Nate Bargatze: Butt of the Joke

19 mar 2021
43 516 visualizzazioni

Nate Bargatze sits down with his daughter to watch some of his jokes about her to see whether or not she approves.
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  • I loved this

    Jonathan MassaJonathan Massa7 giorni fa
  • I really wish he was my dad, too! Lucky girl 😁

    Eden LostEden Lost7 giorni fa
  • Why is she for real funny, though? LMAO

    Mr David AshleyMr David Ashley7 giorni fa
  • Two peas in a bod Y'all are too cute!

    auntie12auntie1212 giorni fa
  • Very cute. Very sweet. I think she’s going to be the subject of many clever bits over the years

    Bea SouthBea South13 giorni fa
  • Nate Bargatze is one of the best comedians working today. He's also the only conservative comedian that makes me laugh consistently. True talent and it looks to be rubbing off on his daughter.

    Dave DDave D13 giorni fa
    • Who says that Nate is a conservative? Do you have a link to where he says this or is this just an assumption you made because of his accent and because he is from Tennessee? You are right about all the other conservative comics not being fun though. People like Nick Dipalo or however you spell his name, omfg he is just horrible. He might say two slightly funny things in each HOUR of his material. What's sad is that Nick is probably the second funniest conservative comedian, if Nate really is a conservative. Which I have never heard before and I have seen 100% of his material and most interviews with him.

      Bored MisfitBored Misfit7 giorni fa
  • Oh my goodness, Nate, she is beautiful and hysterical! I hope to see more of you and Harper together. This was too cute!

    Classic Rock MomClassic Rock Mom15 giorni fa
  • How long does it take a cat to get used to a collar?

    naturemom57naturemom5715 giorni fa
  • Feel like maybe... hes a bad parent

    Mike SingerMike Singer18 giorni fa
    • Why?

      Regina WortheyRegina Worthey17 giorni fa
  • That is one chill dog

    Adrian SimoneAdrian Simone18 giorni fa
    • I thought it was a stuffed animal.

      mean Genesmean Genes15 giorni fa
    • I began to wonder if it was in fact a real dog

      Tertsegha I. LanTertsegha I. Lan18 giorni fa
  • Adorable🙌 nothing like family time

    seba3663seba366319 giorni fa
  • “I did that on purpose cuz I wanted a brownie. Mom, that’s on you” - Ruthless with a sense of humor.

    SneakyCheeseThiefSneakyCheeseThief19 giorni fa
  • She was his MC on THE TENNESSEE KID which I had found accidentally and have been a Nate follower ever since.

    Lost In SohoLost In Soho20 giorni fa
  • That dog looks so not

    Arges HaganArges Hagan20 giorni fa
  • i like nate, but he needs to chill w/ the bronzer

    Ryan MeadowsRyan Meadows21 giorno fa
    • 😂 He plays a lot of golf so I’m thinking it’s a real tan. But maybe they had to even it out for the special... lots of bronzer 😄

      mbighamjetermbighamjeter15 giorni fa
  • Wow out of date gender tropes. How hilarious

    Scott AndrewsScott Andrews21 giorno fa
  • Can't see you ever needing to tell to her to turn herself in. She seems very sweet!

    Gina RagoneGina Ragone21 giorno fa
  • Nate that's cheating dude lol. Getting your daughter to host with you.

    David FullagarDavid Fullagar21 giorno fa
  • This is so charming!

    Richard CowdreyRichard Cowdrey21 giorno fa
  • He used to be funny.

    Justin ColemanJustin Coleman21 giorno fa
  • "I didn't even make this decision" she's mastered his style lol.

    jweez313313 Whyjweez313313 Why22 giorni fa
  • OMG when the daughter said “she is taking the bus home? I did not even make this decision” that was hilarious, I laughed out loud! Awesome to see the daughter with Nate...

    Pat MarcoPat Marco22 giorni fa
  • Olivia?!

    Kevin BergerKevin Berger23 giorni fa
  • So Momma Bargatze has no sense of time 😂😂

    Nishant ChettriNishant Chettri23 giorni fa
  • Love this dude, cutest kid!

    Samuel LeandroSamuel Leandro23 giorni fa
  • I don’t understands the Phone joke. Why would it not be good to call dads about her bus number?

    TombTomb24 giorni fa
    • Cuz the dads usually don't really know about daughter/or son academy stuff, since its usually the mother who did it.

      Axl Rafi Kingsky SubawaAxl Rafi Kingsky Subawa22 giorni fa
  • Adorable! Loved her commentary. Also loved the special!

    rl_shiftrl_shift24 giorni fa
    • One fell swoop! Lol

      David CDavid C20 giorni fa
  • Hahah future comic that little girl right there.

    Wicked GoodWicked Good24 giorni fa
  • She's cute. Love it

    MichelleMichelle24 giorni fa
  • Nates still living in the 50’s with his gender role him!

    It's all happeningIt's all happening24 giorni fa
  • Loved it!!

    MarieMarie24 giorni fa
  • I watched this last night.. really funny special.. I hear helicopters too, Nate 🤣😅

    Life of RandyLife of Randy25 giorni fa
    • Ik this is random but you are beautiful😍😍

      ChefxHyruleChefxHyrule21 giorno fa
  • Unwatchable clip. Who clicks on stand up to see a cutesy "back and forth" with an interview of the comedian's daughter? Don't do that.

    Jesse ColeJesse Cole25 giorni fa
  • I'm actually happy Nate's not above exploiting his children for commerce. Having her in the video caught my eye by differentiating from other clips, of which I've watched all many times over.

    birdshowbirdshow25 giorni fa
  • I can’t wait for the new special! I’ve been waiting for over a year to see you in person! I’ve had my tickets since last March! Hopefully by the new date in September it will work out.

    April SmithApril Smith25 giorni fa
  • Never let your child know that you love them, keep them quiet and out of sight!

    Daniel DavidsonDaniel Davidson25 giorni fa
    • why did I like this

      Louise VictoriaLouise Victoria18 giorni fa
    • @Shahid Choudhury I think it's supposed to be sarcstic

      Sohang ChopraSohang Chopra19 giorni fa
    • How does that help?

      Shahid ChoudhuryShahid Choudhury24 giorni fa
  • It's funny how real life experiences that shouldn't be funny, are funny.. and yes dad's in general suck 😁 Godbless the good ones with some mommy skills.

    The AzraelThe Azrael25 giorni fa
  • The funniest. The funniest. Yes.

    J MaybeeJ Maybee25 giorni fa
  • I know you love your daughter & she is cute and all but that sassy attitude she has wears on you. When she is 13/15 not so cute anymore. Grow a pair & get her out of your bed!

    Holden CaulfieldHolden Caulfield25 giorni fa
  • Good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower25 giorni fa
  • Nobody here but us fake accounts...

    Creep from outerspaceCreep from outerspace25 giorni fa
  • I legit CANNOT wait to watch this tonight!

    Matt SmithMatt Smith25 giorni fa
    • I watched it three times and it got funnier and funnier, consider he’s not out doing shows every night because of the pandemic he smashed it out of the park.

      RobRob23 giorni fa
    • He fell off.

      Sam McCormackSam McCormack24 giorni fa
  • Best comedian in the game

    Kyle BuckKyle Buck25 giorni fa
  • real comedy

    emmanuel makalaemmanuel makala25 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner25 giorni fa