Eric Andre Does a Musical

24 apr 2021
12 175 visualizzazioni

Bad Trip's Eric Andre has love in his life and a song in his heart.
Bad Trip is streaming now on Netflix.
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    Aji 08Aji 0815 giorni fa
  • this movie made me choke on my drink and make a big mess.

    Professor_Kaos DramaProfessor_Kaos Drama16 giorni fa
  • What's Bill Cosby doing back on the telly?

    Bobo SmashBobo Smash18 giorni fa
  • why didn't yall show the rest

    rubyruby19 giorni fa
  • I just love the idea of being caught in a musical moment while you're just trying to enjoy some Panda Express at the food court

    QuantumPineappleQuantumPineapple19 giorni fa
  • Free Palestine

    Mohammed Al-KaabiMohammed Al-Kaabi19 giorni fa
  • Its even funnier when you realize that he's been singing to no music out there

    Andrew SangalangAndrew Sangalang19 giorni fa
  • The trailers of this movie DO NOT live up to the whole movie! It’s funny from start to finish. Even Tiffany Haddish made me laugh in this one, and that’s a true first.

    Clarity Sans HubrisClarity Sans Hubris19 giorni fa
  • Sheesh, what a disney princess

    Tech360Tech36019 giorni fa
  • Best show ever

    T_WARRIORST_WARRIORS19 giorni fa
  • awesome movie

    RZD3RRZD3R19 giorni fa
  • The only need to go to NY is to get high taxed low quality property. Thanks, but no thanks. 😏

    TRUMPed UPTRUMPed UP19 giorni fa
  • Cool

    god-of-exegod-of-exe19 giorni fa
  • I really love this movie

    Josiah The jinxJosiah The jinx19 giorni fa
  • One of the best comedian and humorist of this generation 🤣🤣🤣

    Vanella AdelVanella Adel19 giorni fa
  • Wow

    Pen Pineapple Apple PenPen Pineapple Apple Pen19 giorni fa