3 Jokes for Arab Heritage Month

5 apr 2021
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3 Jokes for Arab Heritage Month from Mo Amer, Dave Merheje and Rawan Hallak.
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  • arab heratige month i dont like it nor want it to exist

    Noobi LolerNoobi LolerGiorno fa
  • What are the comedians names?

    fatima shalatwehfatima shalatwehGiorno fa
  • Wait I didn’t know we had a Heritage month 😬😬 I’m confused.

    VASCOVASCOGiorno fa
  • Arab hard to spot for accent even north african hardest

    Mad kissMad kissGiorno fa
  • Wait... Isn't it the all siblings-month now? Or.... Whatever-month? There's only so many month in a year... Maybe just me 🙄

    TheOpacueTheOpacue2 giorni fa
  • This isn't even funny

    Zack HZack H3 giorni fa
  • Great segment.

    Su PharSu Phar3 giorni fa
  • 'i can live happy, we're both fat!' me when my husband gains weight 😂

    AJAJ4 giorni fa
  • Incest is the most popular marriage arrangement with people named Muhammad too. seriously, this is true. Cousin marrying is very common with people of a particular religion. It’s allowed and encouraged in their “holy” book.

    melleethekamelleetheka5 giorni fa
    • @Tareq Ewaida I don’t need you to believe me. I’m just glad I learned the truth about Islam and ironically enough it was in ISLAMIC LITERATURE that I learned it from and why I chose to denounce it! It’s not from the God of Abraham. Islamic is satanic and even Muhammad believe me he was demon processed when he had encounters with “Gabriel”. That’s HIM saying that, not me! You know the story. He ran home to Khadijah and said, “cover me”. He was terrified!!!’ You know, in the Bible stories, whenever an angel appeared to anyone including Mary he would look like a human man and say “do not be afraid” and they WEREN’T!!!! They knew this was a messenger from God and not a demon!!! Muhammad couldn’t tell the difference

      melleethekamelleethekaGiorno fa
    • @melleetheka yeah you were Muslim for sure I believe you.

      Tareq EwaidaTareq EwaidaGiorno fa
    • @Asm Asm I used to be Muslim and lived in that culture around many incestuous people.. I also know what the Quran and Hadeeth say. Actually it’s child marriage that’s encouraged; at least Muhammad encouraged it and did it himself. Yuck 9 years old, about the same age hunter Biden likes them

      melleethekamelleetheka3 giorni fa
    • Huh? No it's not lol, it's not encouraged in our holy book at all, but it's a common practice to marry your cousin during war (due to loss of men mostly that are in the army) and times or pandemics that kill millions In Europe it's literally legal to have sexual relationships with your siblings so you don't have an upper hand here

      Asm AsmAsm Asm3 giorni fa
  • There’s an Arabian Heritage Month? Doesn’t that exclude Persians? Or did they mean Muslim Heritage Month?

    M.C.Martin Official ChannelM.C.Martin Official Channel5 giorni fa
  • The glossy value constitutively search because chauffeur disconcertingly destroy besides a dangerous exclamation. early, roomy act

    Kol AndyKol Andy6 giorni fa
  • Yallah what worng with Muslims girl's around world

    I'm proud be Muslim Thanks AllahI'm proud be Muslim Thanks Allah6 giorni fa
  • Speaking about someone's religion figure out your character n religion what you follow

    fatima b kadapafatima b kadapa6 giorni fa
  • Listening to you i think you dont have any religion r you even dont know who your parents are lol 😆😂

    fatima b kadapafatima b kadapa6 giorni fa
  • Na!

    Maher KaramMaher Karam6 giorni fa
  • Mohammed last name Car Bomb

    Steve DLSteve DL7 giorni fa
  • Does the lady at the end count as comedy...?

    JB BJB B7 giorni fa
  • No amer sucks yo.

    Dean MorrisonDean Morrison7 giorni fa
  • As a resident living in Middle east, wish I could exchange my citizenship with middle eastern people born in the west 🤣

    Charles D' GomesCharles D' Gomes7 giorni fa
  • Why is there an Arab heritage month??

    Ayush Ranjan PradhanAyush Ranjan Pradhan7 giorni fa
  • We can live happily, we're both fat!

    Kim Frank WatsonKim Frank Watson7 giorni fa
  • And everyone spells it differently as well lol

    From MauiFrom Maui7 giorni fa
  • Omg I’m laughing so hard cuz I came from Greeks and had the same experience in preschool! I did not talk the entire time 😂🤣

    akansingitakansingit7 giorni fa
  • Should've just cropped the third comedian out of this

    Pak RTPak RT7 giorni fa
  • I need some more context for the last woman I got the little jokes but like was the overall story just about an arranged marriage?

    techtech7 giorni fa
    • It’s sounds way funnier in Arabic cuz some slangs aren’t translated right.

      VASCOVASCOGiorno fa
    • @Gregory Eaton i dont mind it.. as far as its not forced...

      biba olaitanbiba olaitan3 giorni fa
    • @tech It’s actually pretty interesting most cultures around the world did arranged marriages to unite families, business ventures, or just get their child married but at some point the love based marriages started. Which also happen to fall apart the easiest since the marriage is based on feelings versus a duty to your family. Just to clarify I wouldn’t want an arranged marriage but I don’t think it’s backwards as many people in the Western world do

      Gregory EatonGregory Eaton7 giorni fa
    • Gotcha... I'm gonna have to research how all that works arranged marriage is a very unfamiliar subject for me

      techtech7 giorni fa
    • Yes they get married off and it's a whole process.

      Gregory EatonGregory Eaton7 giorni fa
  • What month?

    JFJF7 giorni fa
  • Everybody is laughing at the jokes, me on the other hand, wtf is arab heritage month?!

    Daisy BuchananDaisy Buchanan7 giorni fa
  • Arabs have more heritage and History than white people

    صـالح بشــيرصـالح بشــير7 giorni fa
  • In PUBG mobile on random spaud is where you you would always find someone named Mohammed/Mohammad.

    Lt.ReubenRoze YTLt.ReubenRoze YT7 giorni fa
    • The muhammad is very popular name

      Maha KhanMaha KhanGiorno fa
    • Any with the name Al Qasim/Al Kasim?😉

      Tanya KasimTanya Kasim4 giorni fa
  • Funny

    Marsha TMarsha T7 giorni fa
  • No joke, but my cousin married and her last name is Mohammed, every time taking the flight she, hubby, and the kids gets pulled to get special check; so she changed her name back and it is just the husband and kids getting pulled, so he was spot on with that joke (her husband parents and his family was born in USA)

    Marsha TMarsha T7 giorni fa
  • I feel good when I'm on this channel.👍

    Rita JohnsonRita Johnson7 giorni fa
  • Netflix, put their links in the descriptions so potential fans can find them online.

    TJ BlaiddTJ Blaidd7 giorni fa
  • Why make jokes about names? It's insulting.

    Denise EldredDenise Eldred7 giorni fa
    • That's the point, to screw with fairies like you

      BornBorn7 giorni fa
  • Netflix: "arabic heritage month!....." Arabs: da fuq?

    Danny San DiegoDanny San Diego8 giorni fa
    • @Maha Khan only during heritage month

      Danny San DiegoDanny San Diego23 ore fa
    • lol We have a month???

      mimichandesmimichandesGiorno fa
    • You fuq

      Maha KhanMaha KhanGiorno fa
    • right?!! i didn't even know we had a heritage month 😭😭

      Alaa AinaAlaa AinaGiorno fa
    • Yes, I swear 🤣🤣

      HebatAllah HassanHebatAllah Hassan2 giorni fa
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    Ron SillRon Sill8 giorni fa
    • You can reach expert Fred on there.

      John MorrisonJohn Morrison7 giorni fa
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      John MorrisonJohn Morrison7 giorni fa
    • 😆

      Tiles GTiles G7 giorni fa
    • This is a great opportunity to do something new and profitable.

      Don BurandtDon Burandt7 giorni fa
    • This is so interesting I'll get in touch with the expert.

      Robert ReichRobert Reich7 giorni fa
  • So you guys are all just stealing McLovin’s joke from Superbad?

    Dark UnknownDark Unknown8 giorni fa
  • All three of them nailed it, some good humor.

    Shaun GempiesShaun Gempies8 giorni fa
  • 👏🏼👏🏼😂😂 So beautiful & funny, thank you!!!💓✌🏼

    Ginger DixonGinger Dixon8 giorni fa
  • And Jesus was the most quoted prophet in the Quran. But you didn't know that one? It sucks that people have more in common than they do have differences and don't even know it

    Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry8 giorni fa
    • @Jonathan Perry it's okay. I might be mistaken as well. I only read, never count words 😁

      Aulia Syifa RodhiyaAulia Syifa Rodhiya7 giorni fa
    • @Aulia Syifa Rodhiya that's not what I read but I've never read the entire Quran show I could be wrong but I've seen that in more than one place. I apologize if they were bad sources.

      Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry7 giorni fa
    • Isn't it Moses? 😅

      Aulia Syifa RodhiyaAulia Syifa Rodhiya7 giorni fa
  • Didnt superbad do that Mohamed joke?

    Coy BennettCoy Bennett8 giorni fa
  • I was waiting for the punchline with the last one, but it never came... i liked the second one.

    Dice DoomDice Doom8 giorni fa
  • You wanna know what’s worse than having to sit through a long joke that isn’t funny? ....having to read through a joke that isn’t funny.

    Mike LaryMike Lary8 giorni fa
    • lol

      Gregory EatonGregory Eaton7 giorni fa
  • Getting murdered over a cartoon drawing of an invisible dude nobody seen or met sounds more funny than all three together . But isn't. Be good to hear some more of these guys sets funnier bits maybe

    Dean GodfreeDean Godfree8 giorni fa
    • Isn't it all made up lol . And I'd say it as a joke cse like you I couldn't give a fuck about religion either it dont matter to me one way or the other .

      Dean GodfreeDean Godfree7 giorni fa
    • Invisible? He definitely was real lol. Now why they don't want his image to be shared I don't know I don't follow their religion. The dude conquered throughout Central Asia I'm not sure why you would say that as if he was some made up character.

      Gregory EatonGregory Eaton7 giorni fa
  • As an arab, WHAT TF is arab heritage month

    Anything 4viewsAnything 4views8 giorni fa
    • @VASCO most muslims are south east asian

      Anything 4viewsAnything 4views14 ore fa
    • i was like what !!!!!

      Abdulatif AljalalAbdulatif AljalalGiorno fa
    • @Karolin Ayoub not all but most 🙄

      VASCOVASCOGiorno fa
    • @Maurice Griffin not all Arabs are Muslim not all Muslims are Arab

      Karolin AyoubKarolin Ayoub3 giorni fa
    • I was wondering too...

      biba olaitanbiba olaitan3 giorni fa
  • I’m a little confused. I think he’s playing to a black audience possibly a black Muslim audience. What I mean is a African-American audience who might have a few Muslims. OK if they came to see him it’s probably an all African-American Muslim audience.

    Ernest WalkerErnest Walker8 giorni fa
    • @Anything 4views Not as confused as @Ernest Walker.

      merickfulmerickful8 giorni fa
    • Im confused

      Anything 4viewsAnything 4views8 giorni fa
  • This is hilarious

    Music TitoMusic Tito8 giorni fa
  • Wtf is arab heritage month? Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit, why we celebrate this shit? How is anyone gonna integrate if we are still focused on background and classification so much. And the term arab is so stupid, nowadays it represents muslims-olive skinned-arabic speaking people, but just cause Napoleon started calling every muslim arab, that doesn't mean we are arabs.

    Marwan JoundiMarwan Joundi8 giorni fa
  • Three of them nailed it 😂

    Samy MarcusSamy Marcus8 giorni fa
  • No it's not!!! The most popular name in the world is "Asshole"! ...and I know a few! lol!

    Gilbert HenriGilbert Henri8 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣 i'm dead!!

    I.N. TikoI.N. Tiko8 giorni fa
  • 1st guy was hilarious hes like an arab tom segura

    Björn coppersideBjörn copperside8 giorni fa
    • @Samuel Baidoo Incorrect.

      Ken WrightKen Wright7 giorni fa
  • Pedo Mohammed

    VibhuVibhu8 giorni fa
  • I smell some Dave chappelle here

    Duke MemoDuke Memo8 giorni fa
    • Mo Amer toured with Chappelle for a while...

      Its KibiIts Kibi6 giorni fa
  • =We think your son is deaf and blind -WHO TOLD YOU?!

    Jana Mohamed AhmedJana Mohamed Ahmed8 giorni fa
    • Rawgw

      Richie SilvaRichie Silva7 giorni fa
    • 4-1:6#

      Richie SilvaRichie Silva7 giorni fa
  • Hope no one explodes...

    Infantry101Infantry1018 giorni fa
  • I love this 😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner8 giorni fa
  • nice

    Keara SchroederKeara Schroeder8 giorni fa
  • I love this 😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner8 giorni fa
  • Yay

    Mr.TimeLordMr.TimeLord8 giorni fa