Pick Up It's Spade: Nate Bargatze

22 mar 2021
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Join David Spade and Nate Bargatze as they talk about comedy, covid and Nate's new Netflix special, "The Greatest Average American."
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  • Nate is definitely 'rewatchable.' When I'm noodling around online, I'll always catch a few short bits. It's laid back, a little deadpan, and wickedly clever. Always a go to if I'm having a tough day. I've watched all the specials. Gotta have that easy funny vibe these days. Thanks man!

    Mary MarinkovichMary Marinkovich3 ore fa
  • If he is a father of a 8 year old he wouldn't be to young to deal with sports and his child. It doesn't matter they are both very funny guys.

    Kathryn O'NeillKathryn O'Neill2 giorni fa
  • So I tried to find this Yelp review but apparently the serpentarium has permanently closed so I can’t see the review... lolololol!! 🤣😂

    Jason WyrickJason Wyrick7 giorni fa
    • @gyc315 interesting. It just worked for me from Google as well. When I searched from within the app already on my phone I could not click on it.

      Jason WyrickJason Wyrick5 giorni fa
    • @Jason Wyrick it's listed (wilmington). Worked for me

      gyc315gyc3155 giorni fa
    • @Jason Wyrick well they were saying Yelp throughout the entire interview so I understand..ha.. I actually googled Cape fear serpentarium North Carolina and it came up and I was able to view it

      gyc315gyc3155 giorni fa
    • @gyc315 lol I said Yelp by mistake. I looked on TripAdvisor and it’s closed and not clickable. Is there a way to still see the reviews?

      Jason WyrickJason Wyrick5 giorni fa
    • it's on tripadvisor

      gyc315gyc3155 giorni fa
  • Holy hair dye

    Space MunkySpace Munky9 giorni fa
  • Spade....👎

    KC NickyKC Nicky9 giorni fa
  • Nate has had a major glow up! What a handsome man!

    Wendy BarlowWendy Barlow9 giorni fa
  • Edit is a bit too jumpy. Would have liked to have heard it a little more raw cut... smoother audio.

    Jack NorthartJack Northart11 giorni fa
  • He's hilarious. His new special is so so funny. Two of my favorite comics.

    Grace BellamyGrace Bellamy11 giorni fa
  • Good use of the word "guffaw..."

    Tom PetersonTom Peterson11 giorni fa
  • I’m a new fan of Nate. Man this guy has a great presents and amazing timing.

    Michael 732Michael 73212 giorni fa
  • Spade just gets better with age. He is fucking hilarious but his interviewing skills are on par with any late night host out there.

    Derrick BarnettDerrick Barnett13 giorni fa
  • Spade: "We're both dad's in our 40's..." Hahahaha. Good one, David!

    Ed HorstEd Horst13 giorni fa
  • Nate don’t have time for you. He got that family clown money still rolling in

    Salvage MonsterSalvage Monster14 giorni fa
  • Okay you guys are kinda weird 🤣

    Helen MurphreeHelen Murphree14 giorni fa
  • Y’all together r similar but most of all y’all r great love Nate n mr spade u r a legend sir ty for sharing ur gifts

    mynameisnotyours000mynameisnotyours00014 giorni fa
  • Dudes!! Coke Zero!! Try it. WAY better than Diet Coke.

    Gmotion EDCGmotion EDC14 giorni fa
  • Nate: “Do you know what remedial is?” David: “I think it means you’re dumb..” Nate: “yeah” ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ new fan here 👍🏼

    Angie GeeAngie Gee14 giorni fa

    chrisdcomedychrisdcomedy14 giorni fa
  • People got tested, no Covid and outside. Here put this mask on so you don't transmit what you don't have. Whoever made this decision is either a politician or a mental defective. You decide.

    Bbearhug ThomasBbearhug Thomas14 giorni fa
  • Didn't notice that he doesn't curse til now

    Dylan DriggersDylan Driggers15 giorni fa
  • it's just "the Chicks" David

    Drew KellerDrew Keller15 giorni fa
  • Bro you cut grass for Alan Jackson. I don't think there's a more country thing to do, lol. Nice!!!!!!

    DaveDave15 giorni fa
  • My favorite son of a clown!

    David PerezDavid Perez16 giorni fa
  • Don’t know how you comedians are doing this. Thank you so much for making it happen. We need you!

    G SmithG Smith16 giorni fa
  • Their banter is great, they play well off each other.

    Annyong RingsAnnyong Rings16 giorni fa
  • Coke tastes better at McDonald's because pretty short Coke owns McDonald's and they have a contract where they're able to put more syrup in their drinks than regular Coke

    Joseph MarroneJoseph Marrone16 giorni fa
  • Spade and Bargatze are 2 sides of the same coin. Spade has a touch more edge and pomp though. Hilarious.

    dbakery1dbakery116 giorni fa
  • bargatze's glow up tho

    Emily AtwoodEmily Atwood16 giorni fa
  • 2 G O A T S

    MrOvlov02MrOvlov0216 giorni fa
  • "Have they ever asked you to sound like a normal person?" Hilarious

    Evie Vermont Short filmsEvie Vermont Short films16 giorni fa
  • Spade: "I bet they were tested to see if they were dumb enough to like your act." Bit of a knives out banter with your guest.

    rushmore IVrushmore IV16 giorni fa
    • Yeah, but later he said anyone would like his act.

      Brazilian AtlantisBrazilian Atlantis15 giorni fa
  • Great interview. Love both of you guys. David! Your humor is similar to Nate's.

    Evie Vermont Short filmsEvie Vermont Short films16 giorni fa
  • Nate Bargatze is my favorite comedian. I have watched his Netflix specials several times. His comedy is clean and witty and utterly hilarious! My husband and I love him!!! He is truly amazing and her daughter’s introductions are just precious. Keep shining dear sir! 👏👏👏👏👏

    Delcia GarciaDelcia Garcia17 giorni fa
  • Love Spade in this pacing. I feel like there were a few cuts. I’d be along for the whole ride if it was unedited.

    Brian RobertsBrian Roberts17 giorni fa
  • Great. Love you both. Loved the helicopter show Nate.

    Susan GlickSusan Glick17 giorni fa
  • This is a really fcking good interview. I’m surprised it hasn’t blown up with views yet. The segment abt how masks can throw comedians off bc they can’t see you smile or hear soft laughs, was also really interesting and something I hadn’t thought of or considered before now. To only be able to see the audiences eyes has got to be super intimidating. Props to these two, love them both 💜

    SisterSister17 giorni fa
  • Alligator got out. One star

    Stephen GarrettStephen Garrett17 giorni fa
  • Spade does not have average taste in girls.

    Craig WilliamsCraig Williams18 giorni fa
  • They were tested to see if they were dumb enough to like your act. 😂

    Eric bEric b18 giorni fa
  • David & Nate great interview but please 🙏🏻 DO NOT drink diet soda 🥤🚫 everyone I know that does has health problems and health professionals definitely don’t recommend it.

    Lisa deLisa de18 giorni fa
  • I just discovered Nate like 2 weeks ago, watched his Netflix special & then bam! a week later a brand new Netflix special .. too cool

    The Original Captain TripsThe Original Captain Trips18 giorni fa
    • watch Laughed at by a Clown. it's great

      kid sister kirbykid sister kirby17 giorni fa
  • Coke in a glass bottle is the best, are you fukin nuts Nate?

    The Original Captain TripsThe Original Captain Trips18 giorni fa
  • I really don’t like David spade, he hasn’t been funny for a while and just kinda showed up again thinking he’s a classic comic, nuh thanks

    Buck RogersBuck Rogers18 giorni fa
  • Nate Bargatze really is the only super clean dry comic who I just adore! I can just empathize with him on just feeling dumb in general all the way to my marriage because we’re very close in age. I usually I like more crass humor. I also loved the bit about his frustrations w/ how his wife communicates with him & the plane ride and he asked her do you even know what a plane is ? Then proceeds to explain to her that even if the plane was parked in our driveway I think you’d still be late ! That is so me and as women we will just always make our husbands late- Facts. Lol. Women sure do process things differently than men and it just makes a comedy of errors! Theo von is another hilarious comedian from the south they’re just so funny & they are the type of people you feel like you just would want to hang out with because they would leave you in stitches all the time & seem so authentic & genuine. I just feel like I hate hanging out with people anymore or meeting new people, I just get so disappointed all the time by newness ( sad at 40 but...). Comedy is keeping us all going, guys thank you for it!♾☮️

    Summer TimeSummer Time18 giorni fa
    • You would probably like mark normand too. Hes almost in between

      EpEp16 giorni fa
  • When was this recorded? Isn’t Tiger out of commission?

    LP3 CustomsLP3 Customs18 giorni fa
  • Here's some parenting advice: If your kids start watching Gray's Anatomy, don't call it Fuck Hospital in range of their ears. You'll have to hear that for a long, long time

    mbolducmbolduc19 giorni fa
    • Grey's.

      bathedinshadowbathedinshadow3 giorni fa
  • Apparently McDonald's are the only company that can alter the original coke recipe and they add more sugar to it

    Potbelly PorpusPotbelly Porpus19 giorni fa
    • MORE?!

      Gillian BGillian B18 giorni fa

    No Presh NetworkNo Presh Network19 giorni fa
    • Oh Hey Babe!!

      Pepe SilviaPepe Silvia17 giorni fa
  • What's this acorn hoodie that Nate is wearing?

    lakeClakeC19 giorni fa
    • Spanish oaks golf club logo.

      Reilly MediaReilly Media17 giorni fa
  • It’s a fucking beautiful day out!

    Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
  • English major dropped out between working and school rough, changed me! Changed my mind! Women always change their mind then it fucks with the men, and they don’t see it at the moment, then laughing.

    Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
  • Looking good! David!

    Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
    • I have a tommy boy shirt, cause my friends know I’m in to u and chris! They got it for me!

      Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
  • Two great tastes that taste great together.

    Rik YanniehRik Yannieh19 giorni fa
  • I’ve never seen Donald Trump conduct a better interview.

    ChadChad19 giorni fa
  • “I’m sorry, your hair’s coming in gray” -Perfectly executed burn

    Ross HackethalRoss Hackethal20 giorni fa
  • Why does Spader have all the sex toys from the set of Tron in the background? 😄

    SwannSwann20 giorni fa
  • Oof that accent, I could listen to Nate all night long. And he's funny.

    Lee LeeLee Lee20 giorni fa
  • Two of my ABSOLUTE favorite people!!!!!!!

    Kelly GreenKelly Green20 giorni fa
  • Nate is hilarious man. I just watched his special last night

    Matthew WilloughbyMatthew Willoughby20 giorni fa
  • Nice David seems to be getting over his lockdown inertia.

    steve connsteve conn20 giorni fa
  • "Bad sound makes good video look bad.”

    Bruce John ShourtBruce John Shourt20 giorni fa
  • Don’t think Tiger is stepping on a course any time soon

    E NE N20 giorni fa
  • Listened to his Joe Rogan podcast interview with Nate, watched Nate on Netflix before the podcast it’s a must see

    E NE N20 giorni fa
  • Please chime in Sonic drink fans. Best coke period which starts with the foam cup and the specialty ice. Your cup doesn’t sweat and ice lasts way longer in hot weather compared to the lame McDonald’s cup

    E NE N20 giorni fa
  • "Hang up, it's Spade" probably also works as a title. Or "Thank god it's not Norm".

    WileyCoyote69WileyCoyote6920 giorni fa
  • Two naturally funny and talented comics.

    P TP T20 giorni fa
  • #restorethesnyderverse .

    Brett BeachBrett Beach20 giorni fa
  • I love your lava lamps David!

    Chris PChris P20 giorni fa
  • Very likeable character, and David spade is a great interviewer.

    iain hamiltoniain hamilton20 giorni fa
  • I would have asked him "Did Trevor Noah steal that serpentarium bit from you, or did you sell it to him?"

    Gabriel JohnsonGabriel Johnson20 giorni fa
  • Two of my fav dudes right there

    Hunter ScottHunter Scott20 giorni fa
  • I was annoyed that the audience had to keep their mask on during the show. I mean they're already spaced between tables. California is ridiculous. But it's a good special!

    Unz360Unz36021 giorno fa
    • So you were sitting on your couch watching a comedy special that was taped months and months ago annoyed that people in another state were wearing masks. You must have a rough time functioning out in the world if that annoyed you that bad to have to comment about it.

      Clay WhismanClay Whisman21 giorno fa
  • Anyone else here been a Nate fan for years and are just waiting patiently for him to get the credit he deserves?

    Kenny MatherneKenny Matherne21 giorno fa
    • @Peggy in Dallas Nice Peggy. I love Dallas btw.

      Lost In SohoLost In Soho11 giorni fa
    • Been to every show that makes it to DFW, have watched his specials repeatedly and stand by the fact that he is the best comedian out there today (Even in front of Burr)

      Peggy in DallasPeggy in Dallas11 giorni fa
    • I wish I had that merit badge. But I don't.

      Bbearhug ThomasBbearhug Thomas14 giorni fa
    • Oh yeah. Nate Deserves some sunshine. Nice to see him getting it.

      Lost In SohoLost In Soho15 giorni fa
    • Absolutely! I love the slow way he delivers his jokes. Currently my favorite Comedian.

      Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson17 giorni fa
  • Nate still has that strong lego face.

    David JohnDavid John21 giorno fa
  • Tiger is back on the course already? Pretty sure this was taped 3 weeks ago or something as Tiger was just in a horrible car accident!

    Jess YatesJess Yates21 giorno fa
  • If Nate does not lie in his act then there are Space Aliens! I did not hear.

    Jess YatesJess Yates21 giorno fa
  • When did David spade start looking like Farley

    GUY VERGUY VER21 giorno fa
  • Nate needs a golf show. Netflix, my birthday is coming up, and y’all owe me. Even a 2 hour, 18 hole match play with other comedians, and y’all can pair them with fun caddies (actually PGA pros - Kevin Kisner caddying for Nate would be the best)... I only want a producer credit, you don’t even have to pay me.

    Elias KennedyElias Kennedy21 giorno fa
  • My 2 faves!!!❤️

    BrittanyBrittany21 giorno fa
  • Two of the funniest comedians ever!!

    Monique GustafsonMonique Gustafson21 giorno fa
  • No spots in Louisville? The Laughing Derby hasn't gone anywhere. There's also a club in Lexington. That's where I saw Nate live just before Tennessee Kid came out.

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson21 giorno fa
  • His special is awesome. And like Kimmel, much better looking with age...😄

    WendyWendy21 giorno fa
  • Nate seemed nervous during the interview

    brandname101brandname10122 giorni fa
  • Nailed the pronunciation of Louisville

    javasoccernutjavasoccernut22 giorni fa
    • Loo uh vull

      SWIM A.D.SWIM A.D.21 giorno fa
  • Why would they be wearing masks if they were both tested and outdoors..??

    RealCoolGuyRealCoolGuy22 giorni fa
    • Tested doesn't mean Immuned.

      Sid DokisSid Dokis19 giorni fa
    • Cause California is run by liberals

      Cheryl QCheryl Q19 giorni fa
    • Probably for liability purposes.

      P TP T20 giorni fa
    • Being safe?

      Van ManVan Man21 giorno fa
    • ...theyre dumb?

      Jordan GingoldJordan Gingold21 giorno fa
  • Spades hair plugs turned out well .his makeup artist needs fired tho

    Black IlluminatiBlack Illuminati22 giorni fa
  • I’m such a huge Nate fan! So excited to see him on here since I love Spade!!!!

    Joshua MartinezJoshua Martinez22 giorni fa
  • DAVID!!!!! Please some to Zanies!!!!!

    Allie AAllie A22 giorni fa
  • This was great

    Sherry BirongSherry Birong22 giorni fa
  • Just watched Nate’s new special. I liked it. It was no Spade. Then again, nothing is 😁

    Trace RidpathTrace Ridpath22 giorni fa
  • Spudley doing his best to make something out of an interview with a comedian who is "Save'in the 'Funny' for the club." You get an A for effort Cha Cha!. I'd luv to see ya get your talk show going again- Naturally funny & interesting guests being.... funny & interesting.

    urgonnaluvthisurgonnaluvthis22 giorni fa
  • meeting people for the rest of is awkward as well...

    Kate DKate D22 giorni fa
  • and at the end of THAT day, Tiger rolls his car!

    Roscoe MuttleyRoscoe Muttley22 giorni fa
    • It was the next day, 7 am. He was on his way to meet Spade.

      Parker Cross, JrParker Cross, Jr20 giorni fa
  • Nate and Ron White in a southern sitcom. In-laws or one is a fish out of water

    Roscoe MuttleyRoscoe Muttley22 giorni fa
    • Nate and Tom Lennon as brothers who didn't grow up together stuck rooming together. Make Nate a liberal and Tom a conservative.

      Brazilian AtlantisBrazilian Atlantis15 giorni fa
    • There is a similar show set up on Netflix with comedian Brent Morin.

      MokieMokie22 giorni fa
  • the special was really good. Now it might be time to bring over Mark Normand!

    zizinnnnzizinnnn22 giorni fa
    • Hell yeah! maybe Sam too

      Luke BrownLuke Brown20 giorni fa
    • It's definitely time to bring on Mark!

      Hank GHank G21 giorno fa
  • Spade is the least funny comedian around imo. How does he get any work ???

    Steven LevitzkeSteven Levitzke22 giorni fa
    • @urgonnaluvthis I was just saying I don't think he is funny . I wasn't saying anything about what other people think . I also think Schulz is a cretin .

      Steven LevitzkeSteven Levitzke18 giorni fa
    • Spade is a polished and professional performer that a lot of people find very funny. Producers, except for Lorne Michaels, can count on Spadoodle to be more than just another member of the ensemble, infact , a vital contributor to the project.On the other hand, the public is so desperate for something to smile about, that even a LUMP like Andrew Schulz can have a career. That's good news for the unemployed, knowing that an overly confident, no talent beginner can also get some stage time and ALL the time he/she wants on ITworlds.

      urgonnaluvthisurgonnaluvthis18 giorni fa
    • @lakeC both suck

      Steven LevitzkeSteven Levitzke19 giorni fa
    • Your sense of humor is broken. Spade is hilarious. How can you call him least funny comedian when Chris D'elia exists?

      lakeClakeC19 giorni fa
    • @Tim Todd and most of them stink.

      P TP T20 giorni fa
  • Interesting 😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner22 giorni fa
  • Nate’s hair and beard are so similar, you could invert his head and he’d look the same. Love the new Netflix special!

    Jeff SawyerJeff Sawyer22 giorni fa
    • Um no...hair is grey, beard is not...except near the ears..ahhh..im commenting on hair..covid has been tough.

      Colin GliddenColin Glidden19 giorni fa
    • U been smokin jazz cigarettes?

      Jordan GingoldJordan Gingold21 giorno fa
  • Aw, two of my favs!

    MokieMokie22 giorni fa
  • Interesting 😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner22 giorni fa