16 Minutes of Netflix Comedians Doing Crowd Work

13 apr 2021
125 249 visualizzazioni

Watch as these Netflix comedians do some crowd work during their sets. Who was your favorite?
Comedian Lineup:
Jo Koy (Live from Seattle),
Russell Peters (Almost Famous),
Tiffany Haddish (Black Mitzvah),
Natalie Palamides (Nate-One Man Show),
Mike Birbiglia (Thank God For Jokes),
Ken Jeong (You Complete Me, Ho),
& Hannibal Buress (Comedy Camisado).
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  • I don't know how many times have I seen this special of Russell, still entertaining.

    Abhijeet SahooAbhijeet Sahoo2 giorni fa
  • They are all cutting into Russell's business...... He's the king of crowd work

    Muhura DedanMuhura Dedan15 giorni fa
    • Not even close.

      Fezzik 76Fezzik 763 giorni fa
  • God and Jesus will return go to God and Jesus Now and Forever God and Jesus

    Liko ArreolaLiko Arreola16 giorni fa
  • I think my future career is logical

    lone wolflone wolf16 giorni fa
  • That "woman cop" guy was so sketch. If you told me that he was arrested under suspicion of murdering 12 prostitutes I would believe you...

    Anne Sofie JensenAnne Sofie Jensen19 giorni fa
    • @Solomon King i know

      lone wolflone wolf20 ore fa
    • @lone wolf Don't take it too deep, fellow.

      Solomon KingSolomon KingGiorno fa
    • Why did he say it like that

      lone wolflone wolf16 giorni fa
  • The only Korean i can tolerate. Yeah I’ve said it.

    Aleyna MutluAleyna Mutlu20 giorni fa
  • If you do 'crowd work', we feel awkward and sorry for you because we know you froze or ran out of jokes. Sad.

    Alan Mott-SmithAlan Mott-Smith21 giorno fa
  • “No further questions your honor” ... and that’s where I lose my shits😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Lickey King PapaLickey King Papa21 giorno fa
  • You know... It's a shame youtube isn't more personal; like people actually had to say things to your face! I guarantee half of the trolls wouldn't bust a grape. You think it's all fun and games but you never know who's on the other end 😂 #didnttakemymedstoday

    Alan ReddyAlan Reddy24 giorni fa
  • 8:00 No way he's 41. He looks like he's in his 50's.

    Pr3ssPl4yPr3ssPl4y25 giorni fa
  • That Natalie Palamides sounds/ looks like Mylie Cyrus... for real

    Last train To VegasLast train To Vegas25 giorni fa
  • Psst. Skip to 3:48 when it happens. You’re welcome.

    Magnawhiff TVMagnawhiff TV25 giorni fa
  • 7:05 😂

    ArcaneArcane27 giorni fa
  • Jo Koy rox!

    Chucky LaneChucky Lane27 giorni fa
  • Best crowd work is Andrew Schulz and don't ever forget it 😂

    namename27 giorni fa
    • Patrice O'Neal was the all-time King, but Schulz is def the current prince!

      DaSkonkDaSkonk27 giorni fa
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    Clarissa AlexanderClarissa Alexander27 giorni fa
  • Ngl, it’s a little gross how Netflix makes every comedian they give a special to say the word ‘Netflix’ at least once in the special.

    Liza’s TarpeterLiza’s Tarpeter27 giorni fa
    • They have to 👀

      Princess VasquezPrincess Vasquez17 giorni fa
  • Women cop joke or being offended is so trash lol we don’t need those type of comics .

    Adam alvaAdam alva28 giorni fa
    • Lol

      Adam alvaAdam alva26 giorni fa
    • It’s difficult to tell what you’re whining about. Hope your feelings are recovering though.

      Liza’s TarpeterLiza’s Tarpeter27 giorni fa
  • When it comes to roasting audience no one is better than Russell.

    Bakul GBakul G28 giorni fa
    • Andrew Schulz makes a career out of it. Way better than Russel. Jimmy Carr is also better. Steve Hofstetter

      Fezzik 76Fezzik 763 giorni fa
    • U forgot jimmy carr

      GhostFire NiGhtGhostFire NiGht5 giorni fa
    • bill burr hm

      Takiyyya 222Takiyyya 2229 giorni fa
    • He’s AMAZING

      J SJ S22 giorni fa
  • 😕itworlds.info/round/pWVrY7ugmcWJnnQ/video

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu28 giorni fa
  • Jo Koy is literally the best 😂😂😂😂

    Mukisa JoshuaMukisa Joshua28 giorni fa
    • absolutely 😂

      Xolisile MalingaXolisile Malinga24 giorni fa

    Michele ReneaMichele Renea28 giorni fa
  • Tits and all i love it🤣

    Gabbi GuruleGabbi Gurule29 giorni fa
  • J O K O Y 🔥😂💕

    vminshivminshi29 giorni fa
  • Came here for Peters, stayed for him, and .......... that's it

    A R BA R B29 giorni fa
  • What is she a super hero? Robocop no Women cop.

    Ballin VBallin V29 giorni fa
  • Ok...is that wrestling match legal!? I'm knowing it was fun even though he got slammed on his head but umm...🐕🐕 are roaming free

    Alan ReddyAlan Reddy29 giorni fa
    • Hmmm seems like consenting adults can’t do anything, everyone treats everyone like children. Get over it, Alan

      Lazy MazyLazy Mazy24 giorni fa
    • @Charlotte Laird They're pushing boundaries everyday to see what people will accept and that isn't always the best thing

      Alan ReddyAlan Reddy29 giorni fa
    • I noticed that and um I was shocked I didn't think I'd see that

      Charlotte LairdCharlotte Laird29 giorni fa
  • Damn! Those are some really sexy ass Ho's! Thick as D f#ck...didn't know Korean Ho's were that bringing all that! I know mixed Ho's but they don't look like that 😍

    Alan ReddyAlan Reddy29 giorni fa
  • The first guy and Rusell Peters were funny as hell.

    Bilawal KhawajaBilawal Khawaja29 giorni fa
    • The first guy is Joe Koy ..he is hilarious

      Aishi AlkurdiAishi Alkurdi28 giorni fa
  • This is bad 😐

    Gabriel JohnsonGabriel Johnson29 giorni fa
  • The guy Mike was tlking to with the lady cop ..has the same voice as mike

    jahni leejahni lee29 giorni fa
  • رمضان يا ناس رمضان

    LIL MASK AKLIL MASK AK29 giorni fa
  • Fuck the woke comments from the guy who's a puss arse feminist.yes it's important that the guy was headloked by a woman.you woke fuckwit.

    Daniel TaylorDaniel TaylorMese fa
  • The girl acting like gooft man from 80s who is she?

    sami ISLAMsami ISLAMMese fa
    • Natalie Palamides

      NYxHardcorNYxHardcor29 giorni fa
  • Its like silva last name in brazil

    sami ISLAMsami ISLAMMese fa
  • russell is great with the audience

    Martin MwangiMartin MwangiMese fa
  • No further questions your honor 😂😂😂

    Captain_MulliganCaptain_MulliganMese fa
  • “What did you get arrested for?” “I was arrested by a woman cop.” 🤨

    Pembroke LovePembroke LoveMese fa
    • @wally1979 yup, he gave me the creeps

      Solomon KingSolomon King23 ore fa
    • @Lilian me too, thank you. Mike over did it, how can he be so woke with the sleepiest voice on comedy. :)

      wally1979wally197920 giorni fa
    • @Lilian i’m sure that’s what it was, but it is a weird way to answer that question. I still don’t know what he was arrested for.

      Pembroke LovePembroke LoveMese fa
    • Idk, I kind of interpreted it more as him making fun of himself for being physically outpowered by a woman who presumably was biologically female.

      LilianLilianMese fa
  • i didnt see jimmy carr so im disappointed

    ExaltxExaltxMese fa
  • Horrible,

    Simon TSimon TMese fa
  • 😂 that was really funny.

    TejahTejahMese fa
  • Anthony Schulz looking at this like: 🥲

    JDMStevenJDMStevenMese fa
  • Women can be cops... Just know they may not know the difference between a gun and a taser.

    Christy StaudeChristy StaudeMese fa
    • @merickful is it like a gay thing? Cause I'm down.

      Christy StaudeChristy StaudeMese fa
    • @Christy Staude I rest my case. Your fisher price rod is tempting, I'll give you that.

      merickfulmerickfulMese fa
    • @merickful shhhh...doper.

      Christy StaudeChristy StaudeMese fa
    • @Simon T there's alot of cops in jail. She was negligent...very. she definitely needed more training for a tense situation.... Every cops gun is on their dominate hand.should know it back and forth. She definitely deserve s time. ... 20 plus years in the force and I'm sure she's done some great things ..but that amount of stupidity is on another level.

      Christy StaudeChristy StaudeMese fa
    • No fishing allowed.

      merickfulmerickfulMese fa
  • Tiffany is basically dropping Godzilla moves at this point. Can’t stop won’t stop.

    Gravel LaneGravel LaneMese fa
  • Russell Peters is not as funny the older he gets, he seems to be reaching most of the time

    Morisa JayMorisa JayMese fa
    • He loses material the older he gets. I can’t remember a single Russell Peters bit in the past 14 years.

      last chance blueprintlast chance blueprintMese fa
  • Russell Peters is savage 😂

    SurgeSurgeMese fa
  • "Any openings?" AHAHAHHA

    Emily EspinosaEmily EspinosaMese fa
    • Pfp*

      Shamiere HenryShamiere HenryGiorno fa
    • The 1D prp💙

      Shamiere HenryShamiere HenryGiorno fa
  • some of these manage to be super funny and respectful, but some of them are just picking up random people in the crowd to humiliate for laughs cause your jokes arent good enough. its rude. people have insecurities and some people have literal anxiety, please stop

    G/GG/GMese fa
    • sounds like you need to be made fun of

      Liam ScottLiam ScottMese fa
    • I mean if you have social anxiety. Don’t go to comedians that notoriously do Crowd work or just don’t sit in the front and/or answer their open invitations to obvious Crowd work; such as “Who here has been arrested”

      Reinhardt KrielReinhardt KrielMese fa
    • We all gotta be offended about something. It's comedy, not to be taken seriously

      damar Cardodamar CardoMese fa
    • Take a joke

      Bobbytheman98Bobbytheman98Mese fa
  • Love russell

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • Love Russell

    Tyler HacknerTyler HacknerMese fa
  • damn.. the guy who said woman cop.. he didn't imply nothing of what he said...

    wally1979wally1979Mese fa
    • @wally1979 It also means you could be experiencing the onset of dementia. Explains your disjointed, unhinged attempts at logic and misguided anger.

      Liza’s TarpeterLiza’s Tarpeter12 giorni fa
    • @Liza’s Tarpeter do you know what being born in 1979 means? You can only focus your attention in the person and find something to call out, than to understannd that I simply don't see correct to label someone sexist without knowing their intentions. And it's ok to agree to disagree.

      wally1979wally197918 giorni fa
    • @wally1979 You should worry more about identifying the generic teenage stupidity and misguided anger in yourself before you worry about the evil in others.

      Liza’s TarpeterLiza’s Tarpeter18 giorni fa
    • @Liza’s Tarpeter yes, thank you so much.. he's a sexist. Now I can see the evil in everyone. Mike did an amazing job of milking one word. You too, how did you know I was in high school??? Damn.. and you should've said "possible" high schooler :D

      wally1979wally197918 giorni fa
    • @wally1979 I did talk about the message...you were too emotional to keep up and stay on topic. High school is a tough time. You’ll enjoy it more if you put the screen down, go outside, and read a book

      Liza’s TarpeterLiza’s Tarpeter18 giorni fa
  • All the other comedians were so bland, except for russel peter. That guy knows his way around crowd work

    Mmfoudel MmfoudelMmfoudel MmfoudelMese fa
  • 🌷🌷

    Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiEasy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiMese fa
  • 🍜🥪

    Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiEasy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 LiMese fa
  • I’ve never done this before but..... *First.*

    Clarity Sans HubrisClarity Sans HubrisMese fa
    • Why start now?

      Erica GErica GMese fa
    • Shotgun

      Marcos PintoMarcos PintoMese fa