut for this..More than Snyder Cut

    David MarshallDavid Marshall4 ore fa
  • make the sequel a show and make it have 40 episodes a season and drop 10 seasons. thanks.

    Tomato FrogTomato Frog5 ore fa
  • Fuck the Snyder Cut, let's get a longer cut of this

    MarvelousMusicMarvelousMusic5 ore fa
  • Of course Chris would say yes, he was on Bird Up!

    2120musiclover2120musiclover6 ore fa
  • chris rock would never work for pranks. literally everything about him is recognizable

    BariBari7 ore fa
  • yo the exorcism clip got me dead asf😂😭

    burg 707burg 7079 ore fa
  • Him saying "Shut up" when he was singing the USA anthem killed me.

    Lou SipherLou Sipher17 ore fa
  • "Call me!"

    oldslowcoacholdslowcoach21 ora fa
  • She really turned into Kool Aid Woman on they ass 🤣🤣

    FrankLogicTVFrankLogicTVGiorno fa
  • These should have been in the movie!

    Aaron HymanAaron HymanGiorno fa
  • I'm so glad Eric is finally getting the recognition he deserves

    L dawgL dawgGiorno fa
  • We need a number 2

    GG AllinGG AllinGiorno fa
  • Love this movie!! Could've lef some of the gay stuff out but still an amazing flic. Hilarious 🤣😂😭 "What more do you want from this man?" 🇵🇷✊🏾

    D_Exiled_1 ArisenD_Exiled_1 ArisenGiorno fa
  • Concrete jungle texas albino

    Calzone RiveraCalzone RiveraGiorno fa
  • Bruh the priest has me dead! The way he walks out of the room and gives Rel a turn lmaooooooooo

    Zach WrightZach WrightGiorno fa
  • This shit goes hard

    Paul WaynePaul WayneGiorno fa
  • "That was a lot, I dont what more you want outta that man." Rofl

    Sum YungéSum YungéGiorno fa
  • Props to the exorcist. He was barely phased. I can only imagine what he's seen.

    2010mceric2010mcericGiorno fa
  • We need part 2!!!! Epic Movie!!!!

    Grigga On The BeatGrigga On The BeatGiorno fa
  • Okay but how chill that priest was like yeah no this ain’t sht compared to other ones I’ve done like what

    Derek JohnDerek JohnGiorno fa
  • Why’d they cut Chris rock out the movie

    Abdulaziz AliAbdulaziz AliGiorno fa
  • 👍

    Casandra CouangaCasandra CouangaGiorno fa
  • I got a bullet somewhere too

    River aquaRiver aquaGiorno fa
  • LOL Chris ROCK

    Kenneth D. Aston Jr.Kenneth D. Aston Jr.Giorno fa
  • Honestly this movie is so funny, go watch it for free on Vumoo if you don't have the money

    Ricky LaFleurRicky LaFleurGiorno fa
  • "Fuck you, in Jesus' name"

    Andrei ArcaAndrei ArcaGiorno fa
  • Never laughed so hard in my life than with this movie.

    xBeautifulcindyxBeautifulcindyGiorno fa
  • This is how you know pastors/priests/religion are a bunch of BULLSHIT. “I’ve done this 100 times” really dude? Is that why you’re scared to get close? 😂

    Gabriel LimaGabriel LimaGiorno fa
  • Ha ha, that’s funny to us.......and God 🤣

    Gabriel LimaGabriel LimaGiorno fa
  • Like all priests and pastors, he was more worried about making money, that’s why he wanted to record everything. Typical.

    Gabriel LimaGabriel LimaGiorno fa

    Gabriel LimaGabriel LimaGiorno fa
  • How did the cut Chris rock?!

    Jonah BowenJonah BowenGiorno fa
  • We need the Snyder cut

    Chase CharlevilleChase CharlevilleGiorno fa
  • I’m gettin to ol fa this shit

    Jeep Ford GuyJeep Ford GuyGiorno fa
  • It's okay Netflix you can make the next one 5 hours long we don't mind.

    u m a m iu m a m iGiorno fa
  • We need the full movie! #ReleaseTheAndreCut

    AnesuAnesu2 giorni fa
  • Bru just put the Eric andre show on Netflix already

    Charles CamachoCharles Camacho2 giorni fa
  • The fact that the priest wasn’t freaked out by anything that happens shows that he genuinely believes he exorcises evil spirits

    Jerry HairyJerry Hairy2 giorni fa
  • “F**k you, in Jesus name!” Lol

    Roope HintzRoope Hintz2 giorni fa
  • This was way funnier than the actual movie! lmao

    Mars TVMars TV2 giorni fa
  • Fuck you in jesus name

    pdgemanpdgeman2 giorni fa
  • Why did Netflix not put this show on my feed when it came out!!!

  • we need the Andre cut of the movie

    Cactyne MannCactyne Mann2 giorni fa

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez2 giorni fa
  • Wow 😳 That priest dude had faith like a mofo. He even defeated Eric Andre

    astheskylarksingsastheskylarksings2 giorni fa
  • Give is the bad trip 1.2 cut ✂️

    A PA P2 giorni fa
  • Deleted scenes are better than the movie sadly 😓

    Scorpion9908Scorpion99082 giorni fa
  • These are better than most of what’s in the movie.

    Mrloup411Mrloup4112 giorni fa
  • I thought all exorcists were fake, but he seemed pretty legit. He was scared, but he acted like a guy who has seen many level 7 and 8 exorcisms. He just wasn't prepared for this one to go to 11. Ha ha!

    Sky MarshallSky Marshall2 giorni fa
  • that would of been soo good in the movie

    Jasper2112 OpJasper2112 Op2 giorni fa
  • Just now seeing it and watch today and then close to the end you heard DMX I was like don't have to fight no more.....🙏🏾

    BOSS LADYBOSS LADY2 giorni fa
  • The whole white chicks joke is amazing. This movie is hilarious.

    SeldomheardaboutSeldomheardabout2 giorni fa
  • This is better then the movie

    Hero The GreatHero The Great3 giorni fa
  • We all *demand* for the directors cut, deleted scenes or whatever... *we need it*

    GuhhGuhh3 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the exorcism omg

  • The guy that was coming into the motel was like... nope, nevermind, none of my business, nothing for me in there

    santino vaughnsantino vaughn3 giorni fa
  • OMG We need an uncut version of this!!!!

    dancerdude83dancerdude833 giorni fa
  • Amazing film! Thank u! We need more!!! ♥️🎶🕺

    cpelayomusicacpelayomusica3 giorni fa
  • FUCK YOU! IN JESUS NAME lmaooooooo

    helenalexandraaaahelenalexandraaaa3 giorni fa
  • I wish chris rock was in the movie but played himself and pranked people into doing things that would've been gold

    helenalexandraaaahelenalexandraaaa3 giorni fa
  • #ReleaseTheUnratedDirectorsCutOfBadTrip #NOSeriouslyPLEASE #HashtagAHashtagWithAHashtag

    Remy CarreiroRemy Carreiro3 giorni fa
  • So this is like Borat where the ppl dont know their being filmed lmaooo yo im def checking this out

    Trippy IllusionTrippy Illusion3 giorni fa
  • Release the Snyder cut!!!

    MirumExMachinaMirumExMachina3 giorni fa
  • “Fuck you” in Jesus name!

    Dream SisterDream Sister3 giorni fa
  • How can you not tell its chris Rock!! It's definitely fake.

    Blinks Stay freshBlinks Stay fresh3 giorni fa
  • yall need jesus

    ShakeITyEAShakeITyEA3 giorni fa
  • He cloned Hannibal again?

    AshleyAshley3 giorni fa
  • Priests aren’t ordained to do an exorcism unless given explicit permission from the Vatican

    Yeee BoiYeee Boi3 giorni fa
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    Irvan IsmailIrvan Ismail3 giorni fa
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    irvan ismailirvan ismail3 giorni fa
  • Bad Trip .5????? Netflix???? #ReleasetheSakuraiCut

    D GelpinD Gelpin3 giorni fa
  • Holy shit dude lol

    Phillip ExterovichPhillip Exterovich3 giorni fa
  • Would love to see the preachers cut of the film.

    MrChadlyT18MrChadlyT183 giorni fa
  • The fucking lack of ability for andre to remember his safe word is hilarious

    Wandering AsgardianWandering Asgardian3 giorni fa
  • This movie was corny🙄 🎥 🗑

    Dominican BombshellDominican Bombshell3 giorni fa

    Francis BegbieFrancis Begbie3 giorni fa
  • Funniest movie I watched in a minute ❤

    JoyseekerJoyseeker3 giorni fa
  • “Fuck you in gods name” 😂😂

    ExpatrociousExpatrocious3 giorni fa
  • That was a shitty priest. He was getting ready to run.

    ExpatrociousExpatrocious3 giorni fa

  • priest was like. "here, put it on a video. this will catapult my exorcism career to the top, baby!"

    farlon muentesfarlon muentes3 giorni fa
  • imagine trying to do a chris rock fkn cameo haahaha asif u wouldnt know

    oi nahoi nah3 giorni fa
  • lmao chris rock

    oi nahoi nah3 giorni fa
  • Those saying the priest is fake dont understand. 1. They dont fake reactions 2. If they did fake it why would they make him pull out his phone instantly? Because Im almost certain thats what ruined the scene anyway, that just wouldnt make sense.

    Angus WallaceAngus Wallace3 giorni fa
  • All this talk about the priest what about poor Edna. When She the ghost in the mirror classic natural reaction. She got the fuck out there 😂😂😂

    Paul MyersPaul Myers3 giorni fa
  • I thought lil Rell got little....

    K HarrellK Harrell3 giorni fa
  • That was definitely not a priest. Priests don't perform exorcisms like that, for those who are unaware.

    SamSam3 giorni fa
  • this is the best movie bbroooo holy shit im gonna make some shit like this in the future for sure

    Hasson. Arugha.Hasson. Arugha.3 giorni fa
  • " Shut up "

    Lieutenant MonkeyLieutenant Monkey3 giorni fa
  • I would love to see the entire footage of the movie omg

    Raffaella FeliciRaffaella Felici3 giorni fa
  • was honestly surprised with how good this movie was, we need the Andre Cut

    Wonderboy_eireWonderboy_eire3 giorni fa
  • Butthole Surfers reference in the exorcism.

    Noah DillonNoah Dillon3 giorni fa
  • When I hitchhike I wear a suit, cause if I'm gonna be touched or pranked I better be dressed to impress

    Moon Man MikeMoon Man Mike4 giorni fa
  • The exorcism scene would’ve made me give this a 4/5 on letterbox

  • That exorcism scene looked hard to make they should have kept it

    Jake Does stuff I guessJake Does stuff I guess4 giorni fa