Eric Andre Does An Epic Emily in Paris Impression

29 mar 2021
14 563 visualizzazioni

Love Netflix? Of course you do. Bad Trip's "Eric Andre" takes on the challenge of impersonating some of Netflix's most famous characters.
Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.
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  • Greattt movie similar to black NELK lmao

    Joe SKATE SENDS!Joe SKATE SENDS!8 giorni fa
  • that was the worst queen impression

    sam Tansam Tan12 giorni fa
  • I love your new movie, and was about to whoop you for making fun of our girl, Natasha Leon. #goodrecovery

    Echo CEcho C12 giorni fa

    JustMaxJustMax13 giorni fa
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    omma kipa kaizokuomma kipa kaizoku14 giorni fa
  • This guy is the stupidest comedian ever. Every night I make sure I skip his show on cartoon network.

    Michael TaylorMichael Taylor15 giorni fa
  • Need More Eric Andre Show

    Sam SguanchSam Sguanch15 giorni fa
  • I am so glad this was only least I watched half of it. Right?

    Grecco BucklianoGrecco Buckliano15 giorni fa
  • Petion to get all 5 season of the Eric Andre Show on Netflix?

    Darcy WalkerDarcy Walker15 giorni fa
  • Time for a pizza ball!

    Tech360Tech36015 giorni fa
  • This is awful. Be better.

    QillirQillir15 giorni fa
    • Nah, it was good

      KlawMan27KlawMan2714 giorni fa
  • Just here to give a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate

    Mattastic MattattackMattastic Mattattack15 giorni fa
  • GENUIS *that's all!

    Esther O.Esther O.15 giorni fa
  • Love from Kenya

    DemWaya onFayaDemWaya onFaya15 giorni fa
    • Love from sudan

      Cali 180Cali 18014 giorni fa

    S1L3NT G4M3RS1L3NT G4M3R15 giorni fa
  • This boy sure knows how to ranch it up!

    Anthony HayesAnthony Hayes15 giorni fa
    • on god

      sam Tansam Tan12 giorni fa
  • Yeyyyy u did it 😂

    Taba menu MenuTaba menu Menu15 giorni fa
  • I love it 😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner15 giorni fa
  • Eric, please accept my apologies. It’s been 13 years, man.. I feel like we can put what happened behind us now & hopefully be friends again. I’m sorry, E 😪

    Trever FartedTrever Farted15 giorni fa
    • @Brigette Rock perhaps I’ve said too much

      Trever FartedTrever Farted15 giorni fa
    • Did it happen in Salt Lake City Utah? Was coke involved? Do you still have the evidence in a shoebox shoved in the back of your closet under your Aunt Ida’s terrible Christmas gift? Cuz I’d like to see the evidence...

      Brigette RockBrigette Rock15 giorni fa
  • Movie was pretty funny

    DonCorleoneFilmsDonCorleoneFilms15 giorni fa
  • very cool & great

    Howard RambergHoward Ramberg15 giorni fa
  • I love it 😂😂😂

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner15 giorni fa
  • good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower15 giorni fa
  • Even bad impressions can be funny

    No ThumbNo Thumb15 giorni fa
  • nice

    BKBK15 giorni fa
  • i love it

    totestotes15 giorni fa
  • Oh

    VideoRealmVideoRealm15 giorni fa
  • luvhim

    Ben DoverBen Dover15 giorni fa
  • Wow