Sarah Silverman's Sister Hates This Joke

4 apr 2021
172 520 visualizzazioni

We're not 100% sure that's true, but it's a pretty good guess, right?
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  • That was a beautifully told joke.

    My GirlMy Girl23 ore fa
  • Wowsers! 😂😂😂

    richard mitchellrichard mitchellGiorno fa
  • lol well-crafted joke

    Sam HolderSam HolderGiorno fa
  • She’s got a great podcast

    Jon DJon D2 giorni fa
  • She is so great.

    Felix von MontfortFelix von Montfort2 giorni fa
  • netflix nova série ben 10✔💖

    Lino 2Lino 22 giorni fa
  • I would love to see the look on her sister’s face when she heard the joke. What if the sister had no idea about that joke beforehand

    Kim DiernerKim Dierner2 giorni fa
  • what is up with that weird light on her face? filter? Not sure why this showed up, I never found her funny. She always tried to hard to be outrageous and droll.

  • Indeed. I can understand why that would be an alarming issue, while vomiting.

    Hugh JaassHugh Jaass3 giorni fa
  • Hardest left turn in the history of comedy.

    rick nealrick neal3 giorni fa
  • I feel bad cuz I started laughing before the punchline cuz I knew Sarah was just messing with us

    Dylan Harnett MarshallDylan Harnett Marshall3 giorni fa
  • "01:03"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *𝚒𝚗𝚓𝚊𝚙𝚙.𝚌𝚘𝚖* 📌 as I know

    rifat rahmanrifat rahman4 giorni fa
  • "07:76" 👨‍🎤 I actually have been using *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ.ᴄᴏᴍ* 📌 no issue with it all

    naimol roplanaimol ropla4 giorni fa
  • "07:76" 👅 Well I used *ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ.ᴄᴏᴍ* 📌 and frankly it's real

    idris peteridris peter4 giorni fa
  • "5:58" *when you wanted lots MODS then try *INJAPP.COM** ideal for all people^^ ⚙

    heron cheterjiheron cheterji4 giorni fa
  • "04:38"The only working one is *𝕚𝕟𝕛𝕒𝕡𝕡.𝕔𝕠𝕞*

    olikan moinaolikan moina4 giorni fa
  • "02:26"😂 Ok that is the best: *(𝑰𝑵𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.𝑪𝑶𝑴)* 📌 disregard others they're BS

    Pei StewardPei Steward4 giorni fa
  • She's so awesome I couldn't even watch her series bcz it was just too real and raw for me. But I watch every other time I can.

    Lori D R BlakeLori D R Blake4 giorni fa
  • I knew this was going to be a joke but, damn, I was like 'how is she going to make this funny?'

    RealCoolGuyRealCoolGuy4 giorni fa
  • Never even cracked a smile 😑

    Jay ScottJay Scott4 giorni fa
  • Epic🤣😂🤣!

    Vincent PrigioniVincent Prigioni4 giorni fa
  • Doesn't she say relief laugh? Bc Netflix it in the thumbnail as a release laugh...

    Lisa BaergaLisa Baerga4 giorni fa
    • she said both

      Scott StewartScott Stewart3 giorni fa
  • Effortlessly toying around guilt, bias and embarrassment without ever slipping. She does jokes that no man could ever get away with and she would even joke about that. Brilliant

    vic bauwensvic bauwens4 giorni fa
  • Sarah is another level

    Young AnthonyYoung Anthony4 giorni fa
  • Sarah Silverman is a joke

    Kris Foreal GallingerKris Foreal Gallinger5 giorni fa
  • When I was 10... You couldn't tell me I wasn't going to marry Sarah Silverman

    lee Jrlee Jr5 giorni fa
  • This is legit one of the best jokes I've ever heard in my life. I laughed so hard

    Diego AlvaDiego Alva5 giorni fa
    • Wasn't that punchline obvious?

      frafilipofrafilipo3 giorni fa
  • This was the start of the #MEPOO movement.

    Rich VailRich Vail5 giorni fa
    • @Rage Hammer I don’t take this comment lightly, I know that you rarely give out +1’s so I’m very honoured to have this rare gem. I will show everyone in my village what you have given me, I’m sure everyone will want to celebrate with me.

      Rich VailRich Vail2 giorni fa
    • So stupid. +1

      Rage HammerRage Hammer2 giorni fa
  • That was great! 😂

    Soupbone 10 olgathecatSoupbone 10 olgathecat5 giorni fa
  • Well...I didn't laugh...

    The FerrymanThe Ferryman5 giorni fa
  • almost laughed

    fuffo fuffinofuffo fuffino5 giorni fa
  • Overrated garbage

    Joey ParmJoey Parm6 giorni fa
  • Well that story took a brown turn

    Cameron ClemonsCameron Clemons6 giorni fa
  • For those people who have actually been sodomized at a party (me, hi!), this was utterly distasteful and unempatheic. The fact that she could segway into her own disbelief about others emotional reaction without being outwardly labeled a sociopath is astounding. Just gross, honestly.

    Lily BearLily Bear6 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    MattyphatsacsMattyphatsacs6 giorni fa
  • your material is dog water

    Shawna HansonShawna Hanson6 giorni fa
  • Guess she is funny 😄

    Steve StevensSteve Stevens6 giorni fa
  • Greatest joke of all time.

    Roderick BurrellRoderick Burrell6 giorni fa
  • Seriously, Why do people laugh at such an unfunny performer !!! May be they got paid or had paid to watch this performance. 😕😕😕

    Mighty MOSAMighty MOSA6 giorni fa
  • So, where was the funny stuff now?

    TheNIX001TheNIX0016 giorni fa
  • Her "sister".

    Auto MathAuto Math6 giorni fa
  • I remember when she used to appear in blackface and drop the N word all the time. Got rich and then immediately got sanctimonious and hypocritical. This was both convenient & predicable.

    peter falcpeter falc6 giorni fa
  • She's such a hypocrite 🙄

  • Now that was some funny shit.

    Scott BordenScott Borden7 giorni fa
    • and heavy too

      Scott StewartScott Stewart3 giorni fa
  • I was so worried for a second

    LP GrahamLP Graham7 giorni fa
  • I love this human.

    Quantum ShhhartQuantum Shhhart7 giorni fa
  • i've never seen a funny sarah! before and still didn't!

    malek izemmalek izem7 giorni fa
  • I want to kill myself.

    dalewpitdalewpit7 giorni fa
  • Great delivery

    RJMRJM7 giorni fa
  • She is super unfunny

    Nav RhyNav Rhy7 giorni fa
  • Woahh, still level zero of humor to me... Discomfort going noway near funny(when done one, it remains the same forever, you know the mecanism)... And being gross, with sex or sh*t stuff.... and that's it. She makes me sad.

    Google PhoneGoogle Phone7 giorni fa
  • This shit is funny, literally

    jariz26jariz267 giorni fa
  • I got whiplash for the change in direction I thought that joke was going😅 Now this is a great shitting your pants story

    Pickle RickPickle Rick7 giorni fa
  • Rape prevention by proxy Laxative martinis all night long

    ZootZinBootZ bubbleZootZinBootZ bubble7 giorni fa
  • Her delivery of this is brilliant.

    Big WillieBig Willie7 giorni fa
  • she is awesome and seems/feels so original. "she thot she was gonna get raped" omfg that cracked me so hard.

    Pratik VyasPratik Vyas7 giorni fa
  • Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

    oneshot_meoneshot_me7 giorni fa
  • I can see why your sister hates this joke

    Karabo MoleleKarabo Molele8 giorni fa
  • “Oh my gosh so funny.” Did I say that right? Did I pass?

    konjotorakonjotora8 giorni fa
  • I have no words

    K BK B8 giorni fa
  • yeah......don't you just hate it when that happens 😂

    Jack SamuraiJack Samurai8 giorni fa
  • Some of the best comedy comes from talking about reality. Some reality is funnier, definitely. And of course how you tell it can Make it or break it. Thanks for the laugh.

    derrill yagerderrill yager8 giorni fa
  • I hope that's not true because if I was her sister I'd never speak to her again🤣

    Ru NewRu New8 giorni fa
  • Woow lmmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

    Jean SenatJean Senat8 giorni fa
  • I said omg out loud

    thermotronicathermotronica8 giorni fa
  • Genius

    James ElrodJames Elrod8 giorni fa
  • 😂😂😂

  • Wow I can’t forget that story, and think how many students have been raped while they puked their guts out - who are these “people” (fellow students?) who decide that’s a good idea??????

    Vicki GreenVicki Green8 giorni fa
  • She used to be relatively funny.

    AlphaFoxAdamAlphaFoxAdam8 giorni fa
  • Genius

    GoSolarGoSolar8 giorni fa
  • Gold

    G. TeckG. Teck8 giorni fa
  • 😐

    infg3570infg35708 giorni fa
  • I came into this expecting shit comedy.... I was correct

    Matt AustinMatt Austin8 giorni fa
  • I was shocked when I found that this chick is straight

    D BoD Bo8 giorni fa
  • Do I love Sarah Silverman now?

    Colin NolanColin Nolan8 giorni fa
    • welcome to the club

      DatoneGuyDatoneGuy8 giorni fa
  • i-i didnt know where that was heading XD

    Wuft ChanWuft Chan8 giorni fa
  • 3:05 and think.. "What a relief."

    Deeson JameDeeson Jame8 giorni fa
  • She's beautiful

    Muhura DedanMuhura Dedan8 giorni fa
  • how big and long was this sh*t?

    naninani8 giorni fa
  • That was a wild ride. I take it this means she has a new Netflix standup?

    Brian JacksonBrian Jackson8 giorni fa
  • "O, thank God." Lmao

    Michael TobiasMichael Tobias8 giorni fa
  • That's really really drunk

    DIY TWOinCollegeDIY TWOinCollege8 giorni fa
  • Hmmm It would be fun to watch her catch on fire(hypothetically) and incorporate that into her less than brilliant sets...that I adore.

    PaleoVirusPaleoVirus9 giorni fa
  • Sarah Silverman is not drab, politically ignorant, hopelessly aged and irrelevant. She's amazingly terrible to watch but I find her lack of creativity refreshing!!

    PaleoVirusPaleoVirus9 giorni fa
  • Sarah Silverman is just wonderful! I hope that I don't have any health issues from not laughing at her 1 dimensional gloryfest of so called humour that I actually enjoy. Yeah for me!

    PaleoVirusPaleoVirus9 giorni fa
  • moderate the hate fast. I suppose I am allowed to post only to comedians I am a fan of? How weak

    PaleoVirusPaleoVirus9 giorni fa
  • Super high right no I'm like omg why u do this to me when that was a rocky but brilliant climb

    Milwaukee MikeMilwaukee Mike9 giorni fa
  • I love her

    MrAnthonyramonMrAnthonyramon9 giorni fa
  • This joke is 🔥

    RYAN PAULRYAN PAUL9 giorni fa
  • This world doesn't deserve Sarah Silverman.

    Kyle StarkKyle Stark9 giorni fa
  • 🤣

    Alquan La GranAlquan La Gran9 giorni fa
  • I got into a gang war shots 20 gang members of five different gangs and when I realized it wasn't a dream I freaked the f*** out and then I woke up relieved that I was actually in jail

    time testedtime tested9 giorni fa
  • it's so insane how a joke could be so multilayered, she's exposing so much through that, while never really addressing it, genius

    orlandoplayaorlandoplaya9 giorni fa
  • Sarah S is so Beautiful😍

    Icefire IcefireIcefire Icefire9 giorni fa
  • I kept thinking... She should've puked on him but this was so much better 😂😂😂

    dangolfishindangolfishin9 giorni fa
    • @dangolfishin 😂

      stfujoeroganstfujoerogan7 giorni fa
    • @stfujoerogan lol.. Ikr 😁

      dangolfishindangolfishin7 giorni fa
    • That is so bigoted and phobic to assume that the person behind them was a man or identified as a man! Bigot.

      stfujoeroganstfujoerogan8 giorni fa
  • "Jesus is Magic" is one of the best stand up specials of the last 20 years.

    • I own it, it's awesome

      Scott StewartScott Stewart3 giorni fa
  • Ngl, I almost cried and then I did.😂

    Naresh KumarNaresh Kumar9 giorni fa
  • Not really a comedian, more of a comedian groupie. Once a comedian loses his thunder she sucks the next one up

    skankhunt42 skankhunt42skankhunt42 skankhunt429 giorni fa
  • Can't wait to see the reaction videos of this one. LOL!!

    Yea Its Me MattYea Its Me Matt9 giorni fa
  • Nothing like a guy taking a Big Dump in the co-ed bathroom - with loud farts and gas - next to some gal in the next stall.

    Buffy McMuffinBuffy McMuffin9 giorni fa