Big Mouth's Story of Passover

26 mar 2021
90 031 visualizzazioni

The greatest story ever told, now with penis jokes.
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  • Not to be that guy, but shouldn't their skin be darker given that they were in Egypt?

    Cameron HodgettsCameron HodgettsGiorno fa
  • I still prefer The Prince of Egypt

    Jayman493Jayman4933 giorni fa

    Rocky XanderRocky Xander5 giorni fa
  • John Mulaney is an honorary jew 💖

    Susie ?Susie ?6 giorni fa
  • I still hate that I like this show

    AlphaBlueVAlphaBlueV6 giorni fa
  • Am i the only one who can't stand Andrew?

    Maryem KMaryem K6 giorni fa

    Morgan JarvisMorgan Jarvis7 giorni fa
  • Davy VillanoDavy Villano7 giorni fa
  • A lot of white people in the Middle East and Africa 😂😂

    Mkch970 El pardonMkch970 El pardon8 giorni fa
  • The one time. Multi-layered joke is multi-layered and hilarious.

    SexyBibliophileSexyBibliophile8 giorni fa
  • So why don’t Jews believe I Jesus

    George SpellGeorge Spell8 giorni fa
    • @George Spell Because Jews go by a different Abrahamic religious text and interpretation of Jesus is different and I'm not sure of hats

      Bryeet SonnyBryeet Sonny7 giorni fa
    • @Bryeet Sonny and also why don’t we wear those cool little hats

      George SpellGeorge Spell7 giorni fa
    • @Bryeet Sonny why

      George SpellGeorge Spell7 giorni fa
    • They do just not the same as Christians

      Bryeet SonnyBryeet Sonny7 giorni fa
  • If you ever get confused about Jewish holidays, don't fret. Most boil down to: 1. Someone tried to kill us 2. They didn't succeed 3. Let's eat!

    Leonora PaustLeonora Paust9 giorni fa
    • @silvercheetah92 it begins and ends with big meals.....

      mark brownnermark brownner3 ore fa
    • What about the holidays where you don't eat?

      silvercheetah92silvercheetah926 giorni fa
    • 4. God reminds us to not get too full of ourselves or this exact thing is going to happen again.

      Jordan LouxJordan Loux8 giorni fa
  • Who else stopped liking this show when they started to push for normalization in transgender kids...

    Josh SinclairJosh Sinclair10 giorni fa
    • @Dontrelle Butler I’ve literally never installed either of those apps. It’s normal. There have been trans kids since way before social media. Does social media spread awareness and acceptance? Sure. How is that a bad thing? Being trans is perfectly normal. People like you are why trans people have such high suicide rates. You have hate in your hearts for people you know nothing about. It’s truly sad. A lot of kids watch Big Mouth - a lot of LGBTQIA kids as well. Obviously they want to spread this acceptance, because it’s good to do that. It’s okay if you don’t fully understand it. I don’t fully understand it either - I’m cisgender, therefore I literally cannot understand. But I understand that me understanding has nothing to do with someone’s identity. They’re being themselves and they can’t change that. Just please try to be accepting. Why hate on something with no reason?

      Wyatt JohnsonWyatt Johnson8 giorni fa
    • @Josh Sinclair If you want to change your gender wait to you are 18 so you don't fuck up your body by following other people ideas as normal

      Dontrelle ButlerDontrelle Butler8 giorni fa
    • @Dontrelle Butler no kidding

      Josh SinclairJosh Sinclair8 giorni fa
    • People who think trans kids is normal needs less time on TikTok and Instagram

      Dontrelle ButlerDontrelle Butler8 giorni fa
    • @Josh Sinclair I am not.

      Wyatt JohnsonWyatt Johnson9 giorni fa
  • "I don't like chores." - said by every guy ever!

    Bryan ForquerBryan Forquer11 giorni fa
  • very few dick jokes in this clip. almost as if the show is well written or something

    Carson KeyCarson Key11 giorni fa
  • This is accurately ridiculous. Big Mouth is the best.

    Lion El AtonLion El Aton11 giorni fa
  • Was that Barbara's hormone monster coming in for her menopause?

    John NjokaJohn Njoka11 giorni fa
    • Menopaus banshee... that’s the monster’s name

      The-Nina-BeansThe-Nina-Beans11 giorni fa
  • Ofc they made the Egyptians white🙄🙄🙄

    Matthew CarterMatthew Carter12 giorni fa
    • @Jonah S they couldn't been black bcuz they built the pyramids right? Righttttt? But everybody else in Africa black, but not them, they're olive. Yea ok👌🏽

      Matthew CarterMatthew Carter10 giorni fa
    • The ancient Egyptians weren't white, but they also weren't black. They were somewhat tan and had olive skin, like most Middle Easterners and North Africans.

      Jonah SJonah S10 giorni fa
  • Omggg is this a clip from the new season?

    celestine dcruzcelestine dcruz12 giorni fa
    • No

      Rando With internetRando With internet8 giorni fa
    • no it's from a previous season

      The Nightly Assassin ShiloThe Nightly Assassin Shilo11 giorni fa
  • I just watched the Jason Alexander zoom seder from last year, and the fact that Richard Kind is telling the story of passover in both that and this is great!

    Rochelle NealRochelle Neal15 giorni fa
  • Such a great show

    Jaime ReynoldsJaime Reynolds15 giorni fa
  • I like how much Jewish stuff is in this show.

    Jared FJared F15 giorni fa
  • What episode is this from?

    Deoxys386Deoxys38616 giorni fa
    • S3 E4 "Florida"

      Lisa FressoLisa Fresso7 giorni fa
    • It’s the one in season 3 where they go to Florida

      Bella KaplanBella Kaplan11 giorni fa
  • You got me Netflix. I thought this was a clip from the next season.

    Roger WalkerRoger Walker16 giorni fa
    • Same here bro

      starvin marvinstarvin marvin9 giorni fa
    • Ugh me too

      Jessica KragtJessica Kragt12 giorni fa
    • Me too I clicked so quick 😭😭

      bullocks90bullocks9014 giorni fa
  • The noiseless architecture strikingly deceive because puma physiologically rot during a charming chronometer. colorful, lowly hate

    Dorothy GrayDorothy Gray16 giorni fa
  • Mulaney has just been sneaking Rooned into everything he's made since co-op godammnit

    AragnatimAragnatim17 giorni fa
  • Yeah Moses and them were not that pale

    Sam EtuafulSam Etuaful18 giorni fa
    • We don't what anybody in the bible looked like but going geographically you're right

      Bryeet SonnyBryeet Sonny7 giorni fa
    • @Sam Etuaful but isn't people of west african ancestry relying on an imagery like this movie for example to picture in their mind whatever that suits them the same kind of ignorance,arrogance as Europeans relying on art pieces of artists like leonardo de vinci at his time? How much arrogance a person has to have to tell other people "I know about your ancestors better than you" Hebrews were levantines,middle eastern. Accept it. Deal with it. And levantines aren't extinct they are living and thriving in their skin color. A living proof is much more certain than an answer that starts with "most likely".

      tigist lewytigist lewy8 giorni fa
    • @tigist lewy I would agree simply since I am West African and we are more known to have darker skin. But again a better depiction of their skin tone would be how the movie Prince Of Egypt did it.

      Sam EtuafulSam Etuaful9 giorni fa
    • Levantines are naturally pale people. Jews aren't white, but we aren't black, either.

      Jonah SJonah S10 giorni fa
    • @Sam Etuaful even if they were tanned they couldn't get as dark as you. Egyptians Living in Egypt today aren't dark as you.

      tigist lewytigist lewy13 giorni fa
  • when season 5?

    DegenerateVNplayerDegenerateVNplayer18 giorni fa
    • My guess sometime between September 2021-December 2021

      Beck WinterBeck Winter9 giorni fa
  • Good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower18 giorni fa

    laine foldenlaine folden18 giorni fa
  • Save a comment spot for Elijah!

    Trenton QuarantinoTrenton Quarantino18 giorni fa
    • Ok

      eli nieli ni8 giorni fa
    • Eliyahu*

      Jonah SJonah S10 giorni fa
  • Sup guys, 5th comment 5 minutes after the video is posted and typing this comment for 5 seconds

    Shot on Nokia MemeShot on Nokia Meme18 giorni fa
  • Here before 1000 view

    Marisa MarineMarisa Marine18 giorni fa
  • 😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner18 giorni fa
  • 😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner18 giorni fa
  • Who like chores come on

    blue freddyblue freddy18 giorni fa
  • lmao

    Savannah HaneySavannah Haney18 giorni fa
  • Primeiro

    Felipe LopesFelipe Lopes18 giorni fa
  • 1st

    Kagiso MotsemmeKagiso Motsemme18 giorni fa
  • First comment.

    Javier Lorenzo Crearive Studios.Javier Lorenzo Crearive Studios.18 giorni fa
  • Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

    stayhappylittle mermaidstayhappylittle mermaid18 giorni fa
    • As the wise man Bob b- , nah fuck you milk, I can't tolerate you

      Emeka UcheEmeka Uche4 giorni fa
    • @A Boz I think that was a refrence to the show

      insane artist 529insane artist 52910 giorni fa
    • Milk?

      A BozA Boz11 giorni fa
    • Gunner Swanner why does it even matter

      Killer WhoreKiller Whore14 giorni fa
    • Shut the fuck up milk

      Gunner SwannerGunner Swanner16 giorni fa