Brian Regan Tells an Amazing Story About Lottery Tickets

24 mar 2021
59 457 visualizzazioni

Seriously, this story is such a barn burner, just you wait.
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  • :)

    James StephenJames StephenGiorno fa
  • haha, I thought I recognized that background, says its Irvin UT USA. . . no no no it's Ivins, someone made a mistake.

    mangmansmangmansGiorno fa
  • To the ones saying this isn’t funny..... “You wouldn’t get it”

    Zack ReynoldsZack Reynolds4 giorni fa
  • This makes me think of when some people like to constantly talk about the dream they had.... As if it has meaning to the real world, and especially when it’s nonsensical and boring.... I’m like,”You do realize that you can literally make up anything you want and people will be none the wiser, right?” Unless it’s an amazing dream that captures the imagination of everyone, not just yourself...just don’t even bother...or LIE

    Zack ReynoldsZack Reynolds4 giorni fa
  • That is punching down, Brian Regan is a world class story teller.

    P JordanP Jordan4 giorni fa
  • So funny

    Janoah JahnigenJanoah Jahnigen7 giorni fa
  • love this guy

    Dusty GallowayDusty Galloway7 giorni fa
  • Timing and delivery with Brian Regan is always comedic gold.

    M TaylorM Taylor8 giorni fa
  • Such great delivery.

    Greg HicksGreg Hicks8 giorni fa
  • What is the name of the special this is from?

    MrTwinkieeaterMrTwinkieeater9 giorni fa
    • I think “On the Rocks”’ maybe?

      Brenda WilliamsonBrenda Williamson6 giorni fa
  • Can you imagine someone using these numbers because of this video and winning the lottery 😂

    Renea CatRenea Cat10 giorni fa
    • Got two tickets and the first numbers Brian said on the Mexican ''Daily Lotto'', 01-04-07-21-26 and 02-05-16-17-28 . I'll let you know the results in later today!

      Samson towerSamson tower4 ore fa
    • @Samson tower you keep me posted 😂🙏!!

      Renea CatRenea Cat12 ore fa
    • I will use them tomorrow, hell yeah!

      Samson towerSamson tower20 ore fa
  • Thats alot of numbers to memorize for a joke. Impressive.

    dbcooprrrdbcooprrr11 giorni fa
  • Love this, 🥰🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Janoah TindellJanoah Tindell11 giorni fa
  • “You managed to follow nothing... with less” will be my go-to punchline from now on

    InterpreterALEInterpreterALE12 giorni fa
    • Me too

      Elijah RoseElijah Rose3 giorni fa
    • Same 🤣

      Noah CockeNoah Cocke7 giorni fa
    • 3 and half minute set up for that punchline? His story is not unlike the lottery guy's story. Much ado about nothing.

      OMGWTFLOLOMGWTFLOL11 giorni fa
  • Love Brian Regan!

    Frank PearsallFrank Pearsall14 giorni fa
  • Is he at Tuachan?

    WurdswurthWurdswurth15 giorni fa
  • There was this guy. He was telling an absolutely horrible story. It was atrocious; theeeee worst. Let me tell it to you. 😂

    Matt KaufmannMatt Kaufmann15 giorni fa
  • My new favorite bit. So fucking good

    Arnold FraccaroliArnold Fraccaroli16 giorni fa
  • Throw that log! Woo!!!!!

    refinedsugarrefinedsugar16 giorni fa
  • Wow...Spike got old.

    Dobrila BijelicDobrila Bijelic17 giorni fa
  • Ask any comedian who makes them laugh, the answer is always Brian Regan.

    The Woodys Surf Instrumental BandThe Woodys Surf Instrumental Band17 giorni fa
    • @Roger Patton believe all you'd like, I know for a fact that asking "any" comedian would not "always" produce this answer. 🤷

      JonnyAppleWeedJonnyAppleWeed5 giorni fa
    • @JonnyAppleWeed I believe YOU'RE wrong.

      Roger PattonRoger Patton5 giorni fa
    • I believe that even Norm MacDonald is a fan...

      Andrew KarpAndrew Karp7 giorni fa
    • I'm pretty sure you're wrong, but enjoy your crazy thoughts.

      JonnyAppleWeedJonnyAppleWeed14 giorni fa
    • Been watching him for years. 👍

      Alton WilliamsAlton Williams14 giorni fa
  • Gotta get that 3

    vondiorvondior18 giorni fa
  • You can tell there's so much rage underneath, but still, how do you make reading lottery tickets funny? Bits like this make him one of the best.

    Austin AlvarezAustin Alvarez18 giorni fa
  • Fourth ticket

    SilksSilks18 giorni fa
  • I would have asked the guy to repeat the numbers for clarity's sake.

    Erik GriffithErik Griffith19 giorni fa
  • Some refinement is needed, 2 tickets had 5 numbers, 1 ticket had 6 and 1 ticket had 7. Brian Regan is as funny as anybody.

    Sean KaneSean Kane19 giorni fa
  • why i loathe most gatherings with other humsns, so much you followed nothing with less, 🙂brilliant

    Kate DKate D19 giorni fa
  • This has Lou Costello written all over it.

    JoshuaJoshua19 giorni fa
  • His joke is a situation similar to him telling this joke. What a trip!

    Milli MilliMilli Milli19 giorni fa
    • It’s sarcasm.

      Dr. PhilDr. Phil18 giorni fa
  • If Brian won the loterry, he'd won the lottery to go buy dairy products without his doctors consent

    Judas DynastyJudas Dynasty19 giorni fa
    • @Judas Dynasty Just doing my duty, folks.

      DavidDavid9 giorni fa
    • @David thank you for that ^-^

      Judas DynastyJudas Dynasty9 giorni fa
    • consent*

      DavidDavid10 giorni fa
  • What happened to his hair???

    Wander Time with JessWander Time with Jess19 giorni fa
    • He’s 62. I’m guessing he got sick of dyeing it.

      brickpubbrickpub16 giorni fa
    • Watch the whole special. Lol

      DJ AliDJ Ali18 giorni fa
  • Garbage

    Cr CCr C19 giorni fa
  • Ray product half way trew

    Cr CCr C19 giorni fa
  • He was brilliant in Loudermilk

    toobasaurus23toobasaurus2319 giorni fa
  • Okay . . . . . hold up, lemme just shuffle . . . jus' sec' . . . ok, ok, ok, ok, . . THS ONE'S NOW MY NEW FAVE. Tanks B.R.

    Amy DutcherAmy Dutcher19 giorni fa
  • seinfeld

    soth1 solsoth1 sol19 giorni fa
  • Okay so definitely watch to the end. The payoff is wonderful

    Adam ThompsonAdam Thompson19 giorni fa
    • Dam U 😂

      Steve StevensSteve Stevens13 giorni fa
  • Love this dude

    aj Torresaj Torres19 giorni fa
  • Very close second to the "Pop Tart"

    96150coconut96150coconut19 giorni fa
  • so how can we overlook moors but champion prince hall masons???

    Godbody HruGodbody Hru19 giorni fa
    • @Zack Reynolds listen to the whole program

      Godbody HruGodbody Hru4 giorni fa
    • Huh???

      Zack ReynoldsZack Reynolds4 giorni fa
  • The guy’s good!

    Everson GagliardiEverson Gagliardi19 giorni fa
  • Salute to Professor Smalls

    Godbody HruGodbody Hru19 giorni fa
  • This whole special is terrible.

    STAY KOOLSTAY KOOL19 giorni fa
    • Judging by this bit i think you''re correct.

  • And to think.... not once did he SAY EIGHT.

    ibieiniidibieiniid20 giorni fa
    • most underrated comment

      tattooed92tattooed928 giorni fa
    • Excellent!

      Heather NewmanHeather Newman18 giorni fa
    • Happy eight day!

      A Rising TideA Rising Tide19 giorni fa
  • It’s easy to become enraptured and taken up by someone’s story like that... ‘Whoa! tell us more lotto guy!’.

    AVL ANCHEAVL ANCHE20 giorni fa
  • One of my absolute favorite comedians!! Lol

    Sir MillerSir Miller20 giorni fa
  • BR isnt funny anymore.

    Melvinnn11Melvinnn1120 giorni fa
    • @ibieiniid make sure to wear a harness, ibieiniid

      soth1 solsoth1 sol19 giorni fa
    • Going out on a limb here, but this will not be a popular opinion in this comment section.

      ibieiniidibieiniid20 giorni fa
  • 10

    S1L3NT G4M3RS1L3NT G4M3R20 giorni fa
  • cool video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower20 giorni fa
  • He’s not really funny anymore. I watched the special and laughed maybe twice. This wasn’t one of them.

    Ani JayanthAni Jayanth20 giorni fa
    • yeah its kinda weak i agree.

      Lysol and bananasLysol and bananas20 giorni fa
  • love this guy...laugh everytime..

    drmorqdrmorq20 giorni fa
  • Feels like he's making fun of Rain Man.

    TracyTracy20 giorni fa
    • Nah, Rain Man would have won that sh1t. 💰

      Adam J SmithAdam J Smith20 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner20 giorni fa
  • am i the only one who really didnt get it

    Jay FiguJay Figu20 giorni fa
    • @Helen Gichuhi yah no prob

      ManateeMentalityManateeMentality19 giorni fa
    • ​@Amy Dutcher my bad

      ManateeMentalityManateeMentality19 giorni fa
    • Wait til they're all in.

      Amy DutcherAmy Dutcher19 giorni fa
    • @ManateeMentality Broke comedy's first rule - explained a joke.

      Amy DutcherAmy Dutcher19 giorni fa
    • @Melvinnn11 he was funny?

      STAY KOOLSTAY KOOL19 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner20 giorni fa

    BG BeatzBG Beatz20 giorni fa