Every time Melissa McCarthy Eats Raw Chicken In Thunder Force

12 apr 2021
21 547 visualizzazioni

Watch every time Melissa McCarthy eats raw chicken in Thunder Force. You hungry yet?
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  • That isley brothers hittin' 🕺🕺

    Google UserGoogle User22 giorni fa
  • Soooo funny.... please kill me

    Tony PerkisTony Perkis23 giorni fa
  • My favorite part is at 4:52 best part of the video.

    Shadow HoundShadow Hound27 giorni fa
  • The fact that this is nearly 4 minutes long.. this should have been a one off scene that lasted 30 seconds but clearly her husband thinks her trying to talk with her mouth full is just the fucking funniest thing in the entire world

    Michael WoodMichael Wood27 giorni fa
  • This is so terrible I can just see her husband behind the camera cracking up like “hehehehe my wife is hilarious right? Who needs a script or direction I’ll just let her add lib until she says something I think is funny, hehehe isn’t it so funny she’s talking with a mouthful of chicken because she doesn’t know how to swallow her food first? That’s funny right??? Oh yeah it’s great!!” Like seriously nothing about this is funny it’s Melissa McCarthy rambling until they think she stumbles on something funny

    Michael WoodMichael Wood27 giorni fa
  • I'm. Definitely not watching this crap after this... 🤢

    Sharif RehmanSharif Rehman28 giorni fa
  • Sick 🤢

    Phoenix SwansonPhoenix Swanson28 giorni fa
  • This makes me wanna throw up

    Ethan ShawEthan Shaw28 giorni fa
  • Who the fuck thinks this is anything? A child could think of something more entertaining than this

    SMALL HELLSMALL HELL28 giorni fa
  • This isn't a movie or a show, this isn't anything, this is garbage

    SMALL HELLSMALL HELL28 giorni fa
  • I see some post declaring the raw chicken was actually pears for filming. I am sorry but I flat refuse to believe that. I mean we are talking Melissa Fu@$in McCarthy here. She would have went totally method for this role and ate the raw chicken.

    Lord MotorsportsLord Motorsports28 giorni fa
  • What is this mess

    Angel Venus IndigenousAngel Venus Indigenous29 giorni fa
  • Is this comedy? Shouldn’t it be funny?

    Vitor FernandesVitor Fernandes29 giorni fa
  • HuzzaHaHa!

    X.david WilliamsX.david Williams29 giorni fa
  • Smoothies, bcaas, amino acids in powdered form, vitamin supplements. She did NOT have to eat raw chicken. What a terrible and mean joke.

    Linh HoangLinh Hoang29 giorni fa
  • What the fuck is this 😆

    Adam HaslipAdam HaslipMese fa
  • It is so funny that I've watched it twice.

    Caliph AminCaliph AminMese fa
  • This is so dumb that I am actually going to check it out

    Viking ActualViking ActualMese fa
  • Woow. Now I became a Vegan

    I'm TrollI'm TrollMese fa
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  • Why is this considered funny?

    • It isn't, it got 25 percent on rotten tomatoes.

      El HomoEl HomoMese fa
  • Haha wtf is this movie 😂😂

    Izzy VickersIzzy VickersMese fa
  • I love Octavia but what is this

    Mae WobniarMae WobniarMese fa
  • It's so hilariously disgusting 🤣🤣🤣 love it. Did they actually eat raw chicken? Anyone has a source?

    José LagoJosé LagoMese fa
    • The raw chicken was actually pears 🍐. That’s what Melissa McCarthy’s husband and director said.

      Montravius DanielMontravius DanielMese fa
  • I don't know why this movie is getting so much hate. I thought it was hilarious.

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenMese fa
  • God awful movie.

    JFJFMese fa
  • Why this movie exists ? What a waste of money and time ...

    Kumpel KumplowskiKumpel KumplowskiMese fa
  • Thanks for reinforcing my choice to not watch this garbage

    BGCanadianBaconBGCanadianBaconMese fa
  • OMG that is hilarious!🤣🤣🤣

    Pale AmigoPale AmigoMese fa
  • Fuck this was gross. Couldn’t watch these scenes in the movie !

    LauraLauraMese fa
    • The raw chicken was actually pears 🍐

      Montravius DanielMontravius DanielMese fa
  • What did they use to make it look like raw Chicken?

    Dragon ZordDragon ZordMese fa
  • NIAJ dislike to like ratio slowly going up like new media ITworlds channels 😭😭

    LiftLikeJayPLiftLikeJayPMese fa
  • Daf is this

    Adrian MarkAdrian MarkMese fa
  • Worst movie ever , why do they keep using this unfunny fat cow

    baddad willibaddad williMese fa
  • Wtf am I watching ? Lol

    douglas perezdouglas perezMese fa
  • I just found out that the raw chicken they used were actually pears 🍐

    Montravius DanielMontravius DanielMese fa
    • Yeah, read it from an article. I want to try making it tbh.

      Jason LicosJason Licos3 giorni fa
    • @Google User are you sure? I presumed that meant as in join...like (me too) or they are coming (too). 🤔

      WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvt22 giorni fa
    • @WillVTrent wvt *too

      Google UserGoogle User22 giorni fa
    • I always found her attractive so this was a weeeee bit to much for me....😒

      WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvtMese fa
    • Oh wow!!!!! That makes it tolerable to watch now 😂 thank you!

      Lizzie TorresLizzie TorresMese fa
  • Fell asleep during the movie

    Vantashia SmithVantashia SmithMese fa
  • The movie is filled w weird jokes idk why everyone is freaking out abt this. It was a bad decision to make a compilation for this tho, it's like they're pandering to fatphobic assholes

    Jasta YkotuceJasta YkotuceMese fa
  • Its pears I had to Google it otherwise i wasn't gonna finish the movie

    Jasta YkotuceJasta YkotuceMese fa
  • All that salmonella poisoning right there

    Morgan O CallaghanMorgan O CallaghanMese fa
  • Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone collaborations remind me of crappy Adam Sandler movies. This movie was terrible. I want my 1h 47m back. Netflix, please give us more movies of quality like Concrete Cowboy and less like this garbage.

    Edmund SnowEdmund SnowMese fa
    • @WillVTrent wvt yeah see you, enjoy the endless vomiting of grown ups.

      Esafc 2015Esafc 201529 giorni fa
    • @Esafc 2015 your trolling lmao I said good day.

      WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvt29 giorni fa
    • @WillVTrent wvt Are you serious? You can’t be serious, I cannot believe anybody in their right mind can even enjoy Grown Ups let alone say unironically that it is better than Uncut Gems. That is completely insane.

      Esafc 2015Esafc 201529 giorni fa
    • @Esafc 2015 you probably one of those "I don't like Michael Jackson" people too 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

      WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvt29 giorni fa
    • @Esafc 2015 Airplane is funny as shit....🤣🤣🤣 and if you choose uncut gems over grown ups you have no taste....uncut gems tho a true story wasn't worth it....you must be over 50....the world was a lil more serious then I understand....good day sir...

      WillVTrent wvtWillVTrent wvt29 giorni fa
  • My 11-year-old nephew could write a better movie than this

    Jonathan PerryJonathan PerryMese fa
  • I love Melissa but this movie was horrible!

    kittygirl618kittygirl618Mese fa
  • I wonder what substitute they used during filming.

    Paul MinerPaul MinerMese fa
    • Edit: I tried to link it but it didn’t appear ?! So just google it and it states it on Netflix’s actual webpage

      carlee Malmbergcarlee Malmberg19 giorni fa
    • @James Camplin I agree, I love pears!!

      carlee Malmbergcarlee Malmberg19 giorni fa
    • @Christine Knapp I didn’t hear about it lol but I looked it up I gave ya the link ☺️

      carlee Malmbergcarlee Malmberg19 giorni fa
    • @carlee Malmberg sounds yummy

      James CamplinJames CamplinMese fa
    • It was thinly sliced pears dyed the same color as raw chicken 😊

      carlee Malmbergcarlee MalmbergMese fa
  • The fact that this is almost 4 minutes long really says something lol and it’s not good

    Anubis ThaGodAnubis ThaGodMese fa
  • Wanna see her do voices in an animated series

    kil roykil royMese fa
    • She voiced DNAmy from Kim Possible

      Anj ParanaAnj ParanaMese fa
  • What's so weird about eating raw chicken? Everyone tells me that they're carnivores/ omnivores anyway.

    blackjack_bullsblackjack_bullsMese fa
    • Bcuz their pre conditioning people's minds to accept what they've been doing behind the scenes for years. Cannibalistic and blood drinking Satanists. This is how they gradually normalize things just like they did with sexual perversion. Their doing it with pedophilia too.

      lilstardust777lilstardust777Mese fa
  • This is not funny.

    Alicia BellAlicia BellMese fa
  • Awfully sexy, someday I hope I get my knuckled buttered....now thats true love 🤣😍🤣😍🤣👍🏽👍🏽

    Eric GregoryEric GregoryMese fa
  • funny?

    AccidentallyAccidentallyMese fa
  • Shit movie

    NanashiNanashiMese fa
  • Need a bad idea? Watch that clip just before dinnertime!

    Istdoch AllesegalIstdoch AllesegalMese fa
    • Need a worse idea? Watch this movie!

      An overly sarcastic foxAn overly sarcastic foxMese fa
  • What's hilarious about this is that when melisa was in the movie bridesmaid there was one scene when they were picking out dresses all of them got food poisoning from the chicken. 😂😂😂

    Sasha GutierrezSasha GutierrezMese fa
    • That was crazy funny

      Christine KnappChristine Knapp25 giorni fa
    • That was about the funniest scene I have ever seen Next to Tim Conways .... The Dentist! 😂

      Gina WeissGina WeissMese fa
  • Jason Bateman is my spirit animal.

    M BM BMese fa
  • pure cringe

    Ashley BenavidesAshley BenavidesMese fa
    • In its purest undiluted form 🤌

      Emperor HirohitoEmperor Hirohito20 giorni fa
  • Eh it’s alright I guess it had Melissa McCarthy

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • Fucking sick and I'm a cat 🐈

    Night CatNight CatMese fa
  • How is a video with that title almost 4 minutes long?

    Holly DotHolly DotMese fa
    • They ran out of creativity in the movie

      Joey JJoey JMese fa
  • Wow the fat chick eating...how hilarious... 😕

    Average TalentAverage TalentMese fa
  • Good video

    marlin throwermarlin throwerMese fa
  • 🥪🍜

    Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiEasy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiMese fa
  • This movie was amazing better than endgame Roadhouse

    G R HG R HMese fa
    • @G R H I didn’t like Endgame but Thunder Force is trash.

      NanashiNanashiMese fa
    • @Nanashi agreed end game was Roadhouse

      G R HG R HMese fa
    • It was utter garbage

      NanashiNanashiMese fa
  • Cool I guess because it’s Melissa McCarthy but eh

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • "Look at me! I'm fat!"

    brainflash1brainflash1Mese fa
    • She’s lost so much weight though

      Riley DyerRiley DyerMese fa
    • That is her tagline

      Average TalentAverage TalentMese fa
  • Can i try some 😆

    Adam AndrewsAdam AndrewsMese fa
  • You’re “early enough” congrats you found this!

    Austin so coolAustin so coolMese fa
    • Damn

      n3xusn3xusMese fa