15 Minutes of Ali Wong

31 mar 2021
403 110 visualizzazioni

Ali Wong tells us the hilarious truths about marriage and motherhood. What's your favorite story?
Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife and Baby Cobra streaming now on Netflix.
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  • Since I stopped working my shits are awesome! And pixar get on that tofu idea for real!💖🤣

    katie millskatie millsGiorno fa
  • men: "women are not funny" women:

    No NameNo NameGiorno fa
  • she actually has a point, women, even mothers, are expected to have a job besides being a mother (coming from a woman btw) nowadays "hardwork" is highly appreciated, and it fucks with ppl's self acceptance, elsa pataky, the wife if chris hemsworth, said she would feel very depressed, cause she can't be "just a mother" of course cause then ppl would be like "she's just with him for his money" so she has to work to prove otherwise

    No NameNo NameGiorno fa
  • Ugh I take my personal 25mins break yasss I do#NOGONNIESUNDERWEARBABE

    Vaughn SpightVaughn Spight2 giorni fa
  • It's called lean in well I don't wanna lean in I WANNA LAY DOWN ...

    Vaughn SpightVaughn Spight2 giorni fa
  • "Where's My Confetti At" Couldn't Stop Laughing.

  • Ali Wong is at the top of the game, you have mastered comedy lady. Well bloody done.

    Aidan MartinAidan Martin3 giorni fa
  • I’ve been antifeminism for the same reason. The stupidest thing ever. Who wants to do more work. Like seriously it’s one of the reasons why I love Princess Aurora.

    MsPurplecl0udsMsPurplecl0uds3 giorni fa
  • brilliant comic

    AlumrielAlumriel4 giorni fa

    Big mac tiktakBig mac tiktak4 giorni fa
  • I leaned in hard!😜

    Lerato MoyoLerato Moyo4 giorni fa
  • woman: i am a gold digger! i don't want to work! audience: hahahahahah!

    Demo GorgonDemo Gorgon4 giorni fa
  • I ❤️ Ali Wong!

    Lori D R BlakeLori D R Blake4 giorni fa
  • I love Ali, she’s the real deal...so authentic and unapologetic

    Angie GanAngie Gan4 giorni fa
  • i think I am the only one who thinks she's over rated. but other people like her, & that's their business

    Hannah JHannah J4 giorni fa
  • This bitch is hilarious.

    Seth BenderSeth Bender5 giorni fa
  • I mean if I looked that skinny pregnant than hey why not? I looked like a house when I was pregnant and that was in my 20s.

    Anna TevesAnna Teves5 giorni fa
  • This is GOLD

    pretty Bpretty B5 giorni fa
  • i am actually watching my ipad

    crimson crowncrimson crown5 giorni fa
  • Love it how angry and aggrevated she is 😂

    Swagata PaulSwagata Paul5 giorni fa
  • Best stand up ever!

    Hilla450Hilla4505 giorni fa
  • Smart lady 😂

    Clara Bear25Clara Bear255 giorni fa
  • "Bitchhh shut up...don't tell them the secret"😂😂🤣 ong

    sbm_JaMya Johnsonsbm_JaMya Johnson6 giorni fa
  • 13:00 Absolutely badass.

    CedricsMomCedricsMom6 giorni fa
  • I took a huge rip off my pipe right before she said the tp dehydrates your butthole and absolutely lost it.

    Christine ProvoChristine Provo6 giorni fa
  • girlboss

    Zsófi GyZsófi Gy6 giorni fa
  • She must have really liked staying at home the past year!

    Cai Ping's JournalCai Ping's Journal6 giorni fa
    • I did. The idea of in person meetings is giving me a panic attack. Just ugh... if I could go back I would’ve put more effort into marrying rich super young. Hindsight... *screams internally*

      Trish LTrish L5 giorni fa
  • She’s funny, smart, and pretty. Super funny lol

    Mabel FuentesMabel Fuentes6 giorni fa
  • Plagiarism

    Prashant KumarPrashant Kumar6 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shinobi Hiriyu - Original NinjaShinobi Hiriyu - Original Ninja6 giorni fa
  • Great set

    Powerman Luke CagePowerman Luke Cage7 giorni fa
  • The guy at 2:37 tho

    JedireyreyJedireyrey7 giorni fa
  • She never stutters. Such great delivery. 😍😫❤️

    Sofia SandovalSofia Sandoval7 giorni fa
  • I'm almost positive that Ali being pregnant is just part of the gimmick now.

    j heathj heath7 giorni fa
    • Right away when I saw her i said that’s not a real Tummy I guess she’s wearing a prosthesis to pretend she’s pregnant because it’s funny

      Ruthie CastroRuthie Castro5 giorni fa
  • Omg!! She is so funny!!

    Evelyn TorresEvelyn Torres7 giorni fa
  • I wish she had included managing Periods at work. It's frustratinggggg🤨

    PriyankaPriyanka7 giorni fa
  • Dude I watched 5 min of this garbage and want to blow my brains on a wall #womennotfunny

    Aiden FleshmanAiden Fleshman7 giorni fa
    • What stopped you?

      Nick B.Nick B.7 giorni fa
  • Anyone can recommend me a good stand up that's as funny as Ali Wong?

    Man of BaliMan of Bali7 giorni fa
    • Iliza Schlezinger. I love her!

      Robyn KleinhansRobyn Kleinhans4 giorni fa
    • Preacher Lawson and jimmy o yang

      JasmineJasmine5 giorni fa
  • The pleasant resolution laterally spell because daniel concurrently coil about a sudden india. roasted, frantic word

    Haris beydonHaris beydon7 giorni fa
  • She is right

    Rck82Rck827 giorni fa
  • I want that Pixar movie

    N. Y.N. Y.7 giorni fa
  • so stale and boring, horrible comedy

    snipes_ 8212snipes_ 82127 giorni fa
  • Is Ali ever not pregnant?

    Sean PlymptonSean Plympton7 giorni fa
  • You think its a prop now?

    Carla MarleneCarla Marlene7 giorni fa
  • She’s hilarious!

    anna ksanna ks7 giorni fa
  • I don't wanna lean in I wanna hangout... You can use that ;)

    mike barmike bar8 giorni fa
  • She is the only funny female comedian

    David BorgDavid Borg8 giorni fa
  • Solid gold! 👌🏾

    Aleah Lovell JohnAleah Lovell John8 giorni fa
  • So is being pregnant like, her gimmick?

    Revolution 2020Revolution 20208 giorni fa
  • She's f*cking hilarious and spot on too!!

    OhdarnOhdarn8 giorni fa
  • It’s a wack ass job! -Moms

    beauty4u132beauty4u1328 giorni fa
  • She’s the best! She needs shows in NYC

    beauty4u132beauty4u1328 giorni fa
  • That Stringer Beef joke didn't get enough laughs imo

    Erin CromerErin Cromer8 giorni fa
  • How am I just discovering this lady?

    Phil BrownPhil Brown8 giorni fa
  • I swear she’s my kindred spirit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mrs GainesMrs Gaines8 giorni fa
  • She is funny as shit.... love her!!

    mr memr me8 giorni fa
  • Praying she gets pregnant again so we can get another special. 🙏🏿

    Donté OxunDonté Oxun8 giorni fa
  • there's a lot of truth to this-very believable.

    iR0nMAn_AFiR0nMAn_AF8 giorni fa
  • The only asian woman you see pregnant in the U.S.😂

    Jjg 1425Jjg 14258 giorni fa
  • She looks like Lele pons if she was Asian and funny.

    I have a name? waitI have a name? wait8 giorni fa
  • MacGyver toilet paper 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mila CMila C8 giorni fa
  • Can we get a third comedy special from Ali?

    Brittany GBrittany G8 giorni fa
  • 💘 this girl!!! On point with the feminism stuff😁😁😁

    Araceli AlcantarAraceli Alcantar8 giorni fa
  • Stringer beef went over alot of heads ....top tier joke

    rivolver ocelotrivolver ocelot9 giorni fa
  • The type of wife I would love to spoil

    James LonutJames Lonut9 giorni fa
  • I am shamed of what she is saing

    Мария АртамоноваМария Артамонова9 giorni fa
  • One bad ass person right there!

    Pique NYPique NY9 giorni fa
  • Does she always do her specials always 🤰

    Dzashe NgonieDzashe Ngonie9 giorni fa
  • Ali Wong x Justin Hakuta ship!

    TheTechCguyTheTechCguy9 giorni fa
  • Another trash special, people show up because their told to, you wonder why no one talks about her anymore

    nono9 giorni fa
  • She's awesome. Totally underrated.

    C PC P9 giorni fa
  • I think Ali forgot that when you “don’t work” you still have to clean the house, do the laundry, do the shopping, cook all the meals, TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE ELSE including the cats and dogs!!

    gabrielle nicholegabrielle nichole9 giorni fa
  • It’s the fact that people really don’t get that she was pregnant TWO TIMES & so happen to have a Netflix special BOTH times for me 😂😂 ya really mad at her for what 😭

    Mayskii CMayskii C9 giorni fa
  • I'm guessing you haven't raised kids if you really think home-making is easier than working.

    Rosemarie BredahlRosemarie Bredahl9 giorni fa
  • 😂💜😂💜😂💜😂💜😂💜😂

    Amber LemaAmber Lema10 giorni fa
  • A McGyver baby wipe! Hilarious!!

    Robert Conville JrRobert Conville Jr10 giorni fa
  • Ali is funny AF!

    HOAHOA10 giorni fa
  • She has to one of the funniest skilled comedians for time. Nothing funnier that the truth delivered like this superb.

    Tom SmithTom Smith10 giorni fa
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    gustri Gaminggustri Gaming10 giorni fa
  • Netflix specials ain't shit

    ViewCart `ViewCart `10 giorni fa
  • 🦡Human Tomogatchi 🤣🤣🤣

    Fr. BadgerFr. Badger10 giorni fa
  • I didnt laugh at any of her jokes but I comend her for trying in this male dominant proffesion

    tarsem Bhakertarsem Bhaker10 giorni fa
  • No kidding. Kids will take the piss out of you. Now, do it for 20 years, with the same degree of frustration in EVERY GOD DAMN YEAR, just with different problems.

    Fr. BadgerFr. Badger10 giorni fa
  • This shit is comedy gold

    Boba PhetBoba Phet10 giorni fa
  • I didn't known Asa Akira was a Stand Up Comedian.

    Johnny MarblesJohnny Marbles10 giorni fa
  • My face hurts from laughing 😂

    ThinWhiteAxeThinWhiteAxe10 giorni fa
  • Women putting down housewives are just so ridiculous. I agree with her. Having even one child IS a job.

    Joy SoyoJoy Soyo10 giorni fa
  • 4:20

    Cecilia MichelCecilia Michel10 giorni fa
  • So basically she isn't happy no matter what..

    T. RizboneT. Rizbone10 giorni fa
    • @SC Be You don't say...

      T. RizboneT. Rizbone7 giorni fa
    • Its a skit dude! A comedy stand-up skit

      SC BeSC Be7 giorni fa
  • What an angry, frustrated, cynical and intolerant woman! OMG I love her! It’s like listening to my life!!!

    Cancan GirlCancan Girl10 giorni fa
    • *wife. 😉

      jamaicamaniajamaicamania4 giorni fa
  • 165 gr @ 1700 fps

    Bronwyn LeonardiBronwyn Leonardi10 giorni fa
  • Most honest woman in showbusiness... Maybe history.

    Juan RamosJuan Ramos10 giorni fa
    • You're trolling right

      Rob FabRob Fab4 giorni fa
  • Ain’t no paranoia, my coworkers ALWAYS recognize my feet under the stall, it’s mortifying every time 😂

    QueenieMouseQueenieMouse10 giorni fa
  • Famous? Not sure I’ve ever heard of you. I know why to, you aren’t funny at all!!! This is comedy?

    Ryan MaggsRyan Maggs10 giorni fa
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    Jennifer leraJennifer lera10 giorni fa
  • That's why Indians use water jets. No worries of dudu popping through the tissue

    Ray ChatterjeeRay Chatterjee10 giorni fa
  • scratch & sniff😯😯brutal😂😂shes beautiful & hilarious

    dean bazadean baza10 giorni fa
  • Not funny .. because she leads into her jokes theres no bang to the punch ... i get it cause shes obvious but thats why shes not funny... If its working its working but come on all you look forward to is the angry tone ---- THATS IT !!!

    soso pinoysoso pinoy10 giorni fa
  • Can she write a book called "lie down"? Like please?

    Michi MurrayMichi Murray10 giorni fa
  • Whack-ass job, indeed. 👶💥😴

    Vital ElementsVital Elements10 giorni fa