Hannah Gadsby on Being a Woman in a Man's World

31 mar 2021
33 809 visualizzazioni

Hannah Gadsby preaches the truth about male power and the responsibility each of us has to value all of our stories and our shared humanity.
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  • A bit peculiar but still amazing!

    Ejlal ShahriariEjlal Shahriari6 ore fa
  • The face she made just after saying "look..I'm angry" 😂 Can't get over it!

    Manasvi MaanuManasvi Maanu20 ore fa
  • This is trash and if you agree with her you are anti American, and unintelligent.... haha such trash!!!!!! God these woke left politics have been the biggest plague ever

    Ash TrismegistusAsh Trismegistus22 ore fa
  • Thank you Hannah for everything you've said on stage. Your story shall be heard. Thanks for sharing it.

    Lexi KlecksiLexi KlecksiGiorno fa
  • This took a sharp turn left. 😟 TO WHOMEVER NEEDS TO HEAR THIS.. I love you and you are worth all the happiness and success.

    ZaZaZaZaGiorno fa
  • This video needs way more than 32k views. More like 32+ million views.

    Sam WilliamsSam Williams2 giorni fa
  • I just got so many life quotes from this video. I thank you for your strength ❤️🙏

    Roshaine TuckerRoshaine Tucker2 giorni fa
  • Diversity is strength ❤️

    Katy ThompsonKaty Thompson3 giorni fa
  • This one has nothing to worry about being SA’d she looks/acts/thinks like an 8 year old boy. Why do all these Twitter people look the exact same look... you all need a gay man to Help you

    Ash TrismegistusAsh Trismegistus3 giorni fa
  • You are true strength Hannah!

    Amy WickendenAmy Wickenden3 giorni fa
  • Good job Netflix. I give you real kudos on this one.

    Elliana LeahElliana Leah3 giorni fa
  • Wow. She is powerful. True.

    Fabric TwistFabric Twist3 giorni fa
  • white straight male from a first world country speaking: thank you for your teachings.

    Robert idonotsharemyfullnameRobert idonotsharemyfullname4 giorni fa
    • White gay girl from a first world country speaking: thank you for trying to learn.

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
  • People actually pay money for this victim story? Disgusting

    Jer MalJer Mal4 giorni fa
  • Oh poor women

    Aaronsomething79 AAAaronsomething79 AA5 giorni fa
  • How does this pass of as comedy wtf netflix

    Only BananaOnly Banana5 giorni fa
    • @Gilli Fish that's some genius induction right there ya total dickwad

      Only BananaOnly Banana5 giorni fa
    • Let me guess, you’re a straight man?

      Gilli FishGilli Fish5 giorni fa
  • My heart hurts I thought this was going to be funny know I want to cry this its hard for me :(

    spooky Bonniespooky Bonnie5 giorni fa
  • This woman is AMAZING

    YeganeYegane5 giorni fa
  • she is trash and full of inadequate heit

    Виктор ДзебаВиктор Дзеба5 giorni fa
  • Wow my heart goes out to her and her story DOES have value!!!!!!! I can’t believe she had to go through all those things. Always be Kind... please remember that.

    Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams5 giorni fa
  • Asia Argento. Really want to go down this path? 0:46 We don't give a fuck about women or children? LOL! Bullshit. Our whole species cares more about women and children than it does about men. Yes, Hannah hates men. Shocker.

    Isaac SmithIsaac Smith5 giorni fa
  • Wow I thought this would be comedy..didnt everyone?

    LeifLeif5 giorni fa
  • Hannah Gadsby - you are now, officially, my absolute favorite person on the planet. This video is incredible.

    Jennifer ThompsonJennifer Thompson5 giorni fa
    • I am her bestie and I have to second her. The only thing that kept me from jumping up and applauding is that I am at my office alone. So, it would have been awkward. There aren't enough ways to say thank you.

      Breck MurrayBreck Murray5 giorni fa
  • You are valued!! 💖💜💙

    Amy FantasticAmy Fantastic6 giorni fa
  • So unfunny can't even laugh at what she looks like maybe a career in road rage or this could be you if you don't get a sense of humor

    Richard SmithRichard Smith6 giorni fa
    • @Emily Beinke I'm sorry for your vacant mind life I agree with the couple people you know your full of shit like I care what you think oh fuckoff 🤯

      Richard SmithRichard Smith4 giorni fa
    • It wasn't meant to be funny, fuckwad.

      Emily BeinkeEmily Beinke5 giorni fa
  • I thought this was going to be funny but dang this hit too too hard

    Francesca KyandaFrancesca Kyanda6 giorni fa
  • Only woman who can make me laugh and be dead silent within the same few moments.

    Mister E KroweMister E Krowe6 giorni fa
  • Hope she's getting help by talking about these issues to a therapist, not just on stage. ✌

    Emiliyan YankovEmiliyan Yankov6 giorni fa
    • @Stela J I get that, but i also know trauma like that goes deep and doesn't go away just because you're ready to say it out loud in public. Working on yourself never stops. Clearly she has a lot more way to go, cause that felt more like an emotional catharsis than a comedy special bit. Looks like a lot of anger still left, so i just hope she keeps working on herself and get better and stronger and happier. ✊

      Emiliyan YankovEmiliyan Yankov5 giorni fa
    • The reason she can do it on stage is because she has a good therapist...what you saw is a great performance shaped to make a point in a way that will allow emotion but not let it take over

      Stela JStela J5 giorni fa
  • I am in the bathroom getting ready for work, giving a standing ovation, crying big tears, sobbing, like I just watched that live! I’m speechless! Just, speechless!

    Stella FerrazStella Ferraz6 giorni fa
  • Good to watch again. Such powerful words...

    하하하하6 giorni fa
  • That woman is my hero- I'm not a woman- I'm definitely not attracted to women, but she's my fucking hero.

    DaOpTIMistDaOpTIMist6 giorni fa
  • Thank You for Sharing Your Experience, Strength and HOPE

    Queen IxelQueen Ixel6 giorni fa
  • “A seventeen year old is just NEVER in her prime, I’M IN MY PRIME! Would you test your strength out on me?!” I lost count of how many times I’ve watched this.

    Mari AbreuMari Abreu7 giorni fa
  • ♥️♥️♥️

    Manda StewartManda Stewart7 giorni fa
  • I clicked on this because I find this woman so funny and I wanted a good laugh! Instead, she made me cry...wow! I was not expecting this! Well said!

    natlejnatlej7 giorni fa
  • She's jealous

    James WarfieldJames Warfield7 giorni fa
    • You didn't hear a fucking word she said, did you?

      Emily BeinkeEmily Beinke5 giorni fa
  • Not sure this amazing show, and this particular part, can be brocken down to pieces like any other show. Nanette has to be seen (and seen again) as a whole. Hannah Gadsby is unique and wonderful

    Mlle FunambulineMlle Funambuline7 giorni fa
  • I have listened. I have learned. Your message is being received Hannah. Much love and healing to you 🌈

    Rosie RadRosie Rad7 giorni fa
  • Brilliant

    Kristin Nelson-PatelKristin Nelson-Patel8 giorni fa
  • Amazing as always. 🖤

    Mina RMina R8 giorni fa
  • My heart. My God, my heart. I adore her.

    Lux WolfLux Wolf8 giorni fa
  • I disliked this video. This is like me asking for cake and getting a pizza. It is not that I hate pizza but it is not what I wanted.

    Ash SAsh S8 giorni fa
  • ChalphonChalphon8 giorni fa
  • Yes!! We need more videos like this!!

    Evergreen AEvergreen A8 giorni fa
  • Wow, just Wow. Im speechless

    silvia alvaradosilvia alvarado8 giorni fa
  • Not comedy...She's so good that youtube needs to delete any criticism. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs

    Martin BrownMartin Brown8 giorni fa
    • @Martin Brown I dont know why that would be deleted if you just expressed your POV about it not being comedy. However, why rain on someone else's parade? There were funny parts even to this very serious video. It was from her standup special which had jokes, but also got very serious. Some people like it. I watched both of her special after I saw this. I liked both. I wouldn't have seen it if it weren't on ITworlds on Netflix is a joke.

      Crystal SmithCrystal Smith6 giorni fa
    • @Crystal Smith no, I said this was more akin to a therapy session than comedy. Watching a woman painfully describe traumatic events is not funny. This is not comedy....I never mentioned Trump, her gender or sexual orientation.

      Martin BrownMartin Brown6 giorni fa
    • @Wesley Warsmith wow, some comment I flagged for referencing the c-word are still posted.

      Crystal SmithCrystal Smith7 giorni fa
    • @Wesley Warsmith oh. Wow, that's crazy.

      Crystal SmithCrystal Smith7 giorni fa
    • @Crystal Smith No we said she was wrong about Trump and then explained why.

      Wesley WarsmithWesley Warsmith7 giorni fa
  • hes a nice looking fella

    Tony NeelandTony Neeland8 giorni fa
  • 👌👌👌👌:)) that brought me into tears

    Shadi AttariShadi Attari8 giorni fa
  • This should go viral. Its incredible

    Kenza B.Kenza B.9 giorni fa
  • Oh my heart. I...just wow. Like a fist full of broken glass. So sharp and accurate.

    Rain DeGreyRain DeGrey9 giorni fa
  • I thought this was a ted talk to start with

    Captain Basketcase86Captain Basketcase869 giorni fa
    • Agreed. This is not funny, but it is powerful, strong, and needed.

      Patricia GreenPatricia Green8 giorni fa
  • Wait did she just call Donald Trump a comedian?!

    Chrystine GainesChrystine Gaines9 giorni fa
    • Your comprehension of what she said is potato

      Emily BeinkeEmily Beinke5 giorni fa
  • They adorable, why are they angry!? 😂🤣

    Alan ReddyAlan Reddy9 giorni fa
  • Hannah Gadsby is The Force. What an inspiration each and every single word, facial expression and voice tone. This speech will live on inside my heart, emboldened.

    JulesBOXXXXJulesBOXXXX9 giorni fa
  • Yay, Hannah!!! (thanks, Netflix)

    Krispyfort02Krispyfort029 giorni fa
  • Thank you. We needed this.

    valleroylvalleroyl9 giorni fa
  • I thought this was a comedy channel posting comedy. This has to be the most boring stuff I've even seen and wasted 7 minutes of my life...

    ray blaray bla9 giorni fa
  • This is the new type of comedy show???...but nothing was funny? it was really really sad. Netflix Is A Joke? no, Netflix Is A Harrowing Scary Story

    MrbigolnutsMrbigolnuts9 giorni fa
  • They said this is standup.....and they are moron

    Subham YadacSubham Yadac10 giorni fa
    • I legitimately thought this was a Netflix cringe compilation channel but then saw the comments. WTF?!

      OrangeXenon54OrangeXenon546 giorni fa
  • We have so far to go. I am certain you have made a positive impact for so many causes. Definitely time for the torched to be passed or taken from men. We can only benefit from the diversity among us.

    Rich WilsonRich Wilson10 giorni fa
  • FINALLY!!! I am so grateful to see this put out by Netflix. What a masterpiece. Hannah Gadsby, you are one of the great storytellers of our time. How blessed we are to see you in your PRIME.

    B PowerB Power10 giorni fa
  • I'm in tears right now. This speech is so raw to the truth. I felt every word with every bit of my soul. And while my journey down this road is not the same, it has been equally traumatizing in it's own way. I am still on my journey to self love. I still don't know how to love myself, but I have learned to set boundaries.

    MeganMegan10 giorni fa
    • @Maithili Desai thank you. Even though we are strangers, I appreciate your kind words. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful life full of love and happiness.

      MeganMegan9 giorni fa
    • Giant hugs to you... I don't know your story but I know that one needs to find one's way back to self love for a better life. I hope you find it. Lots and lots of love to you in the meanwhile. Hang on. It will get better...

      Maithili DesaiMaithili Desai9 giorni fa
  • This is so powerful. Love it. Love her.

  • I fucking love her. I want to put her face on a t shirt. This was brilliant.

    Jessica BadrakJessica Badrak10 giorni fa
  • She said it. That is your last joke. if you can't handle criticism,take a joke or deal with your own tension without violence you have to wonder if you are up to the task of being in charge!!!😔

    Jonas ThatoJonas Thato10 giorni fa
    • Thank you for being an ally 🙏💋

      Sevothtarte SamaSevothtarte Sama2 ore fa
  • One of the most honest and incredibly vulnerable things I've seen on television. Nanette was a breath of fresh air that I didn't know I needed when I'd watched it. It was real.

    Saunok ChakrabartySaunok Chakrabarty10 giorni fa
    • What's Nanette a character Hannah played?

      LeifLeif5 giorni fa
    • Hey my gf says you must be such a sensitive and awesome guy and wants to know if you will come and make sweet love to her and all her friends.

      Martin BrownMartin Brown6 giorni fa
    • Behave mate ffs

      leon hugginsleon huggins8 giorni fa
  • Wow, such powerful words. Mind blown!!!

    Pauline FollettPauline Follett10 giorni fa
  • this spoke to me in a way things rarely ever do

    lonely rune.lonely rune.10 giorni fa
  • still don't understand how some people thinks/believes that another person does not value. It makes no sense to me. Maybe at the start we didn't have enough strength, but we didn't give up and that made us stronger.

    GreenDelta17GreenDelta1710 giorni fa
    • @moi aussi then you're the guy whose useless in group work to only entitle yourself to some pathetic contribution.

      Peddler IncPeddler Inc3 giorni fa
    • @Peddler Inc my question still stands

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
    • @moi aussi your value comings from contributing. Not just whinning

      Peddler IncPeddler Inc3 giorni fa
    • @Peddler Inc your point being?

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
    • @Peddler Inc yes, I have.

      GreenDelta17GreenDelta1710 giorni fa
  • Why’d she randomly do a Ted Talk?

    Cory DefendersCory Defenders10 giorni fa
  • The title should be how to make someone feel worse about being a man than a feminist

    floxy playsfloxy plays10 giorni fa
  • Hannah. This fantastic. But it does speak for feminine women too ... albeit behind closed doors.

    Maxine WarnestMaxine Warnest11 giorni fa
  • 3:10 that was an ice bucket dumped on the heart; Jesus that's so fucked up

    Jeff RobertsJeff Roberts11 giorni fa
  • Beautiful ❤️

    DD11 giorni fa
  • I cry every time she tells this story... the words "I'm incorrectly female" resonates with the hell so many have survived. I'm afraid of men too...

    Arielle AlexanderArielle Alexander11 giorni fa
  • This is an amazing clip...💪✌❤

    LisaLisa11 giorni fa
  • So where was the joke netflix? Oh, the socks... Nah it's a pass for me, sorry 👎

    mahyar naserymahyar nasery11 giorni fa
  • I cried when I knew their was nothing else on Netflix to watch that night but this shit

    Halfeaten HookerHalfeaten Hooker11 giorni fa
  • She wants to make sure people who don't know who she is will ever forget her. 😂

    Halfeaten HookerHalfeaten Hooker11 giorni fa
  • This is just personal frustration, not a general way of life for men.

    Dedu TedyDedu Tedy11 giorni fa
  • So powerful from beginning to end so strong so beautiful so impactful.

    Mac RosalesMac Rosales11 giorni fa
  • This honestly made me cry. I've lived my life abused and rejected by everyone. This is because I'm disabled, lesbian, masculine and too easy to target. Thank you for speaking the words I needed to hear

    Shadowkid10271Shadowkid1027111 giorni fa
    • @moi aussi You typed 'be gone bot'. Spamming you? I don't think you can spam people into intelligence. As for the original comment, yeah, Hannah's a hate monger. She hates men. You might want to look into it.

      Isaac SmithIsaac Smith3 giorni fa
    • @Isaac Smith well your reply had absolutely nothing to do with the comment so it was safe to assume you were spamming

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
    • @moi aussi So you think I'm a robot and you're trying to get me to leave by mimicking a wizard. Yeah. Sure.

      Isaac SmithIsaac Smith3 giorni fa
    • @Isaac Smith be gone bot

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
    • I think you should consider some words that aren't hate. If you WANT to hate men, fine, whatever floats your boat but until you get past it, that's as far as you'll get. Maybe go in search of people giving you different outlooks and see if one of them resonates with you more than Hannah's.

      Isaac SmithIsaac Smith5 giorni fa
  • This moved me to tears. Never heard of this lady, but i love her!!

    Courtney SchultzCourtney Schultz11 giorni fa
  • Wow, what a funny comedian...

    jfrsnjhnsnjfrsnjhnsn11 giorni fa
    • said nobody

      Peddler IncPeddler Inc10 giorni fa
  • No, Bill Burr is a hilarious angry guy. You’re not funny. You’re like a conservative trying to be a comic-too preachy, not funny. I *hate* that she blamed white men for HER not being funny.

    Matt BoyleMatt Boyle11 giorni fa
  • I mean it's not funny

    SmokeySmokey11 giorni fa
  • This would be a good TED talk but stand up? Really? If there's more applause than laughter I think there's an issue

    Scott ThompsonScott Thompson11 giorni fa
    • @Maddie P what didnt was her being funny.

      Peddler IncPeddler Inc10 giorni fa
    • @Maddie P you know if you click on someone's name it tells you their recent comments and it seems youre recycling this same tired one again and again. You obviously consider yourself a bit of a feminist yet you use the same condescending tone that's been directed towards women for millenia, it reeks of a superiority complex and isnt conducive to open dialogue which is what we need so rather than forwarding the feminist agenda you hinder it by making those who disagree with you more entrenched. Toxic femininity much?

      Scott ThompsonScott Thompson10 giorni fa
    • she chose to use her platform to talk about it, and her point was to make people uncomfortable. looks like it worked.

      Maddie PMaddie P10 giorni fa
  • I guess this channel really is a joke. This isnt even comedy

    Benjamin FosterBenjamin Foster11 giorni fa
  • Not all men are evil bastards, Hannah.

    MichaelMichael11 giorni fa
    • Not all men, but too many of them

      moi aussimoi aussi3 giorni fa
    • Michael * No one said that. I think male survivors of bashing abuse and rape by those men that do that (and most usually get away with it) will appreciate what Hannah is saying too.

      Maxine WarnestMaxine Warnest10 giorni fa
    • Congrats you’ve completely missed the point!

      Maddie PMaddie P10 giorni fa
    • But we don't know which ones are. We are forced to keep our guard up all the time.

      a_namea_name11 giorni fa
    • I don't believe she targets her truthful and empowering words directed at the humane and understanding men but the men who don't understand nor care.

      VirusCode7VirusCode711 giorni fa
  • Fuckin stupid

    Tony PerkisTony Perkis11 giorni fa
  • Amazing! Yes! Speak your truth and fight! Life can be ugly and sad and people need to hear and talk about pain too. I hope you are feeling better.

    Kasonda LeighKasonda Leigh11 giorni fa
  • I’m so sorry and I understand completely.

    Kasonda LeighKasonda Leigh11 giorni fa
  • I've watched this 3 times since it was uploaded and I've cried each time. Right now I am a broken woman trying to find the strength to build myself up.

    Kris LehrKris Lehr11 giorni fa
    • ❤️

      Person_4Person_43 giorni fa
    • ChalphonChalphon8 giorni fa
    • Me too, Kris. We can do it

      NoMads On WheelsNoMads On Wheels9 giorni fa
    • Keep trying. Never stop. Rest well. Rinse and repeat. Love from a stranger 🙏🏽

      JulesBOXXXXJulesBOXXXX9 giorni fa
  • I like how all the comments are like “....gtfo”

    Claude MurphyClaude Murphy11 giorni fa
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Amber LemaAmber Lema11 giorni fa
  • 279 rapists and rape apologists disliked this video.

    caatabaticcaatabatic12 giorni fa
  • that was not a joke

    leechleech12 giorni fa
  • Fucking Goddess.

    Missy BlissMissy Bliss12 giorni fa
  • Yasssssssssss

    Missy BlissMissy Bliss12 giorni fa
  • Barf 🤮

    Devan AlatorreDevan Alatorre12 giorni fa