Big Mouth: Lola & Jay

23 mar 2021
7 396 visualizzazioni

Do you know the legend of the two children lovers with a boner for crime?
Big Mouth is streaming now on Netflix.
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  • Crazy and crazier makes sense for these two.

    Animeninja808Animeninja80811 giorni fa
  • I love them together 😍

    Amya McQuarterAmya McQuarter20 giorni fa
  • Yeah

    xʏᴠᴋxʏᴠᴋ20 giorni fa
  • "Saggy Ass 20 Year Old" God I love Lola's Insults..

    Wolfheart FoxloverWolfheart Foxlover21 giorno fa
  • Such a power couple. The writers love french culture, the Statue of Liberty talking, then “l’Etranger” from Albert Camus and now Bonnie and Clyde from Gainsbourg

    Kebbe SanKebbe San21 giorno fa
  • cool video

    marlin throwermarlin thrower21 giorno fa
  • The skeleton has a cigarette, how often does that happen

    Roland JonesRoland Jones21 giorno fa
  • I think they're a perfect couple

    Denim Van Buren-MilariiDenim Van Buren-Milarii21 giorno fa
  • looks dumb

    Laurence KimLaurence Kim21 giorno fa
  • Sad they broke up

    Loida CastroLoida Castro21 giorno fa
    • That's a dude yo

      FinalBossLevelFinalBossLevel21 giorno fa
  • Cool

    Tyler HacknerTyler Hackner21 giorno fa
  • Fml hay un DIOS 😵🤣

    Diana’sViews124Diana’sViews12421 giorno fa
  • Hell yeah I'm easy

    Magnus BeastMagnus Beast21 giorno fa
  • All I’m asking for is forgiveness. I’ve been cancelled for so long, I can’t even go out for a morning jog or coffee anymore. Please, I’m begging you to accept my many public apologies & un-cancel me for good..

    Trever FartedTrever Farted21 giorno fa
    • He’s sorrr

      EvanEvan21 giorno fa
    • Who farted?

      FinalBossLevelFinalBossLevel21 giorno fa
  • Ayyee

    Kaivon DuckettKaivon Duckett21 giorno fa
  • Ok👍🏻

    Patov29Patov2921 giorno fa
  • drop season 5

    Zayd FarzadZayd Farzad21 giorno fa
    • They have to make it lol. I'm guessing it'll come out in the fall or winter

      Random GirlRandom Girl21 giorno fa