Jamie Foxx on Bringing the In Living Color Crew Back Together

14 apr 2021
14 540 visualizzazioni

"Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!" star and executive producer Jamie Foxx has brought back some of the cast and crew of "In Living Color" for his new series. Only, things have changed a little bit in the twenty-five plus years between then and now.
"Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!" is streaming now on Netflix.
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    Moe HsayMoe Hsay28 giorni fa
    • M

      Moe HsayMoe Hsay28 giorni fa
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    Toutai PaluToutai Palu28 giorni fa
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    RC 13RC 1328 giorni fa
  • How does Jamie fox look the exact same as he did 25 years ago?

    Zach MaxonZach Maxon29 giorni fa
  • I do miss Fire Marshal Bill

  • I guess I'm getting old. I'm still from the best era(the 90s)🏀🎤🎙🎶🎵🎼🎧📻🏈

    JK number5JK number529 giorni fa
  • The technocrats and social justice warriors would get In Living Color shut down after the first episode. No way we can have humor like that in a society that is afraid of its own shadow. Shame. RIP comedy.

    PARACOSMPARACOSM29 giorni fa
  • good video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower29 giorni fa
  • will jim carrey be there?

    psp785psp78529 giorni fa
  • Jamie Foxx has been famous since I was a lil kid and looks the same now as he did then. I want whatever he's taking.

    TJ BlaiddTJ Blaidd29 giorni fa
    • He has a guy who "fixes" his hairline. If untreated he'd have a 5head instead of a fore

      Courtdog2k3Courtdog2k329 giorni fa
  • I’m an 80’s kid and I looooooooved the 90’s. What an awesome time. Looking forward to this show.

    gena_dtgena_dt29 giorni fa
  • Jamie is good, stop embarrassing me is boring.

    Social ROISocial ROI29 giorni fa
  • Tommy Davidson BETTER be on the show.

    Wounded WombWounded Womb29 giorni fa
  • If "In Living Color" comes back it should make sure it is not some weak ass PC crap. That was such a great show and I would hate for them to ruin it by making it in today's pathetic Hollywood culture where everyone gets offended by jokes.

    TacticalCannerTacticalCanner29 giorni fa
  • *Fire Marshall Bill better be on the reboot or we riot*

    Clarity Sans HubrisClarity Sans Hubris29 giorni fa
  • That was an incredible era. For this new generation there needs to be something similar...true or definitely true?

    The Alkebulan TrustThe Alkebulan Trust29 giorni fa
  • If Jim Carry & the Wayne Bro’s ain’t in it I ain’t watching.

    King SmokesKing Smokes29 giorni fa
    • I ain't watching if Robin Williams is not in it

      High StreetHigh Street29 giorni fa
  • Love Jamie

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner29 giorni fa
  • .Don’t find time to exercise. Make the time to exercise

    stayhappylittle mermaidstayhappylittle mermaid29 giorni fa