14 Minutes On Why Being a Woman is Exhausting

23 mar 2021
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These women describe why being a woman is exhausting. Can you relate?
Comedians Featured:
Taylor Tomlinson, Ali Wong, Christina P, & Iliza Shlesinger.
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  • *reads title* Danny DeVito: *ahem*, excuse me?

    Little PenguinLittle Penguin2 ore fa
  • EVERY Netflix ad for a woman comedian has swearing and is focused on sex. Are there no other topics?

    Rocky MountainRocky Mountain3 ore fa
  • "Everybody knows there's no such thing as 'good' 36 year old pu$$y." -- Dave Chappelle

    Crazy RedneckCrazy Redneck4 ore fa
  • had my first GILF at 48 and she was 43... 20 years later still regret that breakup...

    mark brownnermark brownner4 ore fa
  • Not our fault God made man perfect🤣

    Anthony WardAnthony Ward4 ore fa
  • "Comedy". Lol No wonder I have never heard of these women.

    Brandon HankBrandon Hank6 ore fa
  • karen humor

    JoeJoe10 ore fa
  • "No such thing as a D.I.L.F." Yeah I'm pretty sure most women would beg to differ when Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth exist. Just saying, missed your mark. 😆

    Akamub59Akamub5910 ore fa
  • fuck you

    John DoeJohn DoeGiorno fa
  • ratio

    NietNietGiorno fa
  • There's satire, irony, sarcasm even. Then there's this, a group of whinging women insulting themselves applauded by other women who identify with trivialities and trauma in equal measure. Embarrassing

    Linda HunterLinda HunterGiorno fa
  • the first ckick was so so but the second and third chicks had me cracking up!

    Perseus RexPerseus RexGiorno fa
  • No one should call their Dads "Daddy" after the age of 12! Its so creepy I won't eat the candy "Sugar Daddies" 🤣 creepy 🤮

    carn evilcarn evilGiorno fa
  • Different women telling the same dumb "joke".

    nevernudes69nevernudes69Giorno fa
  • Funny female comedy here! I was happy not to see you know who...

    Sam A.Sam A.Giorno fa
  • How long a woman takes to get ready to go out... like: put on a pair of shoes and a coat? (I will never understand American Women) Maybe brush the teeth an extra time just to make sure nothing got stuck there since the last time you brushed... (oh and since this is not America: bring your own money. We do not expect men to pay for us every freaking time. We are big girls, with real jobs, and can take care of our own bills.)

    muurrariummuurrariumGiorno fa
  • Get me off and dont die. At least she understands her biological imperative.

    NexusCapitalNexusCapitalGiorno fa
  • Such a difference between men and female comedians and the general content, xant think of a female comedian that doesnt talk about female related things. Be it holes, sex, milfs, dirty smells, relationships, dumb men etc. Men topics in comedy shows are pretty much all over the place, lots of content that does not even include gender most of the time. Wondering why woman so often go that route, im starting to see the stereotype people put on female comedians and it doesnt seem to be that untrue.

    TTGiorno fa
  • Brad Pitt is a father. 😂🤣

    Stopher2475Stopher2475Giorno fa
  • GILF is if you are lucky It's not that men want grandma's, it's that women have little understanding of chronology/biology and think they should still be attractive at advanced age.

    Paul SansonettiPaul SansonettiGiorno fa
  • I love when women pretend girl power is a thing, half of my favorite female ufc fighters , become depressed ,suicidal or try and quit after each loss. In all fairness that's mostly the american ones ,most of whom have had pretty sheltered lives.

    Paul SansonettiPaul SansonettiGiorno fa
  • It takes longer to get ready because you are much more vain.

    Paul SansonettiPaul SansonettiGiorno fa
  • So funny. "We create our own problems and get furious for life." Hilarious, all of it.

    Stan PoStan Po2 giorni fa
  • Not even the slightest bit funny

    PizzurpPizzurp2 giorni fa
  • Garbage

    clauzclauz2 giorni fa
  • Naw, it's not exhausting being a modern woman. You're just lazy. Doubt that? Two-thirds of you are fat and the other third is heading there. It's why you're paid less.

    Steve BreenSteve Breen2 giorni fa
  • I know it's all jokes but the underlying victim shit is what's really exhausting

    Chris LiaChris Lia2 giorni fa
  • I've got news for Christina P., though: Adam Driver is a dad. And I'll bet he'd look hot with a braided leather belt.

    Kate's FreeKate's Free3 giorni fa
  • Francés localidad muy enferma en vez de mentir así hay quienes si les cree

    Shaden Martinez SueroShaden Martinez Suero3 giorni fa
  • This is very mildly funny at best. Ali Wong is probably the best of the bunch but even she is average to be fair. Maybe it’s just the difference between girl and guy jokes.

    JjJj3 giorni fa
  • Don't know who that last lady was , but she was amazing !!! 👍👍👍👍 Witty , quick , kept her rap flowing. Definitely one to watch !

    Walter JunovichWalter Junovich3 giorni fa
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    UncapabrewUncapabrew3 giorni fa
  • This is exhausting.

    LeninovaPlesLeninovaPles3 giorni fa
  • Safety tip for people who do this: Don't put your keys between your fingers like claws, the moment you hit something they are gonna hurt the other person sure, but they will also fuck up your hand. Instead pinch the keys between your thumb and index finger; it's a much stronger grip and much less chance of falling out, going crooked, or hurting your own hand.

    Jbelo55Jbelo553 giorni fa
    • Yeah who was the shithead that figured this out, they could've at least gave better technique

      Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob SquarepantsGiorno fa
  • don't get it why is none of this funny? I mean the one woman repeats one of her jokes over and over just to get a laugh.

    Eric EyermanEric Eyerman3 giorni fa
  • Damn, even the comment section isn't funny smh

    halcyohalcyo3 giorni fa
  • After 40 seconds, got one thing to say. No one is forcing you to put makeup on, have your hair in a way, that you need 30 minutes to get it ready. If you do it, its for your own pleasure, so dont make us feel sorry for you.

    sindbad20sindbad204 giorni fa
  • Another reminder than most North American female comedians are absolutely crap 💩

    Paul McGrathPaul McGrath4 giorni fa
  • Why do women spend more time to go out? Skip the markup, it's not worth it. Natural is way better. Way sexier.

    Rich VeeckRich Veeck4 giorni fa
  • taylor tomlinson and iliza shlessinger just basically summed up what men have never bothered to think about.

    Darth VirginDarth Virgin4 giorni fa
  • These 14 mins are exhausting 😂

    John Will SailJohn Will Sail4 giorni fa
  • I read the title as “reasons why women are exhausting” and I was like wtf is this shit on my tl-

    ThatonekidThatonekid4 giorni fa
  • Alternate title: 14 minutes of women complaining about their choices & looking for something external, anything or anyone else, to blame. I guess art *does* imitate life.

    John HarrisonJohn Harrison4 giorni fa
  • Women aren't funny

    Andrew MitchellAndrew Mitchell4 giorni fa
  • most of the shit women put on their face is for the benefit of other women. i've NEVER heard a man say he wished a woman hand longer/fuller/darker eyelashes. i've NEVER heard a man say he wished women would remove eyebrows and draw back on with a marker pen. ive NEVER heard a man say he wished a women had an orange face, and be a different colour to the rest of her body. and dont get me started on lip/eyebrow/nose piercings. and finally, wtf is it with this nonsense of inflating your lips to look like two hotdog sausages stuck on your face. no man has EVER said, "if only she had fatter lips she'd look good"., they look stupid!! women, be kind to yourself, you look good as you are.

    percy veerpercy veer4 giorni fa
  • And on the first one min have to worry about women filing a false rape accusations

    Welland TacoWelland Taco4 giorni fa
  • I love that pregnant leopard skin one! Lol

    nellymansonnellymanson4 giorni fa
  • Was there any funny parts in that? I never even began to start a laugh.

    jarski440jarski4404 giorni fa
  • 9:38. The chola lips 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Danny G.HDanny G.H4 giorni fa
  • It's that bad huh?

    Jake And the boysJake And the boys4 giorni fa
  • I did not laugh once during this video. Edit: if you're so scared of dying then get a concealed weapons permit.

    SheogorathSheogorath4 giorni fa
  • The first girl was so cringe... oh sorry! Who said women can’t be fun... right, right!!!

    Alin IonitaAlin Ionita4 giorni fa
  • The sticky sleep early increase because jeff exceptionally beg out a obscene cow. nutty, labored swan

    Hsh JsjsHsh Jsjs5 giorni fa
  • Name of the Asian speaker?

    Anna KelermenouAnna Kelermenou5 giorni fa
  • Ask all my high School friends when they met my dad...🤷

    Van CoronavirusVan Coronavirus5 giorni fa
  • There's no such thing as a DILF? All Who Made Me a Princess fans disagree

    Rubena AlexanderRubena Alexander5 giorni fa
  • Not funny and maybe learn to cook get a cat bc no dude wants this kinda shit

    Natt HallNatt Hall5 giorni fa
  • The 7 layers of HELL in the BIG handbag was hysterical!!!

    John KotasekJohn Kotasek5 giorni fa
  • Wow. This is absolutely trash 🤣

    Julian TrevinoJulian Trevino5 giorni fa
  • There are dads that they want to steal because of his earning potential.

    randobadrandobad5 giorni fa
  • I’m sick and tired of reading headlines about sexist stuff with me and always talking about their sex who cares man woman God made us all bro

    Dudley MilbinDudley Milbin5 giorni fa
    • It’s so hard to be a woman oh my God

      Dudley MilbinDudley Milbin5 giorni fa
  • 1st girl, spot on stand up hilarious comedy. So so good

    im eddie wilsonim eddie wilson5 giorni fa
  • 4:15 4:35 The face of the Asian guy cringing. He thinking “Eeeeuuuuuwwwk. Haha. Yeeeuk... freeze your face... don’t gag”

    iDuinoiDuino5 giorni fa
  • Your life should not be based around sex.........period. this is disgusting get off my ITworlds slags

    Reneè B.Reneè B.5 giorni fa
    • 🤣🤣🤣 riiiight

      Kelly NunezKelly Nunez5 giorni fa
  • Blown away how somebody could stretch " They make it exhausting for themselves " into 14 minutes.

    Ryan CallahanRyan Callahan5 giorni fa
    • @Ananya Sankhla literally won't let me post or link statistics or articles that support my view ( the truth ).

      Ryan CallahanRyan Callahan4 giorni fa
    • @Ryan Callahan hahaha very typical, I'm just amused thanks for making me laugh by your predictability bud

      Ananya SankhlaAnanya Sankhla4 giorni fa
    • @Ananya Sankhla Normally I would have just said forget it, but for some odd reason I need you to know that you're dumb.

      Ryan CallahanRyan Callahan4 giorni fa
    • Yeah cus women wanna be victims of heinous crimes, damn straight ryan we haven’t had a cishet misogynist say this before you’re so quirky omg

      Ananya SankhlaAnanya Sankhla4 giorni fa
  • It is the best!

    Tamela CantorTamela Cantor5 giorni fa
  • Lots more dilfs than gilfs around tbh, not even a contest. Also, "a privilege"? Lol.

    8Smoker88Smoker85 giorni fa
  • Given the historical track record, I'm grateful I'm not a chick, because given my track record for recognizing shit that shouldn't exist, I'd just be pissed off all the time! So much oppression!---So much so that I'd be pondering all the things that my gender is not, but should be, by now. Shit doesn't stay the same forever, though, and sooner or later, perhaps, they'll be able to accomplish what we never could.

    I say shotgun, you say wedding [TFM]I say shotgun, you say wedding [TFM]5 giorni fa
  • Dilf is definitely a thing though I've only heard it from gay men.

    Slothful .gamerSlothful .gamer5 giorni fa
  • "That's some dark magic" "Down the yellow brick road to safety" Lmao 🤣🤣

    Stonie GADG3T - MUSICStonie GADG3T - MUSIC5 giorni fa
    • Apparently another way is to hold hands and skip. No matter where me and my cousin went in the mall the same group of guys were walking behind us so we decided to do that and it worked.

      Amy JonesAmy Jones4 giorni fa
  • All three have have 30 cats and 1 litterbox

    Lieutenantlibtard UnitedStatesSpaceForceLieutenantlibtard UnitedStatesSpaceForce5 giorni fa
  • Not funny at all. 👎🏻

    Ron MRon M5 giorni fa
  • Professional victim

    Julien CrawfordJulien Crawford5 giorni fa
  • Number 2 was the best.

    Papa GanuschPapa Ganusch6 giorni fa
  • Curse of the black pearl god bless her!

    Ivan WilliamsonIvan Williamson6 giorni fa
    • He is bespoke to me 🤣

      Ivan WilliamsonIvan Williamson6 giorni fa
  • Omy gosh that fucking awesome..😂😂

    Belen WooleyBelen Wooley6 giorni fa
  • Ali should say "solly" for all the mean things she says about guys.

    Ted BarsalouTed Barsalou6 giorni fa
  • Wow I made it two minutes in and shut it off

    Caleb LeeCaleb Lee6 giorni fa
    • I made it 1:45

      X%-X%-6 giorni fa
  • There's dltf' s im one of them, when the ratio is 50 to 1 like Atlanta yu get offers. The reason why men attack women is because he's insecure of his manhood and his role in society. I don't have such hook ups I know the woman chooses you and I don't over step on toes.nobody toes I was birth nursed and raised by women all my teachers from grade school to college except for 5 men on off. I do have lists granny panties t shirts still wanna bone sharon stone.i still wanna raspberry Halle berry. My wife's sister best friend c worker's all see how I treat my woman and they flirt. Sorry Charlie its a no go.

    Lessly CarthanLessly Carthan6 giorni fa
  • Eeeew!

    Ron WadeRon Wade6 giorni fa
  • Oh boy, being a fake victim is exhausting 🙄

    OPPAIOPPAI6 giorni fa
  • Who is the last comedian? She was quite hilarious.

    AsscracksOfdawnAsscracksOfdawn6 giorni fa
  • "I travel, as a lady," that was funny right there.

    John ConnorJohn Connor6 giorni fa
  • lol comedy for women with a sence of humour camparable to a wet mop

    James TJames T6 giorni fa
    • ... or you just can't relate

      last chance blueprintlast chance blueprint6 giorni fa
  • Are these comedians?

    Misael AntonioMisael Antonio6 giorni fa
  • The vast manager randomly mix because mailman ultrastructually confuse beyond a awesome police. tawdry, illustrious protocol

    B FitchB Fitch6 giorni fa
  • What about Charles Bronson in “Chato’s Land?”

    Billy HackBilly Hack6 giorni fa
  • Feminists. 🙄

    Todd HellmanTodd Hellman6 giorni fa
    • @last chance blueprint Fuck off ya' liberal twit.

      Todd HellmanTodd Hellman6 giorni fa
    • Women, actually.

      last chance blueprintlast chance blueprint6 giorni fa
  • I've never heard so many jokes about how hard it is just being ones (stereotypical) self. And then the occasional translation to the male audience. 💤

    isaiah goodleyisaiah goodley6 giorni fa
  • “Don’t use my Thigh as a Tripod” lol killing...

    rastapanolrastapanol6 giorni fa
  • 🙄

    NOXISUMNOXISUM6 giorni fa
  • The fresh apple yearly wreck because headlight mainly fax around a elderly cord. crowded, bright ease

    Ant ManAnt Man6 giorni fa
  • So aggravating to watch a comedy that's not funny.

    Im2krAz4uIm2krAz4u6 giorni fa
  • Chemistry is fundamental value. Good man good ideas bad man bad ideas.just like nitrous oxide, chloroform.women had all in one winner to God.

    Kamal HarrisKamal Harris6 giorni fa
  • Comments are being moderated which makes this a commercial, essentially. Pass.

    Jake BossJake Boss6 giorni fa
    • You mean to say a collection of Netflix comedy specials on a Nexflix comedy channel isn't already a commercial? I think you're the last one to figure it out

      NordikkaiNordikkai4 giorni fa
  • ewwwww what an unfunny, insulting woman this is.. and just think... men have to put up with the likes of her

    Terry HTerry H6 giorni fa
  • Ali wong is not funny. Sorry

    sean tremblaysean tremblay7 giorni fa
  • I will disagree on the DILF thing. There's a lot of women out there who see a man with a stable income who cares about his kids and has worked the same job for more than 5 years, and they want a piece of him IMMEDIATELY. Granted, that's largely a matter of gold-digging, rather than panty-dropping, but it happens.

    Mitch HaelannMitch Haelann7 giorni fa
  • Cosmo must be why women live longer than men - if they keep on being told how not to die.

    hazzer777hazzer7777 giorni fa
  • There are some stupid chicks from my crappy generation that say they like "dad bods". They need psychiatric help.

    TheJbhmetalTheJbhmetal7 giorni fa