David Spade's Free Jokes: Weed Websites, Whacking Off & More

25 mar 2021
44 899 visualizzazioni

This week, David talks vaccines, stalkers, Kylie Jenner, NFT's and more of this week's hot topics turned into 100% free jokes.
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  • wow. still alive. who knew .

    keith guskeith gus8 giorni fa
  • Speaking of whacking off, how did you keep your eyes off Laura San Giacomo? Noticed most scenes you were behind the desk?

    dougMsdougMs9 giorni fa
  • Tyson flies commercial?

    Blues Rock Guitarist Mike SallowsBlues Rock Guitarist Mike Sallows12 giorni fa
  • I’ve been binging old Hollywood Minutes...please make more of these!

    andrewthemandrewandrewthemandrew13 giorni fa
  • Thanks for making the audio a bit better this week.

    ZigZig14 giorni fa
  • someone "jumped his fence" and came into his house. Police called, guy was arrested. But I promise you Spade supports illegal immigration. Just not when they "jumped the wall" surrounding his mansion. LOL

    Topsey KrettsTopsey Kretts14 giorni fa
  • Is that Heather Locklear he is talking to?

    J. CassavoyJ. Cassavoy15 giorni fa
  • Your skin looks exceptionally lovely in today’s broadcast, David. 😍😘🤗

    Hazel AtwoodHazel Atwood15 giorni fa
  • "Can smog effect your hog"!🐖 🤣🤣🤣!!!

    jason benfordjason benford15 giorni fa
  • Because you’re a baby boomer

    Mich WashingtonMich Washington15 giorni fa
  • this is why it is good to have friends in high places.

  • Dear David Spade do you think since you live in the desert of Arizon, You can throw together a HEALING Camp, since Covid dies in Heat? in regards to the possible weed whacking powers of healin?

  • I don't really want to come to your house, you can come here and play Halo though, have some pastries & coffee but your so stuck up I'm some rando loser asshole in my moms basement right? you need to be nicer to people man, you can be REAL elitist & removed and come off like a coke addict pervert that didn't get swept up in "me too" because you're a X list actor/comedian. anyone who stalked you should be sent to outer space

    Rouge SharkRouge Shark16 giorni fa
  • Come on man! South Africa has the Lowest Covid count in the fricken World! Don't do that Mr. Spade.

    James SimmonsJames Simmons16 giorni fa
  • Once again, a Day-Date isn't a bangle, remove two links,

    Michael McClureMichael McClure16 giorni fa
  • pete davidson is a stalker

    brycey spiceywienerbrycey spiceywiener17 giorni fa
  • 🥱💤

    Emily RodriguezEmily Rodriguez17 giorni fa
  • Sorry not funny ....

    Adk BeauAdk Beau17 giorni fa
  • It's good, but my show has better jokes. I read the news.

    ScorpioScorpio17 giorni fa
  • That shirt looks smashing on you. Funny AND fashionable?!

    Christy WombleChristy Womble18 giorni fa
  • David, that Guy got his ear bit off...……..How is he going to wear his Sunglasses now.....

    CoyoteCoyote18 giorni fa
  • Spade is a national treasure. Such effortless, natural talent!

    Walid JamiWalid Jami18 giorni fa
  • If dicks are shrinking it's because of the super tight pants guys wear these days. So unattractive.

    Vamanos NinjaVamanos Ninja18 giorni fa
  • “I’m not some superhero”

    LP3 CustomsLP3 Customs18 giorni fa
  • 😴😔😴😔

    Dedu TedyDedu Tedy18 giorni fa
  • It's true, you can't say anything these days because it's always a "trigger" to someone. That's why I prefer older comedians, they're not afraid to say what's on their mind. Especially the ones who are beyond canceling and are grandfathered in.

    No OneNo One18 giorni fa
  • I would like to be a stalker but I have a problem with motivation. Any tips on how to get started

    Oliver IbastaOliver Ibasta18 giorni fa
  • ..put some effort in..

    Michael OliveiraMichael Oliveira18 giorni fa
  • Than k s again. Had very very sad intense hard week. You help me.

    Jeanieart1940 KowatschJeanieart1940 Kowatsch18 giorni fa
  • smallpox vaccine was what you got. it leaves a scab for a while then a scar forever.

    hooah9422hooah942218 giorni fa
    • @Pat Byrne its smallpox, ive had both.

      hooah9422hooah942218 giorni fa
    • T B

      Pat ByrnePat Byrne18 giorni fa
  • For fuck sake Dave, get a house out in the sticks. You can get 10 acres with an 1,800 square foot ranch on it and a fiber connection in the ozarks for about a quarter of your revenue (by quarter I mean 3 months)

    David CooperDavid Cooper18 giorni fa
  • That NFT joke was just , *chef’s kiss*

    Rachel SRachel S18 giorni fa
  • David Spade 2024

    brucehenriksonbrucehenrikson18 giorni fa
  • Haha. Live these videos

    tonyspoetrytonyspoetry18 giorni fa
  • Same David, same. I hate all people being in my house.

    Mariah SimlerMariah Simler18 giorni fa
  • I wonder if you showed up at his home with a 1/4 ounce of some top-shelf, would he invite you in? I'm thinking he'd probably trick the person into giving him all of the sweet leaf, then call the cops. He just seems diabolical enough to snag someones weed.

    Nameless EntityNameless Entity18 giorni fa
  • Hi again David Spade! Your free jokes are the best thanks

    redpill hoperedpill hope18 giorni fa
  • David: "I don't like it when anyone comes to my house." Me: "Same, David. Same."

    Alison GrayAlison Gray18 giorni fa
    • I didn't know I didn't like it until Covid. Now I'm like, yeah, I'm good with this.

      OMGWTFLOLOMGWTFLOL14 giorni fa
  • So...cold calling at the door. Is that a yay? Or a Nay? Got some joke ideas...........oh yer in the shower? I'll wait.

    Grecco BucklianoGrecco Buckliano19 giorni fa
  • 😂 is she a great big fat person?

    Zeig BertZeig Bert19 giorni fa
  • not bad bud

    Frank GalloFrank Gallo19 giorni fa
  • Hi high yo yo how are u hope goodwanted to ask after reviewing my book, see if you would help promote my book? Also wanted to put CF on a page of his own. .

    Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
  • Weaksauce! Used to be funny now just ......Weaksauce!😥

    Ralph GonzalesRalph Gonzales19 giorni fa
  • Wanted to send you a photo of me in my Alskaskan Hat looking good today still writing number 48 Thank God for Daughters. Hey want hear a new joke. What do you call a fake noodle? Imposts!

    Charlan GreggCharlan Gregg19 giorni fa
  • There are Arizona variants of Covid-19 now, more than one.

    Ron WadeRon Wade19 giorni fa
  • I was worried about your lava lamps last night for some reason...but it looks like they are doing fine. Quarantine flashbacks lol.

    KindseyKindsey19 giorni fa
  • This is like the Norm Macdonald podcast

    Grosvenor88Grosvenor8819 giorni fa
    • Without that douchebag

      Brazilian AtlantisBrazilian Atlantis15 giorni fa
  • Slow start but an extra strong close.

    John PossumJohn Possum19 giorni fa
  • The audio cut out about half way thru the video.... it was the best part!

    Scott CallahanScott Callahan19 giorni fa
  • Mr.Spade you are so natural for this you should have your own Night Show in one of this big networks.

    Francisco ContrealFrancisco Contreal19 giorni fa
  • A Daily Spade Reaction to the Day, Needed Daily!.... “The Daily Spade.!.” Make it Happen People..

    Josh MackabenJosh Mackaben19 giorni fa
  • 0:49 vor.lol

    Richard MooreRichard Moore19 giorni fa
  • Good shit

    Bruce WardBruce Ward19 giorni fa
  • 0:45 vom.lol

    Helen JenkinsHelen Jenkins19 giorni fa
  • cool video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower19 giorni fa
  • The flannel, the lip tickler, the oversized yellow gold Rolex... Spade has perfected the Log Cabin Republican look.

    Cole SteeleCole Steele19 giorni fa
  • Ra rugged Man got real pissed off at a concert and he was in the balcony and he jerked and threw his stuff all over the people below haha he tells that story look up bang boogie ra rugged man they don't show it but he talks about it. He was crazy back in the day still is but yeah look them up he's a great hip hop artists if you're into that kind of thing. Was signed to Def jam and was supposed to be the original Eminem but he was just literally so wild that they just let him go

    Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry19 giorni fa
  • Love ur commentary myBrother! Yep hav myBoomerTag on myShoulder as well, Life always leves aMark.!.JustSayn

    CalvinLokinFerHobbsCalvinLokinFerHobbs19 giorni fa
  • 10 out of 10 with crushing it!

    Jade MillsJade Mills19 giorni fa
  • Poor David.

    cag03hdcag03hd19 giorni fa
  • What happened, ITworlds? Was there not a video of Whitney Cummings reading the nutrition information panel on a box of CheezIts that you could have recommended instead?

    Eric FlemingEric Fleming19 giorni fa
  • Woohoo, David Spade! Best part of the week!

    G DG D19 giorni fa
  • Omg bebe pete Davidson had a stalker? 😭

    KuromiKuromi19 giorni fa
    • it was probably the ghost of future past for unfunny hacks

      Jahn RasterforayJahn Rasterforay18 giorni fa
  • 😏🤌🏼

    KuromiKuromi19 giorni fa
  • Spade is referring to a "tine test" for Tuberculosis, which often left a dime-sized raised scar with pinpricks in the middle. My mom has one.

    Carolyn TalbotCarolyn Talbot19 giorni fa
    • @Jonathan Perry lol they must have wiped it from their memory.

      Vamanos NinjaVamanos Ninja18 giorni fa
    • @Vamanos Ninja yeah our parents all got it the only question is everyone has seems to have a different opinion on what it is even my parents gave me different answers

      Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry18 giorni fa
    • My dad has one. He's from Pakistan.

      Vamanos NinjaVamanos Ninja18 giorni fa
    • @kinda blue yeah I mean he could be wrong because he got it when he was very young. That's just what he told me about it but that scar is still there and he was born in 57

      Jonathan PerryJonathan Perry18 giorni fa
    • @Jonathan Perry Polio vaccines don't leave scars. The smallpox vaccine leaves a kind of circular indentation, and the BCG (TB) vaccine leaves a kind of bump/mound. BCG was not given to many in the US, unless maybe you were in the military or traveled abroad.

      kinda bluekinda blue18 giorni fa
  • the price was right for these jokes.

    dmlevittdmlevitt19 giorni fa
  • What is up

    Nathaniel RandolphNathaniel Randolph19 giorni fa
  • I love spade

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner19 giorni fa
  • I love spade

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner19 giorni fa
  • 0:11 Autism? Or was it sarcasm? 🤔 Not sure.

    EyesOfByesEyesOfByes19 giorni fa
  • So that’s a Brazilian vax?

    Jeff SawyerJeff Sawyer19 giorni fa
  • That was the polio vaccine

    Jeff SawyerJeff Sawyer19 giorni fa
  • TB shot!

    Jnet MJnet M19 giorni fa
  • You’re “early enough” congrats you found this

    Mr MEMr ME19 giorni fa