Rob Schneider's Wife Reacts to Him Getting in Bed with the Wrong Woman | Netflix Is A Joke

14 ago 2020
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Rob Schneider and his wife Patricia react to some of the jokes he made about her in his comedy special. Relationship test, anyone??
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  • I love ya rob!!.....but she’s totally with you for the money lol

    Voice of truthVoice of truth9 giorni fa
  • She needs her own special.

    Lewis BeshersLewis Beshers23 giorni fa
  • u a lucky man she is extra fine

    jonathan delagarzajonathan delagarza26 giorni fa
  • Never has “Rob Schneider DUR DUR DUR DUR...” been more relevant than it is right now. Dude’s so washed up that it’s not even funny.

    MikeMike26 giorni fa
  • His wife is so hot!

    Janie RiosJanie Rios27 giorni fa
  • We need season 3 por favor

    anne gaudinanne gaudin28 giorni fa
  • I love Rob, but let’s be honest. If he was a plumber from the Valley she wouldn’t give him the time of day.

    Biff BiffordBiff Bifford28 giorni fa
  • Hey kids look what $15 Million buys you lol

    Chicagoguy84Chicagoguy8429 giorni fa
  • Title should say. Sexy young Latina woman who married a $$$old rich Jewish guy$$$ sit on a couch

    Chicagoguy84Chicagoguy8429 giorni fa
  • 3rd time is the charm. hopefully

    mike mikemike mikeMese fa
  • You know she would not be with him if he didn’t have money. She’s way out of his league.

    lugiasean19lugiasean19Mese fa
  • Rob, you stole the mother in law joke from Polo Polo. Fuck You !

    Rolando FloresRolando FloresMese fa

      Rolando FloresRolando FloresMese fa
  • This review is on the entire comedy special. This whole thing was uncomfortable. Lack of talent, preparation, and just so weird. So bad that I almost hope it was intentional as a not funny funny. I have never left a negative thing like this but I feel really bad for Rob that his "people" let this happen. No chance you ever see Rob again without an Adam Sandler cameo. This is uncomfortable and sad.

    jeff brownjeff brownMese fa
  • You’re not fooling us Rob. We know you didn’t pull her because of who are.

    NiteRidaNiteRidaMese fa
  • She’s HOT n funny , has personality, one lucky guys even for a famous personality, thanks to her he even likes fútbol ⚽️ I think he likes the tigers 🐯 a Mexican soccer team.

    Me Canso Ganso 2024Me Canso Ganso 2024Mese fa
  • I have to admit it.... He looks really freakin great for his age!

    CMHCMHMese fa
  • This man is responsible for giving us the modern day Janis Joplin. Elle King

    TeresaTeresaMese fa
    • Still waiting for that Janis movie

      Red ZepplinRed Zepplin28 giorni fa
  • He married up jaja

    Lenin Verdezoto PozoLenin Verdezoto PozoMese fa
  • I would love to watch his new special. If only it wasn't on netflix. I cancelled my subscription. Not funding sexualization of our children!

    Zen Buddha MasterZen Buddha MasterMese fa
  • Did she punch him in the jaw before taping the video?

    MrPerkanatorMrPerkanatorMese fa
  • I heard he’s difficult and he’s a Chump and his weak

    Bill RobertsBill RobertsMese fa
  • This is like watching an episode of Modern Family from an alternate dimension.

    Harry MoughHarry MoughMese fa
  • Rob Schneider one of the best comedians of all time. :)

    Mike JohnstonMike JohnstonMese fa

    BoddaaahBoddaaahMese fa
  • Wish to find someone like rob schnider

    Office GirlOffice GirlMese fa
  • His wife is 1 year older than his daughter Elle King

    Nijhum NinadNijhum NinadMese fa
  • Awesome, Netflix comedy show Rob.. I got to meet you here in Edmonton Alberta Canada.. Thank you for been so cool, it was awesome to chat with you.

    casper2yallcasper2yallMese fa
  • Love you Rob! Funny Netflix special!

    The LuminaryThe LuminaryMese fa
  • Damnnnn Rob’s wife is hot asf.

    NateNateMese fa
  • That is a really large bandage on his jaw/chin, story?

    nevermindthebollocksnevermindthebollocksMese fa
  • im happy for him.. :D

    rajesh singhrajesh singhMese fa
  • She is absolutely stunning, charming and has a good sense of humor. My kind of girl! Every man's dream girl!🔥😍👍

    Michael YoungstromMichael YoungstromMese fa
  • Hilarious! I love that she mentions this is his third and her first. Really Resonates with me on my second marriage.

    Steven FSteven FMese fa
  • That was great, what a nice couple.

    Revolving DestinationRevolving DestinationMese fa
  • Rob, half filipino is enough filipino! We love you! You've always been every Filipino-American's Tito Boi!

    Karl MerecidoKarl MerecidoMese fa
  • I am 39 and her age is probably the 2nd youngest from my ex gf. I wanna be like rob here. I just hope I don't get bashed. Lol 😂

    almarjyoualmarjyouMese fa
  • Ahhh a Mexican wife, he does look latino/ mexican to me sometimes can do eeeeet !

    IAm ADrunkGuyIAm ADrunkGuyMese fa
    • that's the half filipino you see :)... those Spaniards got around.

      Karl MerecidoKarl MerecidoMese fa
  • She’s like stop sucking my youth

    Oh KehOh KehMese fa
  • Dang Rob Schneider, she's purrrdee and very charming. She could could break the president of MGTOW U.

    J.R. VasquezJ.R. VasquezMese fa
  • Please somebody, it's driving me nuts. The cuts where its him and his wife, what's up with Rob's face? His mouth when he talks on the side views? He wearing a very indiscreet band-aid or he got on some prosthetic ?

    tripalongtripalongMese fa
    • @Kiesha Spencer damn good bandaid lol . Only ever seen it because of the side shots.

      tripalongtripalongMese fa
    • It's a bandaid. 🤣

      Kiesha SpencerKiesha SpencerMese fa
    • I noticed this too

      Zaterah UniverseZaterah UniverseMese fa
  • Remember watching his movies animal, deuce Bigalow. Very funny guy.

    veekayveekayMese fa
  • 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼👍🏼

    amaury diazamaury diazMese fa
  • Rob is one of my favorite comedians. Glad to see he’s doing good

  • She's a keeper Rob

    SCOTTy mackSCOTTy mackMese fa
  • God bless you rob always been a big fan of your movies

    John CortezJohn CortezMese fa
  • You can't be shocked that's how he's doing it, he's Deuce Bigalow.

    noah's ghostnoah's ghostMese fa
  • Chicks digs funny guy.. factual

    Fero.D WahidFero.D WahidMese fa
  • Your awesome rob. I worked at a luxury hotel in CA. I helped you out during your stay you always tipped huge, always greeted, and paid respects. Your the best!

    Josseph cruzJosseph cruzMese fa
  • He looks like a POS

    David MartinezDavid MartinezMese fa
  • It's called asian momma, mexican kids? I see the mexican part but what's the asian have to do with it?

    Michael HMichael HMese fa
    • Rob Schneider's mom is asian.

      repeatextensionrepeatextensionMese fa
  • You can do it!

    Steve KainSteve KainMese fa
  • 🇵🇭💙🤙🏽

    so amazingso amazingMese fa
  • Trophy wife much? Rob is the biggest douche in the universe.

    Jacob FitzGeraldJacob FitzGerald2 mesi fa
  • Anti vaxxer piece of shit.

    Lord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit GentlesirsLord Tippington the Wise - Atheist Knight of Le Reddit Gentlesirs2 mesi fa
  • 2 previous short marriages ... guessin he's a p.i.t.a.

    RoyRoy2 mesi fa

    SeaBass SeaBassSeaBass SeaBass2 mesi fa
    • Thankfully Never.

      Jon DunmoreJon DunmoreMese fa
    • Think it was canceled if I'm not mistaken

      x BlackhandSideBoix BlackhandSideBoiMese fa
  • Rob hit jack pot with that beauty

    Brock JohnsonBrock Johnson2 mesi fa
  • Rob Schnider is freakin hillarious

    Onyedikachi IbejiOnyedikachi Ibeji2 mesi fa
  • “I no his uglieeee, but I gat my grin car”

    M LincolnM Lincoln2 mesi fa
  • That Netflix special was just painful to watch bro. Sorry man just stop. Where's Dana Carvey

    Smoov OperataSmoov Operata2 mesi fa
  • God your old. Why are you still around and why are people still watching you. Your golden years are over homie. I would retire and take your hot wife out of America like now. Shits about to get a lot worse

    Smoov OperataSmoov Operata2 mesi fa
  • Dam Rob you where not kidding about your wife.

    dhorus28dhorus282 mesi fa
  • Rob, your Japanese priest act and Prince Habibu is always funny, however many times I see it. Doll airs. Heee hee hee , never heard that one before.

    The Maratha ManThe Maratha Man2 mesi fa
  • What happened to the left side of Robs mouth and cheek?

    MegaSkillaMegaSkilla2 mesi fa
  • What happened to the bottom left of his face?

    Osska SchindlaOsska Schindla2 mesi fa
  • *"You can dew it, cut his freaken ballz off!"*

    Derp!Derp!2 mesi fa
  • Shes with you for your money.

    Classified Unacknowledged.Classified Unacknowledged.2 mesi fa
  • Thats a top tier wife!

    Nick HagenNick Hagen2 mesi fa
  • Anti vaxxer.

    Mario RugelesMario Rugeles2 mesi fa
  • Tush could also be one of the nicer ways to refer to butt

    Matthew LewisMatthew Lewis2 mesi fa
  • Damn Rob! Patricia es muy hermosa! Lucky gigolo! 👍

    Craytos McFarfegnewtonCraytos McFarfegnewton2 mesi fa
  • Me and I and me and mine and my and me and I.

    R JR J2 mesi fa
  • He’s a great guy bless you Rob

    Jorge DelgadoJorge Delgado2 mesi fa
  • Damn Deuce Bigalow married a beautiful woman.

    fiscer247fiscer2472 mesi fa
  • Their show 😘😘😘

    Evie MatavelliEvie Matavelli2 mesi fa
  • Geez Rob I know you'll never see this just wanted to tell you parenting and marriage is a give and take and the only thing I want to tell you but you heard a million times is you can do it

    leahcim thgirwleahcim thgirw2 mesi fa
  • How in the Hell does Duce Bilgalo Male Gigalo get a Super Sexy Wife ?

    Mark JacobsMark Jacobs2 mesi fa
  • LOVE that he brought his daughter, Elle King out and they sang together... But, did anyone else take a double take to make sure it wasn't Elvis?? Certain times, ya could hear it!! Lol

    Pamela NielsenPamela Nielsen2 mesi fa
  • Dang... And this is his price.

    trebledctrebledc2 mesi fa
  • The same happened to me. I had had a couple. I thought it was my wife kicking me out of bed. I made it worst by saying "Talk To My Ass. My Head Hurts"

    Edward JackoEdward Jacko2 mesi fa
  • Good dude but sorry the leg cross sez it all.

    fernando cazaresfernando cazares2 mesi fa
    • Explain

      Uzo DesignUzo Design2 mesi fa
  • God bless Rob Schneider! Who would have thought being the but of every joke would yield a net worth of $15M. Life is so funny - and so is Rob.

    getreadytotubegetreadytotube2 mesi fa
  • When is Real Rob season 3 coming, one of the only reasons I bother with Netflix is that you have presents there? Deuce Bigelow forever! Patricia is a peach, you are a very lucky man.

    George SemelGeorge Semel2 mesi fa
  • Kevin spacey?

    WinkieDuckWinkieDuck2 mesi fa
  • She is from my home city MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON,. And yes, here there's a lot of hot girls like her.

    Otrebor2099Otrebor20992 mesi fa
  • Rob looked the nanny...then married her i guess

    Gary SimmonsGary Simmons2 mesi fa
    • @Blind Brazilian Tex Atlantis are you assuming her gender?

      Gary SimmonsGary Simmons2 mesi fa
  • Rob must have scrapped himself up

    BPB9973952BPB99739522 mesi fa
  • We should all lower our expectations.

    democracy hademocracy ha2 mesi fa
  • Had a hell of a time recognizing him. Wow. Different look.

    John CoeJohn Coe2 mesi fa
  • Where did he send away for her?i thought mail order brides were b.s. now i know

    Sean BrennanSean Brennan2 mesi fa
  • They are absolutely adorable together! They look very happy. I can't believe the number of A holes writing nasty comments.

    Lilly VinasLilly Vinas2 mesi fa
  • So many girls are being born these days. I have four sons and so far they have one boy and two girls between them. Girls, girls, girls. Better take divorce personal. Taking inventory every month with my money, talking about it's not getting better. Shit!! Assess your ass to your mother's.

    Marc PadillaMarc Padilla2 mesi fa
  • Good to see his doing well. If you don't see.celebs for a while it could be bad.

    Marc PadillaMarc Padilla2 mesi fa
  • Nicest way to say Culo is Fundillo! Ass-Culo Butt-Fundillo

    Gaby SotoGaby Soto2 mesi fa
  • who the hell would marry duece bigalow? I wonder if she looks at this clown and asks her self why she didnt get a real man?

    Christopher LeeChristopher Lee2 mesi fa
  • He is still funny after all these years.

    Jay EdwardsJay Edwards2 mesi fa
  • I don't begrudge this man anything. He is still one of the most decent human beings in Hollywood. He just comes across as a good man. Which makes his wife not only beautiful but also smart and fortunate. May they love and adore each other the rest of their lives.

    guitta Dabeguitta Dabe2 mesi fa
  • Nice.. always wonder when are you gonna start being around ITworlds. Your are One my American Filipino idol.

    Unsolicited ReAxUnsolicited ReAx2 mesi fa
  • Whats wrong with the side of his face? looks like a prosthetic

    The Paranormal Phantasmic Journey PODCAST & MOREThe Paranormal Phantasmic Journey PODCAST & MORE2 mesi fa
    • Looks like a band-aid on his jaw. I was wondering the same thing myself at first.

      Stephen OBrienStephen OBrien2 mesi fa
  • I clearly don't make enough money

    villenvillen2 mesi fa